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  2. this isnt even a good angle wheres the replay from the game?
  3. You guys can hope all you want. If Cam is 100%, he's back in. We should be just happy that we have a good backup. Mr. Scotty has over 84,000 post and 1000's of threads and every time it has something to with Cam, there's a negative aspect to it. Allen has 5 starts and he already made a completely positive threads about him. Keep pounding lol
  4. What are you talking about? The Buc's had the 32nd rated pass defense, giving up over 300 yards a game until this week where they improved as Allen only managed a little over 200 even with 7 turnovers. The Panthers actually punted 7 times, LOL!
  5. the presence of 3 timeouts going into half time and the 4th quarter has been so refreshing and good for my mental health. the years and years of screaming at everyone but who was causing the issue have taken a toll. i'm not looking forward to dealing with that again. at least i'll know who to scream at now. y'all think its gonna go well when that happens again, in our home stadium. i doubt it, not if its costing us as much as it has in the past. and y'all like KA hasn't faced adversity yet. he will, but its amazing how much less you face when you don't dig a hole first. the team has hidden who has been responsible for a lot of issues. we all know now. i don't think cams deficiencies have ever been this bare to the public. gonna be interesting to see how he handles it if he ever goes back in. there's gonna be no one for him to hide behind now. and he's been hiding from it, letting everyone take the blame but himself.
  6. This was taken in the Bucs locker room post game. It shows Arians discussing CMC's run with his defensive staff...
  7. Ron gave a shout out to Roaring Riot during the post game presser :D
  8. ...And the Cheerleaders, would be called the "Cheeky Tarts".
  9. Today
  10. The bye week does us a huge favour as it means the decision on who the QB will be in San Francisco is 10 or more days away. Hopefully, the media speculation will die down this week too as I assume most Panthers' officials will get a break until next Monday. The difficulty is going to come when Cam is told by his Doctors that he's 100% or close to. That may well come after San Francisco, or may not come at all this season. However, if it does happen, he's going to agitate like hell to get back in, whether Kyle remains unbeaten or not and the media will be a pain in the arse. For me, an unbeaten quarterback trumps a fit Cam but if Cam does fully recover and Kyle loses a couple then would see the return of QB1. Next year, who knows but the idea of a new Carson Wentz type of contract for Cam doesn't look likely, unless it's some other team picking up the tab...
  11. you got no idea how bad you just drug us man. we're worse
  12. I offered zero excuses. Let me be clearer then. Officer's on a welfare check, from my understanding...one should be knocking on the door, announcing that they're police while the other officer is at the back in case it IS a burglary and the suspect runs out the back, they have them cut off. Lady watching her nephew comes to the door, she says they're fine, they say goodnight and leave. They don't. They never attempt knocking on the door even. They just start sneaking around in the dark. I've since watched the video a few times, and it could've even been a negligent discharge with how freaking fast he shot. Regardless, it's absolutely not good and nothing makes it good. This is a bad shoot, no question, no doubt. Whether he gets charged with manslaughter or murder or whatever, I do not know. I'd say it likely fits manslaughter but I do not know for sure. This is an instance where public outrage is absolutely warranted. And before anybody else makes the "oh, NOW you take a clearer line on it", there's two reasons. 1, watched the video more. 2, watched the press conference with their administrative staff and yeah, they do not know what the hell to say because they know nothing they can say is going to make this better. There is no reasonable articulation of these events to explain the outcome.
  13. Tampa Bay's offensive line has declined to the worst in the league. The 7 turnovers, 4 being short fields, were the biggest difference, and were a direct result of their poor offensive line play.
  14. Direct comparison is us losing to this TB team at home against destroying them in London with basically same roster except for QB. Granted TB OLine have their own injuries and Cam was clearly not in good form but the difference between two games was huge.
  15. Yeah but what questions behind closed doors? I would say any serious questions about cam’s future or Kyle’s can’t be answer with only a 5 game sample size. Hence why I said the media’s agenda is separate from our own, I’m sure the question has been asked whether Kyle CAN replace cam behind closed doors but if 5 games is all that it takes we could be headed towards our doom.
