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Topcat of the Game.....

Aug 20 2012 08:18 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
It is that time once again to name my Topcat of the Game!

As you know, the Topcats play an important part of home games, helping to keep the fans energized. We at the Huddle like to show our appreciation for these ladies.

Many factors go into choosing the Topcat of the Game, the algorithm rivals that of the google search equation. For me to explain it to you would take half a day.

With that in mind, I can now present to you the Topcat of the Game,

Posted Image

Posted Image

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:: before

Woooo!! My fav Topcat right there. :)
You have to love that skirt. It gets you excited, but leave just enough to the imagination.

Good Times..
Real Nice!!
Gets my vote
Love those long legs. Excellent.
When are the TopCats switching to their all black unis?
Those pom poms aren't even real electric blue! Come on!
She's hot but where is Mykayla?

Those pom poms aren't even real electric blue! Come on!

You are looking at the wrong pom poms, my man!
Not my fav, but okay.
Top 3 TC's right there, maybe my favorite
I'd hit it.
This is becoming my favorite threads on the Huddle..... VERY HOT real ladies that like the Carolina Panthers, how could it get any better!
To hit it, a seven nation army couldn't hold me back.
I see that my comment got deleted. I think that she's beautiful but I still hate the boots.
Herbert The Love Bug
Aug 20 2012 04:58 PM
finally a hottie
Excellent choice.
more pictures of Zodskayla.
She's got kind of a Blake Lively vibe going on.
My favorite - does she have a name?
Those hips !
She > Shakira

Damn, things are changing in Panther Nation!

Those hips !
She > Shakira


you've lost your damn mind...

you've lost your damn mind...

I feel at home on this forum. ;)