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    Really surprised at the lack of following CMC, the one big highlight of the year in regards to production. Other then that, was a very good show and the ending did give me higher hopes to start this season. BTW Ryan crying by himself in the team meeting room after the Saints game was rough, I felt that.
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    It was 100% the issue. We were legit in every game except the Steelers game. If Cam is healthy and even remotely capable of getting the ball more than 15 yards down the field I would bet at least 3 of those games go our way and we’re talking about a much different narrative. Tepper said it best. “This is an 8-8 league” the league is set for everyone to be on an even playing field. Its the extra inches that makes you either an 11-5 or 5-11 team. Your superstar QB being able to throw the ball is a pretty significant inch
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    So far and Im invested. Really strange to have a season so recent tug that hard on the emotions. Pep, TD, RK, man that season could have been special.
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    sorry harbingers i can't see your posts anymore but uhhhh
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    It may have something to do with him being designated either a DE or LB. Career-wise that can mean a difference of a couple of million dollars in a franchise-tag situation. Sadly, with our move to a hybrid defense, who can say which he will play more as, an OLB or DE, but until Edge Rusher is an actual title for salary purposes, there's not much that can be done about it. I think he's motivated to play and I've got faith that Hurney will get this ironed out before it gets out of hand. I don't know, though, if an unsigned player can come to training camp considering the liabilities and whatnot.
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    The myth about him not caring or being stoic is obviously far from the truth and we have an extremely tight knit locker room. But results matter. Ron is an awesome person and players coach but if he can’t get the job done this season it’s time to move on.
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    Elway got heat from Bronco fans over not resigning him so I take this excuse with a grain of salt.
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    Behind closed doors is good but should he not be a good coach on the field. I haven't watched the film but just reading all the post. The game is on the line on the field... Be a good coach on the field and just maybe we would win more. Be more complete as a coach.
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    Well, we found a home in Ladson just outside Summerville. Hoping to move in middle of next month! Thanks for all the info, folks.
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    yes which is incredibly bad because the cost of living (adjusted for inflation) is 100-400% higher. adjust for that and the actual minimum wage for a worker to have the same standard of living they had in 1968 would be 21 dollars. right it's far lower
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    Eight NFL Draft Picks Remain Unsigned July 17th, 2019 at 9:41am CST by Zach Links With training camp on the horizon, there are still eight unsigned NFL draft picks left, as shown in PFR’s tracker: So far, 244 of this year’s 254 selections have inked their deals. Here’s the complete breakdown, sorted by round: First Round (5) 49ers, 1-2: Nick Bosa, DE (Ohio State) Jets, 1-3: Quinnen Williams, DT (Alabama) Buccaneers, 1-5: Devin White, LB (LSU) Giants, 1-6: Daniel Jones, QB (Duke) Panthers, 1-16: Brian Burns, DE (Florida State) Second Round (1) 49ers, 2-36: Deebo Samuel, WR (South Carolina) Third Round (1) Giants, 3-95: Oshane Ximines, LB (Old Dominion) Seventh Round (1) Vikings, 7-250: Austin Cutting, LS (Air Force) As expected, the first round (five) leads the way in stragglers. It’s also worth noting that four of the five remaining unsigned first-round picks are repped by CAA: Bosa, White, Jones, and Burns. Last July, CAA had five of the seven unsigned players in the top 10, so it’s clear that the power agency is driving a hard bargain over key issues such as offset language. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2019/07/nfl-draft-picks-unsigned-2019
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    Donte Action Jackson‏Verified account @_DJack01 FollowFollow @_DJack01 More The way that @allornothingtv portrayed me is actually the exact opposite of what I really am, that was a tough season, I wasn’t the only guy in that building tired of losing! 7:45 PM - 19 Jul 2019
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    Donte Action Jackson‏Verified account @_DJack01 FollowFollow @_DJack01 More Watching @allornothingtv pissed me off lowkey, y’all did me down bad. 7:31 PM - 19 Jul 2019
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    This is all we need to know. Watch the series. Ron has his flaws, but at the end of the day he is not at all what many people think. He may look at times like he doesn't care, but there is nothing further from the truth. He cares about the game and about his players . . . but doesn't give a (*@$ what you or I or the media think about him. There are probably better coaches in the league . . . but not many. There are tons of lesser coaches. We have a good one.
