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  2. Harbingers

    ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    dont worry little one. I haven’t forgotten about you yet. Just gonna let you stew for a while longer...
  3. Anybodyhome

    Federal court rules Obamacare unconstitutional

    ...but in the meantime you're good with fugging over "the middle class." You're a piece of sh!t.
  4. As bad as some of that sounds its probably not any worse than a lot of the crap people are eating in the parking lot.
  5. This game is Huge for Butler He very well may be cut at seasons end. He was a Heathly Scratch the last 2 weeks. Coming in and having to replace the 2nd best player on the D. Its his time to show his worth to this team. Especially against a team carried by Kamara and Ingram
  6. raleigh-panther

    KK Short not suited at practice

    Shoot him up tape him up and send him out there that's what they do to Newton every freaking game He has had this injury all season and it is suddenly worse that whole D line needs to be blown up but I’m not saying anything that everyone on here doesn’t know
  7. Yeah, "been a Liability to us" Yet has done twice as much as the rest of the DTs and the backup DE combined. SMH all the people who just look at the score and not watch the game and look at the stats
  8. I’m actually glad KK isn’t playing, he’s been nothing but a liability for us. Give me a hungry, less talented and skilled player over a complacent, got his money and doesn’t give a poo anymore, dead weight player like KK
  9. Wait, now he’s doubtful? RR said he wasn’t worried, wtf?
  10. motocross_cat

    Any members do Woodworking?

    I started to get into it once my shop was finished. Quickly realized it's an expensive hobby and a meticulous one. I'll just stick to my dirt bikes. I dont need two money pit Hobbys lol.
  11. Being sold from California...hmm...Rivera???
  12. HornetsSting

    We will win Monday

    I agree, with this game you have to look at the intangibles. A. Cockiness- The broom and wine incident. It just never ends well for the team that does stuff like that to the other team they are about to play. B. Just the law of probabilities, it’s hard enough to beat a team twice. Three times? Ok, lightning in a bottle, a 4th though?! I’m sorry, but the probabilities aren’t in the Saints favor on that one. C. Motivation- This team feels motivated and Rivera loves the underdog role. Hence the shirt he wore about only having a 5% chance to make the playoffs, he’s been talking about that all week. D. The elements- We will be the 3rd consecutive road game on a chilly Charlotte night against a Saints team that has been playing suspect the last few weeks to say the least. Agian, on paper yes technically they definitely have the upper hand, but the Panthers have the intangibles in spades on this game. We are winning
  13. motocross_cat

    Black Ops 4

    Best call of duty I have played IMO.
  14. Porn Shop Clerk

    ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    I don't hate cops, some of my best friends are cops.
  15. Harbingers

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Ummm... details on please? It just looks like him chasing a dude and saying hate speech.
  16. The Lobo

    We will win Monday

    Let’s go boooiiiiiiii

    ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    i was looking through an older thread in the main forum to find a post where this right wing cop (as if there's any other kind of cop lol) tried to out cam but was like "not that there's anything wrong with it i mean i get lots of pussy but i'm extremely metro" and i think thered called him lieutenant dangle and it made me lol
  18. Porn Shop Clerk

    bump this thread every time you notice tondi hasn't been banned for his racism

    Belief in a cruel God makes for a cruel man. -Thomas Paine
  19. Cpt slay a ho

    Hurney has changed. Right?

    He drafted Moore,Jackson, and Thomas, who contributed immediately the others guys we’ll see how they pan out. Got rid of kB, so far hasn’t signed anyone to any cap killing deals. Brought in Reid and Clark. I mean what more was the guy suppose to do this offseason? He’s done a decent job, can’t say his offseason has set the franchise back. If we can do better then do so, but only if it’s a clear cut upgrade
  20. Mr. Scot

    Hurney has changed. Right?

    Obada was brought aboard last year.
  21. Pejorative Miscreant

    We will win Monday

    On most message boards this would be a somewhat reasonable thread. It will likely get you banned here. Being positive about anything Panther related is insensitive to all the other Huddlers. This is no place for your fan posts. Sorry.
  22. Manther

    Hurney has changed. Right?

    DJ Moore, Donte Jackson, Effe Obada.
  23. Manther

    Ron Rivera: Just Average

    But Ron did coach the 15-1 season to the Superbowl. We actually have an above average coach, he just doesn't seem to be able to be elite.
  24. Porn Shop Clerk

    ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    The only good cop show ever was Reno 911.
  25. Porn Shop Clerk

    We have to talk about white privilege

    That falls under dancing around it.
  26. rodeo

    We have to talk about white privilege

    you give him too much credit, he'll just lie.
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