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Beason Looking Strong

Apr 07 2012 11:30 AM Kurb Carolina Panthers
Big Beason showing off his workout with Stew and Darius Butler.



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Yeah, I just saw this...Looks really good to me.

Damn he look good! I hope he not going too hard though!

Look at Stews, man I love them boys!

The House is Burning Bitches!
What a sick video. "He's Back."

He has no neck.
Loved that, I always forget how huge Stewart's upper body is, he almost looks bigger than Beason.
Hairless Cat
Apr 07 2012 11:40 AM
It will be a huge boost for our defense if he can come back this year close to where he was - I think if hed played last year we would have won at least 8 games.
I have the weirdest boner right now.
No!! he is gonna suck this year. draft his replacement. Kuechly!! Derp derp.
Forget all those "Achilles injuries take multiple years...blah blah blah...look at DeMeco Ryans...blah blah blah".

It's mutha fuging Beast we're talking about!!!
That speech he gave at the end got me jacked up.

These guys want nothing less than a ring.
It's been so long since we've seen him I've forgotten how amazing he is. I am SO stoked to have him back. Dude loves this team and we love him.

Man. Haven't been this excited about next season as I am right now. Praying the dude stays healthy so he can obliterate people all year.
Since I couldn't remember, I tried to see if I could determine which achilles was injured, but I didn't see any evidence in that footage....this guy is a monster...very encouraging...let's face it, he's the leader of the D and just as capable as Cam in that department to rally everyone together.
Man I wish I could look like him....just...without working out...and eating healthy....or doing anything.
He looks ever so slightly not as explosive as before, but you watch. He will be 100% if not 110% come TC.
Apr 07 2012 11:54 AM
That's it the next thread started about % of not coming back from a achilles injury and Demco Ryans. OP meet me infront of the BOA to get smacked for not trusting THe Beast. (JK) I told you Dude was going hard and looked better then he did before the injury.

I'm so Hype right now. J Stew look Beastly as well.

What a sick video. "He's Back."

He has no neck.

Necks are for pussies.
I would hate for that big motherfuger to hit me at full speed! I would break!! :o
Best thread of the off-season...so tired of the endless draft/personnel speculations and constant whining about financial stuff.
He's not your typical athlete... the guy is a beast! That video was awesome. Glad to see Darius Butler working out wih him. He needs a bigger showing this season.


I love your sig, Smitty is the greatest Panther ever.
I am the beason of xbox live

I would hate for that big motherfuger to hit me at full speed! I would break!! :o

I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking that. I kept imagining us meeting head on. I would probably die. I feel weird saying this but I kept admiring his physique...it just looks so unnatural. Imagine the time spent working out throughout his career smh.
This one simple video has me so excited for next year!! Our defense was missing Beason. Just his presence alone steals us 3 more wins this year.
Where's Thomas Davis?