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  2. This team just can’t give up future 1sts. We will be right back in the lottery next year. Can’t give up a shot at a top pick just to move up a few spots. We can’t get up to 5-7 which is where Coby will go.
  3. Trump set forth the opportunity? Really? HE did? I mean.. really @retired ? Does verbal diarrhea just spew from your mouth or do you get it from watching FoxNews all day? Repeat after me... Trump is riding an economic wave of recession recovery.
  4. Adjusting for child mortality the lifespans of adults have increased about 25 years since the 1800s. You posted exceptions not the norm.
  5. Football Gollum says we're not his Preciousssss. I'm okay with that.
  6. Any one of those three may be available before the start of the season for less cost and effort. Something tells me that patience will pay off here.
  7. So old white man not okay wealthy white women okay there is a reason for my posts and it played out as expected
  8. CRA

    Trump 2020

    Once again, another false equivalence One a lone wolf the other? The literal base of a POTUS. You go to a Bernie rally and you have no idea if the lone wolf exists or not. You go to the Trump rally and you are surrounded openly by such
  9. Iran shot down a US drone this morning. https://www.apnews.com/e4316eb989d5499c9828350de8524963
  10. Culver- maybe, Just his shot scares me Garland- no, he's a small PG, and wouldn't compliment Kemba Hunter- yes and no. Would be worth the trade up, but we need someone who can help handle the ball to Coby White is a scorer, has that it factor, great athlete, with ability to play the SG and PG with star potential Reddish and Sekou- same thing, all can handle it, shoot it, with star potential who could be Kemba's sidekick
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  12. You've bought hook-line-sinker into Trump's bullshit. Literally none of that stuff you posted is true... more wages, more jobs, people off of food stamps... have you actually researched any of this? There was just a thread the other day with acrual data about how Trump's economic policies only help the extremely wealthy and corporations. Did you even read that? Of course you didn't, it doesn't fit with the lies he tells. MS-13? So you picked out one gang, that Trump mentions constantly as an excuse for his racist and xenophobic immigration policy and ran with it. What do you really know about gang? What about other gang activity? What about American military personnel that were just busted bringing millions in drugs to the country? It doesn't fit your "brown people boogeyman" ideology so you ignore it. You have your head so far up Trump's ass it's unreal... and you're totally oblivious to it.
  13. If I was in charge, I would wait until after I see how things go in camp and the first two preseason games to see how he does before trying to trade for anyone
  14. The dude has a chip on his shoulder and will tear apart not just the Bucs but also ... everyone.
  15. He is physically the same player as Tunsil, he just lacked intensity and gave up on plays. If he commits himself to being the best tackle he can be, and takes in the coaching, he will be an absolute anchor on the left side.
  16. It is not worth trading up unless for the top 4-7 pick for a Garland, Culver or Hunter. And I dont see the Cavs, Suns or Bulls trading down. So that means we’ll have to trade up to 4. I dont see Pelicans wanting anything we have.
  17. Hey why doesn't your god compel you to speak out about poo like this?
  18. He is a natural leader, and a smart, talented player. He is a fantastic addition to our team no.matter how his stats end up being for us.
  19. One of my direct ancestors... Average lifespan wasn't hugely different back then if you leave out infant mortality. Infant mortality really skews the averages. Jefferson lived to 83. Franklin to 84. Madison to 85. Today's lifespans wouldn't have been unfamiliar.
  20. more likely the more popular teams get more interesting records to talk about on TV, Panthers are a small market team so make them 8-8 and other teams get more wins or losses for confirmation bias purposes.
  21. We'll have to check the goings on of the MS-13 Political Action Committee to see what they think about Bernie lol
  22. You've said nothing at all here. If you knew anything about me you would know how full of poo you are. I just don't argue with pigeons. The only way Trump would ever cure cancer is if someone else cured cancer and he could take credit for it. Look at the picture. It has some numbers but don't be scared, it doesn't require any math knowledge to understand it.
  23. Retired is in here trying to use a one off act of leftist violence to justify his lack of condemnation of the white supremacists who march alongside him and agree with everything he agrees with
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