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  1. After watching the entire game I question the ability of this line to stop anyone with a top notch offensive line. Out entire offensive line got pushed around. Not sure if it is the alignment or the defensive line personnel.
  2. DaQuan Jones has helped solidify the line. I hope we can keep him. At 29 he has some good years left. He has been an asset.
  3. Donte has played great this year, no question. There will be some difficult decisions to be made for sure. One person we need to keep is DaQuan Jones. 29 years Old, he will need to be resigned hopefully. The defensive line has Improved greatly as well. He is on a one year 4 million contract.
  4. If Cam is 1/2 of what he was in 2015 I had rather have him than Stafford and trading #1 dfaft choices.
  5. Stuart Smith

    Daquan Jones

    Daquan Jones was signed on a one year contract for 4 million. Should the Panthers try to resign him? I think he is 29. I think he has been an very quiet success story for the Panthers.
  6. It might be just as good or better of an investment long term to invest in the Soccer team.
  7. They have to stir the pot to try and keep their ratings at a decent level. The only time I hear anything they say is when others repeat it on a different forum.
  8. I don’t necessarily think telling your coach to sign Cam in this case makes Tepper a “meddler.” I feel he does stay hands off 99% of the time. It is a business. At some point I think an owner has a right to step in if he sees decisions made that cost him money ( empty seats).
  9. I think most of us have thought about about all that got us to this point. I feel very strongly that Rhule did not realize how difficult it would be to find a capable replacement when Cam was released. I do feel that Cam perhaps overestimated his value on the market. Not every coach can deal with the strong persona that Cam brings. A lot of egos led us to this point. I do think that (though everyone involved would not admit it) all parties realize the Panthers need Cam, and Cam needs the Panthers. I just hope this has a happy ending.
  10. Do we truly know what we have in P.J.? Do we need to give him some reps as well as Cam? He actually looked good yesterday against one of the top ranked defenses. Although we will know more after the Washington game, I hope Cam and P.J. Can perform at such a level that we feel confident drafting for offensive line this draft without having to draft a quarterback. I think P.J. Deserves a long look to at least be considered a long term competent back up. Thoughts anyone?
  11. I bet this is the best day Aaron Rodgers has had all week.
  12. I am not sure all transactions made by Fitterer were his decisions alone. I think we know Rhule has more or less been given final authority. I would love to know who had the final say on Darnold. I was hoping we would not regret passing on A couple of these young quarterbacks.
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