  16. Yeah that’s my point, Rivera and company either don’t know how to handle the situation, by creating a smokescreen or they do, and are giving open ended answers because they don’t want distractions among the team. knowing how Rivera operates it could be either or a little of both, media is going to ask those questions it’s there job, but within the organization I gotta believe they know what the plan is
  17. The Vietnam War and our wars/conflicts/meddling in the ME are symptoms of a larger issue: King argued for the centrality of his anti-militarism advocacy most eloquently on April 4, 1967, at Riverside Church in New York City - exactly one year before the day he was murdered. That extraordinary speech was devoted to answering his critics who had been complaining that his anti-war activism was distracting from his civil rights work ("Peace and civil rights don't mix, they say. Aren't you hurting the cause of your people, they ask?"). King, citing seven independent reasons, was adamant that ending US militarism and imperialism was not merely a moral imperative in its own right, but a prerequisite to achieving any meaningful reforms in American domestic life. In that speech, King called the US government "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today", as well as the leading exponent of "the deadly Western arrogance that has poisoned the international atmosphere for so long" (is there any surprise this has been whitewashed from his legacy?). He emphasized that his condemnations extended far beyond the conflict in Southeast Asia: "the war in Vietnam is but a symptom of a far deeper malady within the American spirit." He insisted that no significant social problem - wealth inequality, gun violence, racial strife - could be resolved while the US remains "a nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift" - a recipe, he said, for certain "spiritual death". For that reason, he argued, "it should be incandescently clear that no one who has any concern for the integrity and life of America today can ignore the present war." That's because: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/jan/21/king-obama-drones-militarism-sanctions-iran
  18. I didn't use to think this fanbase was that biased against Cam, but seeing how much a game manager is getting praised has changed my mind. Kyle Allen played one of the worst pass defenses today, and threw a little over 60% and just over 220 yards right, two touchdowns? Tampa Bay turned the ball over 7 times, with 4 times in their own territory. Kyle didn't make any special throws, though that's understandable as the receivers were wide open a lot of time with Tampa Bay having one of the worst pass defense (was the worst, did the Falcons take that spot now?) in the NFL, giving up until today around 300 yards a game. Kyle missed a lot of throws, threw into double coverage, and again was staring down his first read. He also bailed on the pocket early a few times as well. I don't know. He just looks like a typical game manager getting carried to me. Usually a good quarterback is going to blowout a team that turns the ball over 7 times. Maybe I'm crazy right.
  19. The French didn't want to give up their colony in SE Asia after WWII, but they weren't strong enough to keep control. That should have been the end of colonial rule. Instead the US stepped in and the rest is history. Even as we negotiated our withdrawal under Nixon's administration, most Americans realized it wouldn't be long before the South Vietnam regime would fall to the Communist North. Today unified "Communist" Vietnam is one of our major trading partners. Turns out relying on diplomacy and trade was a more effective approach for the US when dealing with Vietnam than years of carpet bombing, agent orange, 50,000 dead American soldiers, 1.25 million Vietnamese civilian deaths and 168 billion taxpayer dollars (approximately 1 trillion today).
  20. Prayers going up for you brother, sorry for your loss.
  21. Not to mention the fact that not even two and a half years into his career, CMC is already halfway to eclipsing Emmitt's career receiving yardage. Just two very different RBs.
  22. We are in Syria illegally, so leaving would be the right thing to do. However, our troops aren't leaving. US military forces are actually undermining our former Kurdish allies attempts to survive the Turkish military assault. In a confused battlefield, Syrian and Russian forces are reported moving to support Kurds against Turkey, but the U.S. has intervened to stop some of the Assad regime advances. https://www.thedailybeast.com/us-forces-reported-preventing-syrian-regime-forces-from-helping-kurds-fight-turkey ALSO: The Kurds have been repeatedly denied any opportunity to negotiate with the Syrian government (by the Trump administration) in order to coordinate a joint defense of Syrian territory against the invading Turkish forces. https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-us-spoiled-a-deal-that-might-have-saved-the-kurds-former-top-official-says?ref=scroll
  23. now which one of you stupid mouth breathing conservatives thinks we should leave our allies in vietnam to be overrun by the NVA?
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