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  2. E CaT PanTHer 2

    APA says "traditional masculinity" is harmful for society

    100% false, unless you're talking about the Koch brothers and other smaller privately held firms I posted an actual study on this. more donations from the super elite and corporations are going to democrats now
  3. why do corporate lobbyists still overwhelmingly favor the GOP
  4. According to Webster/Mirriam/Barnhart, it is a "word typed by a guy on day 18 of contact lenses that are supposed to be replaced every two weeks. The bearer of the expired contacts is often heard bragging how he will save $23 per year if he can squeeze an extra 5 days per cycle. In fact, the bearer has even been training himself to blink less in an effort to extend the life of his lenses"
  5. come on don't be dishonest. the 'me too movement' started 1 year ago and became a trend. you want to know what this ad is actually about? "the trend with millennials is single blade safety razors. they're not buying our bizarre 90 blade plastic things anymore. let's make a "woke" ad that will appeal to younger people and get some free media by outraging old conservatives. it worked extremely well for Nike."
  6. E CaT PanTHer 2

    APA says "traditional masculinity" is harmful for society

    the presidential bid for 2020 began in january. it's not hard to see what's going on. the corporate lobbyists that were there with the deomcrats in puerto rico. the whole goal by the left is to downplay trump, his base, and everything else that has stood as "tradition" for so long to garner votes and try to steal the election. lobbyists are donating to corporate sponsors to push their messages across. this is exactly what happened with Nike, and is exactly what is happening with Gillette. how far the left goes over the next 2 years will be very interesting
  7. lmao no it doesn't. it proves that the minuscule minority of people triggered over this are triggered enough to go click dislike. i didn't even watch the video until today and just shrugged it off and closed the page, because it was a pretty milquetoast and obvious message that didn't upset me.
  8. E CaT PanTHer 2

    APA says "traditional masculinity" is harmful for society

    you really think they've been working on a 1 minute and 30 second ad for 3 years?!?!?! bro, what's wrong with you? are you all there today?
  9. When has drafting a BC player ever worked out?
  10. people did it a lot with the youtube rewind thing last month too. i'm not saying people aren't disliking the video, i'm sure they are, youtube is known as one of the most toxic sites on the internet. but they're also botting the dislikes.
  11. E CaT PanTHer 2

    APA says "traditional masculinity" is harmful for society

    once you like or dislike a video, it turns blue, and the only way to undo it, you actually have to uncheck it. either way, the ratio of likes to dislikes, no matter the amount, just proves where the majority of america stands on this.
  12. i'm talking about a commercial not a study. i didn't read the study in the OP because i don't care about it. do you think gilette whipped this commercial up in the 3 days since the study came out? they've been working on this since #metoo.
  13. by refreshing the page before it's registered your dislike in the system. that's what these guys do who say 'i disliked it 5 times and now they're all gone.' i just went to a video right now to test this and clicked dislike and it took it from 12 to 13. i hit refresh and it was back to 12.
  14. E CaT PanTHer 2

    APA says "traditional masculinity" is harmful for society

    how is it a conspriacy theory. did you actually read the entire study? trangenders, african americans? why are they specifically pointing out certain subgroups as to the reasons masculinity is bad? open your mind up just a little bro
  15. They aren’t denying. They are moving the goal post because they will admit to it. Rudy literally took to TV to make these points 1- the POTUS didn’t collude. And only that. Which the press sec also shifted to. 2. That Mueller is only suppose to investigate that 3. That the crime he is suppose to investigate is only if Trump conspired to specifically hack the DNC. He is doing that because they will eventually admit because they will be forced to admit....the campaign colluded. But that it isn’t a crime. That POTUS committed no crime. So nothing else ultimately matters. and Trumpers will have to amend their position with Trump. The so what they colluded arguement which we always knew they would be forced into. What are witnessing is Team Trump trying to reframe the investgation and what matters.
  16. Shocker


    Why? They are #4 in the nation and undefeated. Doubt they surprise anyone. Tre Jones injury hurts Duke real bad. Va has to be the favorite in the ACC.
  17. How dare they scrub bot voting. The horror!
  18. ah ok so this is just a conspiracy theory. you could have just said that so i didn't need to waste a bunch of time with this poo
  19. E CaT PanTHer 2

    APA says "traditional masculinity" is harmful for society

    loll how the hell can you down vote more than once without multiple accounts?
  20. lol this one is literally ecat in this thread
  21. E CaT PanTHer 2

    APA says "traditional masculinity" is harmful for society

    nothing wrong with the message. it's the ulterior motives behind the message, and it's pretty evident given the recent attacks on white men and white privilege on who exactly they're targeting. also you're forgetting to mention, the basis of the APA's conclusion specifically pointed out the treatment of transgenders and how african americans are treated by law enforcement as to the reasons why toxic masculinity is bad. really not hard to connect the dots you should read the entire study. it's quite interesting.
  22. the 65 year old men are complaining on facebook. everyone else is laughing at you.
  23. Darth Biscuit

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    They're not, they'll just keep denying...
  24. if you downvote more than once then all of your downvotes are automatically erased, you'd think after 100 of these meltdowns the right wing would figure that out by now. people are making scripts to dislike the video, and all the fakes periodically get purged.
  25. it's definitely a contributing factor, but socio-economics is a larger one. why do you think the message "let's all try to be good men" is a bad message?
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