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  1. I am pretty sure we have a lot of expiring contracts at the end of this season.
  2. It is early, but two players that have impressed so far are Marquand McCall and LaViska Shenault. Early to see if it is just flashes, or if that level of play can be sustained. McCall was an undrafted rookie free agent, Shenault was acquired for a 6th and a 7th round pick. A competent GM is always looking for the players who just need a chance.
  3. I completely agree. Special teams, and the effort by the defense was enough. Don’t sell this N.O. Team short. With Tampa losing we are one game behind in the South.
  4. If you were to convince a top 10 quarterback to come to Carolina they might want some input in the hiring of the head coach. (If Carolina was changing coaches)
  5. Dan Orlovsky posted something earlier about how where McCaffrey lines up is tipping the Panthers plays. I tried to copy and post with no success. He has a good video about the Panthers tipping the play. I hope some of you can find it, also has Tony Dungy commenting.
  6. What hurts is the fact that the Browns kicker that beat the Panthers with a 58 yard field goal misses a PAT and the Browns loses by one. Go figure.
  7. This is exactly right. One example: Christiansen’s arm length. A simpler one today was continuing to use Chuba Hubbard to field kicks.
  8. I agree with your statement to a degree. However, we could have been 2 and 0 or at least 1 and 1. At some point we have to say it’s the coaching. Continuing to play someone who fumbles and drop passes when we have capable players on the bench is unacceptable.
  9. Sometimes my I Pad reacts slow, I have on occasion double posted as. Trying to delete which is not easy.
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