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Carolina Panthers Training Camp in Photos

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The Panthers opened camp to a smaller crowd than last season, but it was still one of the biggest crowds in the 19 year history of having camp in Spartanburg. The first day of camp is a lot like the first day of school. No real work is given, the goal is to ease into training camp mode. The players do not wear pads the first two days of camp per their collective bargaining agreement. Once the pads are on, which will happen Sunday I am told, expect more action and the real competition to begin.

Notice where the eyes of the coach are in this pic of the fullback and te blocking drills. His eyes are down at the feet in most of the pics. Tells you how important footwork is in blocking, more so than upper body strength.


Good to see Gettis out there participating. The knee brace a reminder of why he isn't our #2 guy.


Kraken emerges from the water....


Conditioning and strength drills for the wide receivers. Meant to maximize YAC.


Jimmy, I promise you it is open competition at starting QB. Everyone just calm down, no decisions have been made...


Although there were no pads, it seemed to me the defensive line had the advantage. They swarmed to the ball and closed gaps quickly. If they were allowed to tackle I am not certain the offense would have gained much on the ground.


Cam looked good overall. He had a few high throws, but for the most part was on target. Will be interesting to see if the high throws become more frequent once the pads are on and people are in his face.


Pilares looked great at times, not so good at others. Consistency has been his biggest issue so far as a Panther. That appears not to have changed.


Some players can do drills and chew gum at the same time.


I have high hopes for the offensive line this year. If we are to have any running game other than Cam they need to improve, big time.


People are already counting out Joe Adams. I think that may be a mistake. He caught everything thrown his way. Will he still have fumble issues once the pads are on?


JStew in his familiar training camp routine.


Cam pounds it out with a young fan. He was laying down stretching and saw him. Cam teased the boy a bit telling him how much he wanted his sunglasses. The boy denied his request as Cam went over and greeted him. Cam is genuinely great with kids.


Star did not crack a smile the entire practice. He is the anti-Cam. Quiet, serious, I like that about him. Just get the job done young man.


Hope you enjoy the photos. I am heading down again on Sunday for another update.

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