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    I'll get this thread going again by letting everyone know I completed the full 26.2 mile Charlotte Marathon today. I clocked a time of 4hrs 39mins. The course is hilly as hell so I'm happy with my results. Also as a side note I only trained for a half but said to hell with it and ran the full anyway. Now where's my beer!!
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    I have no fuging clue how Promethean reads news.... It seems he only reads information he wants to hear.
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    The rumor quotes an article originating from Marca. Marca is an awful source for transfer news. At one point or another, every player in Europe is going to every major club according to Marca. The move makes absolutely no sense for Reus either.
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    I'm down to 182 on this make shift diet and getting stronger by the day. Squatted 225 6x my last set on my last leg day. Not quite atg but good range of motion
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    Personally I would had up into the mountains. Sparsely populated, the terrain would be more difficult for them to navigate and I figure the cold would work to my advantage, either way I cannot imagine it would hurt

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