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Panthers vs. Eagles Pros & Cons

  • Teaser Paragraph:

What did you see that you liked? What did you not like?


-Greg Hardy has continued to be a wrecking force. He is doing great against the run, pressuring the QB, and being one of the first bodies down field on special teams (which I imagine is terrifying for some of those little returners).

-While he was on the field, Jonathan Stewart ran like a man. He fights for yards and bowls over defenders. Being able to retain him was a bigger deal than some folks might realize, especially with his diversity as a back: he can pick up blitzes, he can catch the ball coming out of the back field, he can pound it between the tackles, and he can take it off tackle.

-Sherrod Martin came out at the start of the game playing like a man possessed.

-Amini Silatolu was blowing dudes up.

-DWill, while he hasn't been ripping them off when he has had blocking (which isn't very often), has been a whole lot meaner in pass protection than in seasons past.


-Nate Chandler was the culprit behind Brown's big touchdown scamper in the first half. He followed the fullback and backed into James Anderson, which allowed the free released tackle to envelope both and seal them off for Brown to spring free. Neblett was also getting shoved backwards a few yards when he was in. I'm hoping that Frank Kearse can provide some help there, as the loss of big Ron might be bigger than many here think.

-Please stop running the option on 2nd down. If it's 2nd& 10, it is always for a loss. If it's less, it's for no gain. The only time I've seen the play have any remote success is when done on short yardage situations (make sense imo).

-Nakamura is terribad.

-Louis Murphy has hands made of stone. The big catch he had that was also called a PI he caught after the ball bounced off of his hands, then his face mask.

-Charles Godfrey is still missing tackles.

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