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  2. I would find out what the Skins want for Trent Williams. These guys are just taking up space for 2 weeks.
  3. He has made strides from 2016. Won’t argue that. But the Bernie Bros (young, loud angry white dude) still remains the core IMO. and while diversifying, his support is still the unreliable young voters. Fact remains, the Feelin the Bern crowd just wants what happened to the Republican Party with Trump...to happen on the left. Which is a fringe element to take over a party....that the candidate doesn’t really belong to.
  4. Money and fame also play a part too. When you know the world is watching, some people like to feed into that and I think AB is the type of guy that likes the spotlight. Saying things like quitting football forever over a helmet is easy fuel to keep that fire burning.
  5. I really have no idea on Grier, but I’m more than willing to chalk up a bad game for Allen to just a bad game against a very good defense. Cam appeared to have a rough go (wasn’t it 6 straight incompletions?) in practice. We’ve at least seen Allen look more competent than Heinecke in the same game (Atlanta) and look better than any of our backups in recent years against NO. Based on those and a decent showing against the Bears, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.
  6. It’s too late now. Signing a decent vet backup QB should have been done before the draft. We already wasted a quality pick on a QB that will probably never start a game without an injury. And if things go bad, we are probably taking one in the 1st next year anyhow.
  7. I think the argument can be made right now Cam isn't #1 because of that shoulder. Last time we saw him he couldnt throw a pass over 30 yards. That's a HUGE deal. Talent wise, Cam has those 2 all day long, but I would reserve my opinion until we see Cam about 10 games in and how that shoulder is really doing.
  8. This team isn't going to the postseason without Cam Newton. Playing musical chairs with the backup QB position isn't going to change that.
  9. Yeah, if Cam's shoulder fails to hold up again we need to figure out what we currently have for the future and whether or not we need to try to sign a legit FA next off-season or draft a QB in the 1st (or swing a trade). We're not making a SB run with Josh McCown.
  10. While it’s possible, how many concussions has he suffered. I only remember that Burfict hit. I will counter that it’s kind of a big leap to assume every football player is mentally stable and that only CTE makes them nuts. I’m fairly certain that Aaron Hernandez was a criminal way before Florida and the NFL. Why should we assume that Brown hasn’t always been this way but until he became a stud he kept a bit more quiet to make sure he got a payday? Sort of like the old adage about what changes in a relationship after marriage.
  11. Derek Anderson would be better than what we have now, and would've been last season. But the Panthers determined it was time to focus on development, likely in the Patriots model. Inexplicably, they've been able to turn back-up QB's into draft capital and the Panthers may be trying to go down that same road. The days of veteran back-ups may be behind us as teams seek to utilize more of their time spent on back-up QB's as development which can in turn be transformed into future draft picks. Source: I have no source, but I could obviously write for ESPN
  12. As much as I don't think Heinicke is an NFL talent, I think he might deserve #2 reps this week. Allen and Grier looked like straight trash against Buffalo. Maybe Heinicke would have too had he actually played against guys who are likely to be in their roster come the regular season.
  13. If his performance stays the same no one will be putting him on a active roster. Kid needs a ton of work both fundamentally and study wise.
  14. It's cute that you think you don't take this place as seriously as anyone else. Keep projecting boo.
  15. If Cam goes down I want our young guys to gain experience. I don’t think McCown is going to offer much at this point in his career.
  16. Disagree, Allen can win you a game or two. That's about all McCown can do at this point.
  17. I think Jay-Z will be seen as the sence of reason and bring the NFL into the future. With Reid and Kap being after thoughts. It was a win/win.
  18. Josh Allen and Barkley were a combined 17/21. The Bills didn't exactly throw out their best game plan either and were short a couple starters on the OL due to injury. Not panicking by any stretch but I did expect better effort. The lack of depth on the team is very apparent.
  19. Joe Biden: Nothing will fundamentally change
  20. Eagles signed Josh McCown, think it was around 2-3 million. Panthers could’ve easily signed him and had a veteran presence at back-up qb... is he a better option than what we have https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2019/8/19/20811657/josh-mccown-eagles-quarterback-jets-things-to-know-philadelphia-alshon-jeffery-stats-highlights-nfl
  21. My takeaway from the game was indeed our lack of depth at linebacker. With Luke reminding everyone of his concussion issues a few weeks ago, would not be against shoring up that position on cut down days.
  22. Jay’s Reasonable Doubt album is a classic and still a banger today.
  23. I’ll look it over some more, but after a quick skim, it’s pretty sound. There’s quite a bit packed into this proposal, and would do a lot of good. It’s a start
  24. Joe Biden's long record of favoring political expediency over sound judgement during pivotal moments in our nation's history should clearly demonstrate (to anyone paying attention) that he lacks the capacity to wisely lead our nation as POTUS.
  25. Interestingly enough he waited until he lost his starting qb gig to do it. Not much of a hero in my book
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