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  1. He had his best year at an opportune time. No way he is worth 40 million, they might have to sign him for 25 or 30.
  2. Stroud and Young will be gone. Houston, Indianapolis, and Las Vegas, and maybe dark horse Atlanta will probably clean the board before we get there. Even if they don’t I can see Washington trying to trade into a spot ahead of us. Can we trade future picks to move up? Maybe, but so can others. I don’t see Baltimore letting Lamar getting away. Carr is a big expensive question mark. No way to Garrapolo, he stays injured and cost too much. Unless we have a friendly trading partner that will allow us to move up to one of the top 2 quarterbacks I would vote for drafting Richardson or Levi’s and developing them and seeing what we have in Corral. Many have written him off too soon. If we get a bonafide tight end out of this draft it will be a win. Greg Olsen would have helped Sam Darnold tremendously. We need more than a quarterback.
  3. Because we hear that every year, some of us are getting old.
  4. Some of us are getting old. We are getting tired of “next year.”
  5. Rumor coming out of Chicago is the the Bears may trade Fields. Crazy times until the draft with all the rumors and half truths.
  6. When you see actual fans filling up BOA stadium you will know the fans are beginning to see hope.
  7. I like ke the tight end for Georgia too. He’s a hoss.
  8. It is ok to respect the job Wilkes did and still hope for Reich to succeed. They are not mutually exclusive. The immaturity of some who comment are telling.
  9. I do remember reading somewhere that he impressed due to the fact he already had coaches committed to come with him. Hope that is true.
  10. So we gonna win the division next year with Reich?
  11. “You Wilkes cult members?” You painted a lot of people with a broad brush. It is ok to realize that Wilkes deserved a chance to prove that given a chance he could have a winning team in Charlotte. It is ok for us to realize that sometimes hard work is often not rewarded the way we feel it should be. Given that, most people that supported Wilkes will still support the Panthers. However, the manner it was done will result in the fan base viewing anything less than winning the division next year will be unacceptable. We shall see.
  12. Will Kunkel is usually pretty accurate.
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