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  2. What are terrorists called? Terrorists. You are the one assigning a religion to it. It isn't new. It is what Trump ran his campaign on. You USED to understand this. But 2016 turned you into something different. A worse version of yourself. You using the Twylyght defense of virtue signaling isn't helping your case here either. This same point has been made constantly on Breitbart and other racist publications. I'm giving you an out because I think your intentions are pure and you just fell into the rabbit hole. But you are better than this. Plus, you keep saying "Wahhabists" but there are actually different sects of Wahhabism so even that is too broad stroke to paint even if narrower than "Islamic Terrorists". It would be like calling all Baptists, Southern Baptists, which would be an incorrect description. In fact, many Saudi officials denounce certain sects of Wahhabism. That is why trying to call terrorists "Islamic Terrorists" is both racially charged and flatly wrong. Or just calling them "Wahhabists" isn't really correct either. So don't call me out for using a broad brush when that is exactly what you are doing. Like I have said. You are better than this.
  3. I'm still shocked we were able to pull it out. After that delay of game penalty I thought it was over.. By the way, fug that no call on the Capitals delay of game in the first OT, that was clearly behind their blue line. And that hit on Mrazek.. Refs weren't that awful in general though, just swallowed their whistles entirely. McGinn's diving save and then the game winner were so clutch.... Even if we don't win the Cup this year, it felt really nice to win this series. This franchise has a bright future. Watching this team rise from 5% odds in January has been awesome. Also, I almost had a heart attack during that game.
  4. I was walking by the tv this afternoon at work and did a double take! I was like....what in the world....then I moved on !! LOL!!!
  5. I will be praying every DT prospect possible is gone, the last thing we need is another DT
  6. Getting out your broad brush again? Pop Quiz: You know what Islamic terrorists are called? Answer: Islamic terrorists And within the context of this thread, Wahhabists. Primary sponsors of this extremist sect of Islam? US ME Ally Saudi Arabia Can't change reality, regardless of how much virtue signaling you want to apply.
  7. Let's go CANES!!!! 2nd round playoffs baby. I hope can make it to the finals plus Dallas so I can go to a playoff game. Haven't been to one since Detroit-Carolina in 02 up in Detroit.
  8. For the record, we watched the finals on a small island off the northern coast of Brazil and even though the home team lost the locals could not have been more magnanimous, especially given the gravity of the tournament. Brazilians are good people.
  9. And Vinnie is to be lauded for that sort of behavior? I have been to multiple World Cup games and spent an entire World Cup month in Brazil (1998 when they lost to France, in France) which really opened my eyes to how seriously the rest of the world takes the game, but I have never heard of or seen a real fan of football give credence to a player attemping to injure another player.
  10. This tweet alone deserves a pay raise. Pure. Savage. ( @youngpanthers89 I realize you posted this already but it bears repeating)
  11. You nailed it. NASCAR Museum is a perfect example.
  12. Today
  13. Apparently another analyst agrees with Vince... "Yep, that's the pick all right"
  14. If you guys don't know, the guy running the NHLCanes twitter account is our previous twitter manager. Dan is a great dude and a better tweeter.
  15. At this point you are either being disingenuous or you didn't watch the OP video.
  16. We would’ve taken him if he was available. Was very good coming out. Just cant trust Stanford players
  17. Still reaching. The OP clearly identified the source of this violence. Stop smearing people with your broad brush tactics. It is beneath you.
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