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  2. Unfortunately it goes 1 of 2 ways, either they call 15 minutes after they last saw the person or days weeks even months later. I had a call from a female who hadn't been able to find her father. Turns out she hadn't seen him in a year. He passed away in that time.
  3. Oh, he's fugged in the lawsuit. Just saying the child porn stuff won't stick:
  4. No, it doesn't, but I can think of plenty of reasons why a man would want to disappear for a while.
  5. ? But your fine with trading up for Reddish? He shot the same from the FT line, had a Lower FG %, but just had a better 3pt % as Little Meanwhile Little has shown in the past he can shoot, back in HS (the same place where people are uber hyped on Reddish about), and has a nice form (not jacked up needing work)
  6. this isn't even a real predicting, its just done to fill tv time. this dude is a fuging clown and i could be paid the same amount to just go hit buttons with no support. nothing about this is logical.
  7. If it’s real the MSM would have a field day with him deleting a tweet.
  8. They tend to wait a while depending on the situation before alerting the public.
  9. Here is a link to a real tweet. This is Cornyn’s actual tweet and question. There is no Biden response. when you click it. It will take you to the actual tweet thread and real responses. So it is either a fake Biden tweet or a deleted one. If it was a deleted one a legit news org would have captured it. They basically screen shot everything that is remotely odd. Right now all we have is random twitter folks passing around an image/picture. I mean again it could be a deleted tweet but it is pretty much like folks have learned nothing the past couple years about social media. Which is why Russia is in this game. And heavily invested because they can dictate US discussions/thoughts with fake poo. Other are soon going to join. Because we learn nothing.
  10. We don't need people who struggle to score legit NBA jumpers
  11. This article says last seen June 12th. That's six damn days! Wtf. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/latest-news/article231678193.html
  12. it'd be nice but this franchise with its history deserves absolutely zero benefit of the doubt
  13. If you look at his twitter none of this ever exists. So either he posted it 6 minutes after Cornyn account for the posters account to be on the west coast and then deleted it. Or it’s a fake. The image gjbc posted was photoshopped either way. Lets just say this was real. Than why are people trying to photoshop it? Explain to me how he replied to a tweet 1 hour and 50 minutes before that tweet was posted?
  14. Y'all are dying to draft this PJ Hairston with a shittier jumper
  15. He cant even remember who he picked for us. I bet he picked the other NFCS teams and painted himself into a corner.
  16. Gives us some positive insight. Always welcome. Thank you. A simple typo can mean all the difference.
  17. That isn't a link to the tweet. That is a link to a picture/image.
  18. Can't copy links from my phone just click his fuging page
  19. You never want to lose assets for nothing, and add in the fact he should've been traded in the last two years, now the team is damned if they do and damned if they don't. Even in the above "trade him two years from now"...you're putting off a full rebuild (and potential eventual winner) for minimum 4-5 years. Sign Kemba, great. But you lock in mediocrity with no path to really improve the team until a couple years from now. Added is the fact, the Hornets have shown they can't draft, and no FA is dying to come here. Let Kemba walk, and force the rebuild. You're going to suck ass for a couple years, no guarantee you get another player on Kemba's level, etc. But, there's a clean slate to add assets and high draft picks. But also, you're hoping the team has learned to draft. Honestly might be best to throw out an offer like in the tweets above and not budge. If he wants to stay, he takes it, you go from there. If he doesn't like it, alright, let's part ways. Kemba, especially towards the end of a new deal, will AT BEST be the 3rd best guy on a title team. He could maybe play 2nd fiddle right now, but that's not even a for sure bet. He's the face of a franchise, All-NBA this year...but would he have been All-NBA on a good team? I doubt it. Charlotte to me is hands down the worst situation in the league all things considered...not exactly hopeful they're going to figure it out no matter the decision.
  20. At 12 I like him Kid has upside. Really blew up and showed it at the end of his HS year. Winning All-Star MVPs etc. Yes kid has athletic ability, but the also has all the tools. I see people mention MKG, but nowhere near the same. MKG has a jacked up form while Little shooting form is clean. You see people mention his down year at UNC so we shouldn't touch. Meanwhile want to trade up for Reddish who underwhelmed at Duke? And led to questions even a few thought in HS was his love for the game and heart as some thought he quit on the team at the end for Duke. While Little, his big thing with athletic ability in HS was his heart (as you saw him even lock up Zion up top in a HS all-star game) I think at 12 Little would be a solid pick who has big upside. Now before 12, no. Would not trade up for him
  21. Ive got a bit of background in 911 dispatch, and that should read "missing/endangered person". The protocols for a missing person are very close to the protocols for an endangered person. Endangered persons: Folks who require daily meds, juveniles, elderly, and handicapped. Hope this helps.
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