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The actual reason Armanti is on the team...

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I seem to remember at OTA's back in 2010 Hurney was asked about Armanti and what was in store for him.

Hurney's reply, and this is going from memory, was that the Panthers would be transitioning him to WR and have a three year plan for him to develop in that role.

Well, here we are starting out year three. And while most of us don't believe he has shown enough to be kept on the roster, it is hard to deny that he has improved a bit as a player. So he has not regressed, only made progress year after year.

So what it boils down to is Hurney being true to his word regarding Armanti. It is not unheard of for things to "click" very quickly with a third year player. Maybe it will this season for Armanti.

We all should be really hoping so.

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