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  1. In theory the restaurant, hotel, and stores are benefitting by the tourist visits. That’s how these projects get sold, the total economic impact to the area. I do not disagree about the owner should pay more since his business is appreciating.
  2. I have got to the point that sometimes I just cut all music off and try to focus more on traffic. As I have aged I listen less and less.
  3. I think Miles Sanders may catch more passes out of the backfield than some may expect.
  4. Looking back at the roster during Peppers first few years with the Panthers there were some names That brought back some pleasant memories. Brentson Buckner, Kris Jenkins, Mke Rucker, Mike Minter, Dan Morgan, Thomas Davis. For a time Kris Jenkins was amazing.
  5. As you said, he was much improved. I hope he and Blackshear get some opportunities this year.
  6. We need to determine what he should be paid and get it done. We let Reddick walk and got nothing. If we had kept him undoubtedly Burns would have had more sacks. We do need to solidify the rest of the line. If we are not careful he may follow Reddick out the door.
  7. If Charlotte agrees to help Tepper upgrade B.O.A. It should stipulate grass field for football. Unpopular to Tepper
  8. You need to research the Tyreek Hill trade. He preferred to go to Miami instead of Jets because same salary he would have paid 2.7 million in state tax in NY, none in Florida. I agree it probably is not the deciding factor, but it could matter to some.
  9. Not necessarily. If the contract offers are similar it could make the difference. I know Lamar Jackson would love to have him if Baltimore has any money left.
  10. If SF is not careful they will become one dimensional with him as well. It will be interesting.
  11. Might be one of the Florida teams. No state income tax sometimes plays into it.
  12. Surprised they did not just change to a coin flip for first possession at the beginning of the game, start at the 25 yard line. Might be next move. The only excitement on the “fair catch” kickoff would be the possibility of the receiver fumbling.
  13. There are a couple of things about Bryce that are not mentioned enough in my opinion. His work ethic is second to none. His attitude and wanting to grow and learn is also going to be huge in his development. I think he realizes he has to have every advantage possible to have a successful career. This will help him immeasurably and endear him to his teammates.
  14. It was a different era when Jim Brown played. Leroy Kelly, Lou Groza, Paul Warfield, Quarterback Frank Ryan. I am old enough to remember a few of the Browns games. Jim Brown is always the first name that comes to my mind when I hear conversations about great running backs. He was special.
  15. I hope your observation is 100% accurate, appreciate your thoughts.
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