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Ted Ginn joins the Panthers on a one-year deal

Mar 21 2013 04:06 PM Cam2Ligit2Quit Carolina Panthers
Former 49ers wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. signed a one-year deal with the Carolina Panthers, ESPN reported Thursday, ending his three-year tenure in San Francisco.
Ginn had only two receptions in 2012 and ceded his kickoff-return duties to rookie LaMichael James late in the regular season, but he remained effective as a punt returner. He was 11th in the NFL in punt-return average (11.2 yards) after ranking fourth and third, respectively, the previous two seasons.
In the Super Bowl, Ginn's 32-yard third-quarter punt return set up a 20-yard touchdown drive in the midst of San Francisco's second-half rally.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.co...p#ixzz2OGdEMh5Y



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At least we know we should be getting some special teams production this year. I still think Joe Adams makes a big improvement though.

Hoping Ginn takes some to the house!
Why isn't Ginn's jersey on the Panthers store.com yet? geez! I wanna buy one now!
now give me denario alexander

I wonder what the cap space is at? We're probably out of the Kevin Boothe race now

most of our signings thus far have been for at or close to the minimum, thus they do not add to the cap in any way.
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Welcome Ginn
We must be out of FA money or close to it.

You'd think wed just signed Mike Wallace... Goodness.

I don't think it's that, but it is a sign that Gettleman is capable of addressing needs on the cheap, which as of right now, is his only alternative.

Ginn has value, and with our limited resources, this signing warrants praise imo.
Later Armanti. Take Jimmy with you, just don't let him outrun you.
Mar 21 2013 04:33 PM
i really hope proehl can turn this guy into an effective slot reciever. it could really make our offense explosive. i shall pray for this every night
Gettleman is all like

Welcome Mr. Ginn!!
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HAH! That is awesome. Can we get a thread title change, please?
list of returners on the team who can't catch:

armanti edwards
ted ginn jr
kealoha pilares
joe adams

god fuging dammit. i just want a real receiver. a physical guy who can catch. just one. someone to compliment smitty and lafell.
Outstanding KR/PR.....and a decent #3 WR.

Nice signing
If this makes you happy then why in the hell am I so sad....
How do you Tanqueray, Ginn?
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Oh with 2 returns for TDs in under a minute? hmmmm....
Too many Debbie downers here. Ginn is pretty damn good Asa returner and can only get better at wr calm the fug down
Why does everyone have to poo on my fun?
hey we need that thumb to go this direction
In his best season:

56 catches
790 yards
14.1 yards/catch
7 plays of 20 or more yards
4 plays of 40 or more yards

WITH CLEO fuging LEMON throwing to him, guy has never had a true opportunity under a good QB

2 seasons with over 1200 yards in kick returns

4.3 40 yard dash

Dude is a PLAYMAKER. And Cam is the perfect strong armed QB to rewrite his career.
Ginn's PR average the last 3 years: 13.4, 12.3, 10.2
Ginn's KR average the last 3 years: 21.1, 27.6, 23.0

Our return game just got great
If were counting on him to be a weapon at receiver for us we have some serious issues, and fans are going to be fuming when he drops a crucial ball for us next year.

He'll be a strong returner. He'll contend with Gettis for the 4th WR spot.

That's what were looking at here guys.