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  2. Were have you been the past 9 years? Charlotte hasn't had any playoff success since they drafted Kemba. You expect me to believe that they are going to surround Kemba with talent after paying him a big deal? Cmon bruh, that's not happening. It's time to move on and rebuild the right way. Kemba is not great enough to build a playoff contender around. That's no shot at Kemba, it's just the reality of the situation. Let him go to another team and showcase his talent in the playoffs. Charlotte needs to rebuild and that can't happen with Kemba.
  3. Ha yeah...In the last 24 hours or so we’ve went from there’s no way Sweat will make it to us, to then he likely will, to now he may fall out of the 1st, we might trade up for a tackle because there’s only 3 we’d see as first rd tackles(Hurney said there’s 4-5), we’re open to taking the Clemson DTs at 16, and now a trade back scenario. I think the Panthers love it being all over the place. Why would they want to show their hand? Them going kinda quiet the last couple days about edge rushers and lots of tackle rumors could be because they don’t want teams jumping them for one , could be legit, could be trade bait. I like us being right in front of the giants...especially if they pass on a QB at 6 cause there’s a good chance some QB hungry will want to jump them
  4. The chatter that comes with it may be something the team wants to avoid, though. I also have to admit I'm a little disturbed at the prospect of a team wanting to give up one year in on a guy they drafted in the high first. New coach yes, but the same GM that drafted him is still in place, and it's not like the Cardinals don't have other needs. This could be one of those scenarios where "wow, why are they trading him" turns into "oh, now I understand".
  5. Name one thing other than he passed for more yards in college. The numbers are not in Rosens favor at all.
  6. I think because a lot of Panther fans just dislike Newton’s attitude. They never fully embraced him, The panthers Haven’t drafted a qb since Newton, And say we draft Grier in the second that high.... If Newton looks Shoddy you will have people calling for the backup regardless. But this falls in line with the logic you were saying yesterday. A coach on the hot seat can’t afford to just tank and give up on a season so he has to do the best he can to win. A Young more talented passer who had NFL experience to me gives you a better chance to when than an unknown in proven entity. Rosen has proven to be outspoken, but that’s pretty common, look at Nic Bosa’s, recent right wing tweets. A lot of people are saying the same things about him he probably still goes number 2.
  7. I've never been this excited for an episode of a tv show. So ready!
  8. I do not understand the logic. Rosen is a much better prospect than is Grier. If this was about feelings, I’d rather have the Charlotte kid, but it isn’t. Rosen for a 3 is a better decision than Grier for a 2. Period. Especially when we have a comp 3.
  9. I heard he's not going to sign until after the draft. I read it on si.com, for what that's worth. Would I take him? Sure, for the right price.
  10. IIRC Bran and Dany had a vision of a dragon flying over King's Landing. I think that is the Night King. My biggest questions right now are how the Golden Company, Bronn, and the Night King all come into play over the next two episodes. As I mentioned before, somehow Jon gets to King's Landing, and rumor has it he goes willingly as a prisoner. I am ready to see how the battle vs. the dead and all of this plays out.
  11. He's actually been my candidate #1 for a long time, just because of the irony. I only listed Jon as #1 because he's the most obvious choice at this point. If there is a literal Nissa Nissa, though, I am not sure who The Hound's would be unless it was Sansa or Arya. The Hound is probably my favorite character, besides Bronn and Tormund, in the books and on the show. The lines from Edd about "Samwell Tarly... Slayer of White Walkers... Lover of Ladies..." made me kind of hope Sam is the Prince who was Promised, lol, so he could add that to his list of titles. I mean, he did steal a considerable amount of books from the Citadel. I'm not sure how much more badass one can get. I think Nymeria will show up and die, too. I agree about Arya faltering at some point. I think that is prior to the shots of her running, bleeding from the head, looking panicked. I'm wondering if Jaqen shows up again. I am betting he is. Also, supposedly the girl who played the Waif hinted at a return, so maybe Arya wears her face. Or maybe Jaqen does?
  12. I do this is fantasy all the time.. Cards are just reeling potential trade partners in. Start out with a low asking price, get people at least interested... start a bidding war. drives the price up.. especially with ego power hungry wana be alpha males that want to win.. WIN.. WWIIINNN. start out low... "yeah ill take that trade" ..."sorry another owner outbid you".. "ok ill throw this in.. just play owners against each other. get them emotionally attached to the trade and then pull thw rug out from them.. they up offers.. bam. dynasty fantasy football king
  13. I actually agree that I think the odds are high the Night King won't be at Winterfell at this point. At this point in the game just seems weird when they showed their arrival the other White Walkers were the ones representing the arrival at Winterfell. Plus, battles like that always seem to have some wildcard aspect.
  14. Arizona was also an indisputable dumpster fire. You can't honestly watch Rosen's college tape and Grier's college tape and truly believe Grier is a better prospect
  15. Quick backup qb google search and its well within the backup realm of money debate. Plus if he shows well you only keep him for a season or maybe even trade him after the preason for more than you for him for.
  16. I don't think that is true, but that being said if the Panthers really want a QB Rosen impresses me more than anyone but Murray in this class and is certainly worth more to us for a third than Grier in the 2nd
  17. Actually, if I recall correctly some folks had a problem with Rosen being, shall we say, a little less than humble. As mentioned, if you support this idea, you have to be okay with the potential for a quarterback controversy. that includes the possibility that your backup might be one of the guys stirring the pot.
  18. TBH in this day and age it's hard to find true under the radar guys because someone somewhere has watched their tape and said hey this dude might be pretty good. That being said. Greg Dortch WR from Wake Forest is a guy I'm keeping my eye on. He's short but can play the slot and return. The thing I like most about him is that he has an ability to get open which is king in the nfl.
  19. I'm glad you think his "college tape" is better because his stats sure as hell weren't. Rosen: 60.9% completions, 8 YPA, 59 TD, 26 INT, 140.1 rating Grier: 65.7% completions, 9 YPA, 81 TD, 23 INT, 165.2 rating Rosen's arm is weaker, his accuracy is worse, his decision-making is worse and he's already got the sting of an awful rookie season. If he was so good, his own team wouldn't be trying to dump him.
  20. I would have him on a plane to Charlotte already if this is true. (it's not) They will end up with a 2nd at worst if I had to guess.
  21. Top 10 money on a rookie deal is on par with the average for a good backup QB. And we could release him before the 5th year if need be. We are still dealing in unlikely speculation at this point. But given Cam's status, I still think trading a 3rd rounder for Rosen is absolutely worth it if it is a possibility.
  22. This kid has Whitworth / Staley written all over him. Where even if his size isn't imposing like Ogden, his technique and dedication to the craft is amazing. You draft a kid like this, your Franchise QB is protected 12-15 years
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