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    Haven’t seen too much discussion on this topic, maybe a lot of you are like me and didn’t realize he was still unsigned. Am wondering if anyone knows why and do you guys think he misses any TC if a deal isn’t done before next week.
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    typical dims...$15 will never pass...might have gotten $9 or maybe $10 thru btw...$15 is not a living wage...good for students, seniors, part timers...
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    Minimum wage needs to be effectively addressed asap regardless of details. It is well past due time when accounting for an ever increasing cost of living. I'm not sure a blanket increase to 15 an hour across the nation is realistic, it will likely need to be a regional thing, but this discussion needs to be happening and moving forward. There are enough wealthy politicians in Washington. What is ultimately one of the biggest hurdles toward real progress on this is how many working class whites willingly vote Republican against their own interests.
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    Theres alot of Donte. Keep watching.
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    With the rookie salary scale now, position really doesn't matter. You're paid based on your draft slot, not your position. About the only major thing up to negotiation is offset language which IMO is bullshit and something the players should be pushing to ban in the next CBA.
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    Yeah the biggest problem from early in the season was the defense. It was largely undisciplined and to an extent felt like Mike Shula had started coaching the D in the way it was managed. Defense was sloppy, unprepared, and outcoached. We were lucky to have been on the streak we were on and it was only a matter of time before it was exposed. Rivera should have taken over much earlier.
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    most of harris, biden, warren, and buttigieg's staff are unpaid interns
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    for those that are actually being paid you mean
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    The public face is only because the Media will turn any truthful human emotions into drama. The media nowadays is just vile.
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    My takeaway is that we don't pay attention. Newton's shoulder issue started much earlier. It was talked about in media, in press conferences, by Rivera. Yet we were certain it was the Steelers game. Also that his shoulder was not the issue with this team.
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    November/December this year is all that’s been said so far. The best part is following the books so closely like they have, we are basically just getting out of the prologue into act one with this season.
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    Ya that’s one of the biggest gripes I’ve read so far. Along with the elves and the fact it’s “GoT” generic fantasy music and not Slovak/Eastern European styled. I really hope they don’t fall into that trap and the show is a lot more Eastern European themed when it comes to the soundtrack. This is what Eastern European sound would be like for those unfamiliar with it.
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    3 episodes in and its already making me miss football. I might have to pre order Madden 20 just to get my football fix in early. Also all the references to the Super Bowl losing season kind of stings each time it’s brought up.
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    His first 1-1/2 years I'd say Curtis relied heavily on beating defenders with speed instead of technique. He started to turn the corner mid-season last year in becoming a complete WR. I expect big things out of Curtis. If he stays healthy all season, I am predicting that Samuel will be our leading WR in yards.
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    I watched EP1 its cool to see the behind the doors stuff prbly why I will keep watching it but its kind of like going back and reliving a funeral man, seeing Greg break his foot again, ughhh + knowing whats to come, its going to be brutal to relive that sh*t
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    The job of a GM isn't to find a QB. The number 1 job of a GM is to put a football team on the field that can win a Championship. He as done that, almost twice in his short career. I'm not saying that Elway is great, because he does some boneheaded things for sure, but for us to praise Hurney 2.0 and bash Elway....man, that's tough to understand.
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    Who here has ever said that Ron doesn't care about winning or about his players? It's very apparent that he loves his guys, and they respect and love him back. His issue has been being too stubborn at times, sticking to antiquated football, and situational football decisions.
