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    Rod is respected by everyone. fug the Caps and their coach. Bunch of goons. Too bad they diluted Oshie's mind and he's turned into a dirty piece of sh1t as well.
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    she had a meltdown on twitter about it and claimed she said what MSNBC wanted her to say so she could meet some famous chef lol
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    the anti-berniers fantasy starter pack
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    There is only one candidate in this race that represents the interests of the working class of our nation. Those here rushing to declare his candidacy over are only telling on themselves.
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    Agreed. Bernie just needs to bow out gracefully. Hope he gets better.
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    You silly ass pansy millennials who keep crying after every bad play with the phrase “game over” have got to get your head out of your rear end and stop being such Nancy’s. There is a reason that you cannot hold a damn job for more than 5 years without either being fired or quitting because you don’t understand the long term value in a pension plan. You constantly bitch about Butler and Reid, the two very players who secured this win for us. You are the generation who uses nipple cream because Breast feeding is too painful. You are the ones who think a chin strap is a beard. You think a keyboard rather than a barbell makes you tough. Guess what...the game wasn’t fuging over in the second quarter when we lost the ball. We won this game despite your sissy ass whining. Do us all a favor and leave this forum and become a Patriots fan. You know you want to. After all, it’s the hip thing to do. Keep fuging Pounding!
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    And Warren. If age is an issue it should be for all.
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    Hey I appreciate the feedback. Yeah they mentioned the down time and that would be difficult for her. Like I said before, unfortunately she maybe only has a year or two left and with the heart condition she might not make it through surgery. She is compensating for it pretty good right now. She sometimes forgets and starts running and jumping but then she pays for it later with a pretty good limp. I think we are just going to ride this one out with her and give her meds as needed.

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