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    https://www.polygon.com/2019/7/19/18761721/the-witcher-netflix-trailer-sdcc-2019 only got two gripes at this point. Everything else looks way badass! Looks too much like GoT in the shooting style & world building. I’m not feeling like it’s poland(Germany)/France/Spain. And more of a GoT copy. Way to much Ciri/Yennefer Narrative, part of the allure of the narrative of the books and game is finding everything out as Geralt does. I’m hoping that will be reconciled when the show actually starts. Either way still badass. With The Expanse back in production and WH40K:Eisenhorn trilogy on the way, good day to be a book nerd.
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    November/December this year is all that’s been said so far. The best part is following the books so closely like they have, we are basically just getting out of the prologue into act one with this season.
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    Ya that’s one of the biggest gripes I’ve read so far. Along with the elves and the fact it’s “GoT” generic fantasy music and not Slovak/Eastern European styled. I really hope they don’t fall into that trap and the show is a lot more Eastern European themed when it comes to the soundtrack. This is what Eastern European sound would be like for those unfamiliar with it.
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    I CAN'T fuging WAIT! SAW THE TRAILER LAST NIGHT AND NUTTED! The Expanse is my favorite show right now btw.
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    Actual female astronauts: "Very little of the equipment for spaceflight will work with women. In fact, for some things, there is no equipment so we can't qualify for those jobs." Stupid people: "I don't know poo about this, but left wing people think women should have a shot, so I disagree!"
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