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  1. I agree with the thinking is to run more. I think that is one reason the concern was not as much with Icky. He performed much better his rookie year when it was more straight ahead smash mouth football.
  2. I know at one time there was talk of Brady Christensen moving around on the OL line to learn different positions but I think that was 2 coaches ago. Has he ever actually ever played as much as a series at center? For those who might have better insight than me, would he be a viable backup?
  3. Indeed he was extremely high on a Shi Smith. I have not stated Steve Smith was high on “these guys” as you say. He was definitely high on Shi Smith. That does not make his “Steve Smith’s” opinion meaningless. It just goes to show that sometimes even knowledgable people are not always 100% right.
  4. Agree, I don’t think Dan Morgan would tell a player that. He may have said something that was misunderstood.
  5. Bryce to show he belongs. Roster moves by Morgan and Canales paying off. Enough positives from Canales and Morgan that prove they can build a franchise.
  6. 2nd and a fifth is what sports illustrated is reporting.
  7. Moton has not missed a game in several years. He has proven to be one of the most dependable players through all the adversity. He is not spectacular, agreed. We need to find a way to keep him if it means restructure.
  8. Actually there are 6 or 7 franchises now owned by women.
  9. She will probably be the sole owner one day.
  10. The fact that he is president of football operations is a win. That seems to Imply the chain of command will have a different structure which is positive. I looked at the names that were floated around, Dan Morgan is as knowledgable as most of them. I just hope the micro-managing will lessen to a degree. One advantage that Dan Morgan has is that he already knows this roster and the strengths of the players. He can start a plan to improve the weakest spots immediately.
  11. You might be able to add Mike McCarthy and Dan Quinn to unemployed coaches after today.
  12. For every Art Schlichter there is a C. J. Stroud.
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