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Carolina Panthers Training Camp Update

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The Carolina Panthers had their first practice of 2013 in full pads. As expected, it was much more physical and fun to watch.

Kenjon Barner is quickly becoming my favorite rookie of 2013. His running style was a stark contrast to Deangelo Williams. Barner is hitting the hole much faster and has a quicker burst. This is something really to keep your eyes on as camp progresses.


Mike Shula has been very involved and vocal at practice. The players seem to be responding to him positively. So far, I don't see much difference than the offense Chud installed.


Overall the offensive line is losing in the run game. Lets just hope the Defensive line is just that good.


The defensive backs have been losing the majority of the battles. We are going to need someone to step up and start making progress quickly.


Olsen has shown a little rust, but also has made plays. I don't think it is anything to worry about.


Smitty continues to coach up AE on the sidelines. Its easy to see Smith likes him and sees potential there, or he wouldn't bother. Smith isn't shy about calling lazy players out.


Short had a solid day, showing much more strength and push than Fua ever has. I overheard an Offensive Lineman talking about Short. He mentioned Short being a "hands guy", eluding to how well Short plays with his hands, as important for a defensive lineman as his feet.


Cam would have been sacked multiple times today.


Come at me bro!


Does his helmet seem too small to you?


Overall, the QB's look pretty good. Jimmy appears to have lost a little arm strength to me, if thats possible.


Tolbert still appears to be Mr Dependable.


Lots of emphasis today on stripping the ball. At least 3 drills conducted, fine tuning it.


The Star-Amini battle today went to Star. Amini was unable to hold him at bay. Hard to do while laying on the ground.


Keep an eye on Brockel. He is having a really good camp, making lots of solid blocks. Will Shula be able to utilize him correctly?


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