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Are the Panthers attractive to a GM prospect?

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If I am a high level executive looking at prospective employers, no matter the industry, I am first going to look at the task at hand. What will my responsibilities be, what will I need to fix or improve. Will I be given the support from the owner or board to fix those issues? Or am I being set up to fail?

Surely these are the same things any GM will be asking.

When I see the Panthers, I see a team with a couple extremely talented young players, but also a good number of cap heavy older non producers. I also see ownership that isn't exactly eager to aggressively seek out free agents to fill holes unless left no other option.

So, I would line up the pros and cons...


An owner that is loyal. Previous GM had longevity through losing seasons.

2 potential young all pro players at key positions, QB and MLB

3rd year coach with system in place, not starting over

Team seemed to rally late in the year, being 6-2


A complete mess of a cap

Major cuts needed right away to long term vets, leadership and chemistry will take a hit

Ownership is not exactly eager to sign free agents or trades to fill holes unless last resort

3rd year coach who can't seem to win games against quality teams

An overall tradition of losing.

The way I see it, the Carolina GM job isn't extremely attractive, but it isn't terrible either. It's somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Top notch GM candidates will have better opportunities and take them. Secondary prospects will see the Panthers as an opportunity to impress.

Beane being a secondary prospect and already in house gives him the edge. See loyalty above. All things point to him being our guy.

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