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  2. Not that I agree with your bias/assertion, but that makes her different than the rest of Congress how? #1 goal of any politician is not to take care of the people, but to get and stay in office and most are completely out of touch morons. At least AOC has worked jobs that most of the country could identify with.
  3. First of all u pooed the post, that’s fine. Then secondly u came in here with ape memes and calling people bitches, you come across as a young punk who has nothing else to do but trying get attention from other posters.
  4. maybe a handful but that's all... I dont seem to recall the media and everybody calling them racist and bigots all day every day
  5. The Obama Administration did pick those countries (along with 30+ others) to prevent them from using the visa waiver program, meaning they had to have a visa even if they were staying less than 90 days. Trump is trying to flat out ban them from coming here, so bit of a difference. Now try to find something else to distract from the fact that Obama tried to reach across the isle by using a republican plan.
  6. Today
  7. Obama & Clinton were wrong when they pushed for that too. People here have said as much. Now I know it's scary for you, but try to keep on topic with healthcare.
  8. Florio is always on WNFZ radio so he does a good job at keeping up with what the Panthers are actually doing unlike the rest of the media schlubs.
  9. you are right people do sometimes change their stance when proposed by the other side.... that's wrong if you agree it should be regardless who proposed it another example besides trumps wall... Trumps travel ban Countries On Ban List Were Actually Chosen By Obama Administration http://theredelephants.com/countries-ban-list-chosen-obama/ Travel Ban unconstitutional ONLY because Trump ordered it but ok and constitutional for any other president “We have a candidate who won the presidency, some candidate other than President Trump won the presidency and then chose to issue this particular order, with whatever counsel he took,” Niemeyer said. “Do I understand that just in that circumstance, the executive order should be honored?” “Yes, your honor, I think in that case, it could be constitutional,” Jadwat admitted. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/05/aclu_lawyer_admits_trump_travel_ban_would_be_constitutional_if_hillary_issued_it.html#ixzz5p3UMBTxB
  10. Agreed that you can't have a household name at every starting spot on the roster, but at minimum a veteran with a decent track record if the team deems safety unworthy to invest a first or second round selection there. As I have stated before, even though Gaulden was selected in the 3rd round (#85 overall) I can't find where anyone had him rated that high. Thus the 'project' label and it goes without saying a reach at #85. Projects are usually relegated to day 3 picks. I have also stated that if Gaulden turns into a quality starter (not a default starter) then Hurney is going to look like an absolute genius.
  11. There are going to be some spots on the roster where the guy is a project. Unfortunately Ron has neglects FS every year. The real concern is pressuring the QB. Reid, Bradberry and Jackson are a better group of players than most teams have. I don’t think adding a big name player is going to suddenly make them that much better if we don’t make sure we can get to the QB first and foremost.
  12. Again more "It's aliens" talk with these conspiracy theories. Of course when it comes to black life, it's actually insulting to say we are linked with Russians or the right wing. Those are white talking points. By that I mean this is foreign to ADOS people. We came up from slavery and Jim Crow. We are the children of sharecroppers. The overwhelming majority of us don't even know a Russian person, much less connected to Putin and his regime. To wave off a serious demand for reparations as a Russian plot, shows you don't understand black life. This ain't about "not voting", it's about voting for a black agenda. The #ADOS movement is about petitioning these politicians to focus on our issues.
  13. oh that's laughable comming from the Left... to quote STRICKLY BOXING NEWS "Hmm, I thought it was 'racism and bigotry' for Trump to Ban & Deport ILLEGAL Immigrants and to want to build a wall? Well, can someone explain why there was ZERO outrage when Obama and Clinton Said the Same thing??" Someone answer me why the Clinton's and Obama isn't resist and a bigot and it was ok for them to do the same thing ???? also someone please answer me why the left hates these policies when Trump proposes the same policy ?
  14. Trump doing his best tyrant impression not a peep from republicans/libertarians because he’s their king no matter what lol. Amazing
  15. if you like pro wrestling you honestly have no reason or need to watch wwe ever again. there's a company with a better product and non-evil people running it now. the show they did last night was the best show i've seen since i was like 15. https://twitter.com/AndreasHale/status/1132644624030240769/video/1
  16. Under Obama, drug prices rose nearly 10% annually. they have gone down under Trump, not much only about 1 % but at least its gone down, hasn't happened since Nixon We have already gotten started. Last week, the Trump administration proposed what could be the single biggest change to the way Americans’ drugs are priced at the pharmacy counter, ever. Under the president’s plan, the current system of kickbacks to middlemen would be replaced with transparent, up-front discounts, delivered directly to patients. Each year, more than $150 billion in rebates are passed around the drug-pricing system — and ­patients are entirely in the dark about it. In 2017, there were more than $29 billion in rebates in the Medicare Part D program alone, which pays for medication for ­­elderly Americans. Under the president’s proposal, kickbacks in Medicare Part D would be eliminated and replaced with ­direct discounts that are passed on to seniors at the pharmacy counter.https://nypost.com/2019/02/07/how-team-trump-is-bringing-drug-prices-down/?utm_source=reddit.com
  17. Yep. You’re preaching to the choir. Been confused by this all offseason. Watching Rod Brambletts top calls and about to break down. Prayers to his family.
  18. ….and that is kind of the point of my original question. I don't think it is as easy as pulling a D-linemen. I'm sure we would pull Poe in a passing situation but we will probably replace him with a quicker one like Cox. Even if we move someone like Addison from OLB to DE I think it will still be a 3-3-5 type of look, and I'm not sure where Thompson fits in. With all that being said the fact they are paying him what they makes you think they have a plan for him so it will be interesting to see.
  19. We were a potential SB contender until Cam's arm turned to mush last year...with a shitty defense. IF Cam is healthy, and the defense can just be decent? With an improved OL? We're a playoff team for sure.
  20. It’s hilarious. You can literally see the “draft day 2” look in Rivera’s eyes as he flings it.
  21. Thats what i was going for, too bad OP took it personal, like a bitch
  22. You don’t like the off-season thread I get it... please go back into hiding.. the panthro cave or whatever conservation area you hold up in these days.
  23. It can be many different positions. But if you are in Nickel 75% of the time, in any formation, you can’t just never have DT/NT types on the field. That scenario is fine for 3rd and long. Then the question becomes what it’s always been with Shaq. Who is he going to cover? He struggles against everybody we have asked him to cover. And that’s supposed to be his strength.
  24. The #ADOS movement is just a hashtag, which seems to either be funded by Russians or Right Wing billionaires or both. It only has one purpose: Ensure a second term of Donald Trump. In the last few weeks, I noticed that those #ADOS supporters, who encouraged people NOT to vote in 2018 are now complaining about policies being passed in Ga, FL (by Republicans) that are going to affect Blacks. Example is Tariq Nasheed.
  25. LOL! Throwing poo at the wall. Yep, that's our go-to strategy at safety and has been for years.
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