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    Honestly, Elway sucks as a GM. This is a QB driven league. If you can't find a QB and whiff repeatedly on highly drafted and highly paid FA QBs, then you suck as a GM.
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    Tim Biakabutuka was our first. Jon Beason also held out but not for long.
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    Not worried. I got to ride Matt around on a golf cart at a golf outing a couple of months ago. Great guy, down to earth, not worried about the rehab and happy to be here. H may have some rust but the knowledge and smarts doesn't go away. He'll be fine.
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    There are a few EDGE/LBs unsigned. Not sure if its related. As in, one signs to get specific contract language, then the rest follow suit. Nick Bosa (DE), Quinnen Williams (DT), Devin White (LB), Burns are all left. Should be noted I don't believe the Panthers have ever had a hold out. I believe it will get done. Newton signed his the day before training camp.
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    So finally got done binge watching it. Here are a couple take aways. There was some obvious contentious feelings on the overall effort and focus of Donte last year. Not sure if that was because he got a big head because of the fast start he had or whether it’s just the normal growing pains of a rookie. My gut tells me he got a little too big for his britches but was brought back to earth after the Steelers game. Cam’s shoulder was done as soon as he showed up on the injury report early in the season I think Rivera behind the scenes is a good coach I think all he stuff we hear from him usually is pure coach speak and no one should put any truth to any of that Washington was pissed after his demotion Look at his reaction in the meeting when RR is explaining why he let Hoke and Imura go Washington looked resentful as hell Overall that was awesome I wish we had that every year I will definitely watch it again
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    Nothing but every season has shown how poorly Elway has performed at personnel decisions. Since he took the reins of the Broncos organization it has been a downward slide, only spotted by the Super Bowl win which was built on the best picks of previous leadership and grabbing Peyton Manning for his farewell victory lap/on field coaching show. Elway is an arrogant, horse-faced jerk who thankfully has been wrong way more that he has been right. The fact that he made that call on Paradis actually makes me feel a bit more confident that we did the right thing.
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    Paradis is gonna be fine. That was Elways reaction when he was getting heat from his local media for letting him walk. After the panthers got him for a good price he got backlash from the local beat writers.
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    I CAN'T fuging WAIT! SAW THE TRAILER LAST NIGHT AND NUTTED! The Expanse is my favorite show right now btw.
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    terrorist enabler and an old white guy.
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    I don't know I barley post anymore because the of the leftist socialist bullshit on the huddle. how much are you on your knees?
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    Just finished. I like that it ended with hope. It reminded me that with just a few exceptions, we were close much of the year. A few plays (2 pt conversion in DET, FG vs SEA) and we could have been watching a quite different season, though with Cam's shoulder, maybe not. Above all, it left me feeling very proud of these men, this team. They handled adversity with such character and class. I could watch another 8 episodes tomorrow.... What a treat this was.
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    It was the eagles game where he tried to jump in the end zone and ended up falling directly on it. TJ was the death blow.
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    The Texans tagged Clowney as a linebacker ($15.443 million) rather than as a defensive end ($17.128 million). I wonder if this situation is part of the reason Burns has yet to sign; Contract language that stipulates his "position" so that his future contracts don't run into this same issue.
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    A wake up call to those who thought they know what goes on with the team.
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    This doesn’t change the fact that he’s horrible at clock management, makes terrible in-game decisions and looks like a deer in the headlights on the sidelines. But the guy is a true players coach, knows when to back off and when to ride them. This season is probably the most important of his career in Charlotte
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    Another thing was he was getting talked to by mike adams and captain munnerlyn who were equally if not more to blame for the disastrous secondary that we had. Maybe if he didnt have scrubs trying to talk to him he would have reacted a bit differently.
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    Also @CRA, diamond eyes and winning are trills detailing every thread, the same ones from earlier this yeah, please ban
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    "Anqueefa" doesn't track. You're almost at questie levels of bad at this.

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