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  1. Chris Collinsworth, Brian Billikens. But you are right, most did play.
  2. Exactly right. Some of the best announcers of any sport never played, or were average at best.
  3. Whether or not he starts any games this year we need to give Corral some playing time. Even if Darnold gets the majority of the snaps we need to see if we feel comfortable moving forward with plans for Corral as a future starting quarterback. We do not need to repeat the Christensen experiment with Corral. Bringing Jimmy G. On board will complicate that. Besides, we still may need cap space to sign a couple of players on defense.
  4. I do not think they will cut him and pay the salary. If no trade partners are found they may do like the Texans did last year with Watson. Keep him, but apart from the team. Some team may have a major injury and need a quarterback before the season is over.
  5. The factor here may be Baker Mayfield. I know no one wants to hear this, but are we truly satisfied with the quarterbacks we have? If Cleveland offered to trade Mayfield for a 4th round draft pick and agreed to pay 10 million of his contract would Fitterer do it? Until a hard decision is made here it might complicate the Panthers pursuing Clowney. I am not advocating for Mayfield, just a random thought.
  6. I think in the past Rhule might have made the decision without deferring to advice.
  7. I know the past few years have been frustrating for Panther fans. It has been a long time since 2015 when many of us watched the Panthers destroy the Cardinals to win the NFC. I get that. As fans There have been many issues we have all found fault with, and rightly so. However, at some point I have come to 2 conclusions. Whatever happens, I feel Matt Rhule will be here for the immediate future. Hopefully with the former head coaches on staff he will learn from them. I believe the coaching hires were told Rhule would be here or they would not have signed on to be with a “lame duck” coach. I feel Rhule will be here at least 5 years. I also believe Tepper has changed the “Chain of command” and Fitterer is more in control of the draft. I also believe this was a solid draft. We filled positions of need and did not make foolish trades and mortgage the future. We also have cap space that hopefully we can use to retain our best players. I honestly feel like we are tremendously better than we were 2 months ago. Maybe I am just a “glass half full” person, but I like where the Panthers are much better than at the end of last season.
  8. I want the Panthers to be the best team they can be. If that means we get Baker Mayfield or anyone else that can make us a better team so be it. I fear that the objective of some fans is more to get Matt Rhule fired than it is for the Panthers to win. If we put a winning team on the field and Matt Rhule is still head coach I can live with that.
  9. Bozeman signed here to be the center.
  10. Draft a left tackle please. When you sign a tackle at 46, 37 years old you are more likely to get a broken down Russell Okung or Matt Khalil than you are a Whitworth. Then you are looking for a tackle again after kicking the can down the road in a year. Failure to draft the best available Left Tackle in this draft will be an absolute failure.
  11. Please use the 6th pick for a franchise Left Tackle. Don’t blow this pick for 2 projects. Hopefully next year we will not pick this low.
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