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  1. I remember hearing a story that it wasn’t his outfit...when he went off week 1 that year one of his teammates gave him their outfit to wear to his interview because they said his outfit didn’t make him look pimp enough
  2. He has always been bad. I do not understand the love for him that some people on here have. His pro ball season he got constant help on his side of the line from tight ends and backs. The guy is a major liability and always has been. There is a reason nobody wanted him when he tested the open market.
  3. Fans help financially support the organization through ticket sales, merchandise, etc. we have a right to be pissed and demand a better product on the field. It’s one thing to go into a season during a rebuilding phase...but we have limited cap space and went all in this offseason just to field another below average team. No one here is overreacting...we are simply reacting to a piss poor product, as we are entitled to do.
  4. He has always sucked. It’s insane that we have so much money invested in him.
  5. I am fed up and done as well...I have suffered through some terrible damn seasons with this team over the last quarter of a century and stuck by them through thick and thin but I am tired of this fuging poo show and mediocrity under the Rivera era . I absolutely refuse to spend a dime on merchandise or tickets in support of this team until the owner make some damn changes and set us on the correct path . Tepper can throw all the damn parties he wants downtown and try to energize the fan base with all his cute and creative changes but until the product on the field improves I am fuging done.
  6. With lots of help at that. Film shows otherwise. He even sucks at RT
  7. Ban me...I don’t give a damn. Rivera and Norv should be fried. IDC who is appointed interim. it doesn’t matter. We have no cap space and can’t win a God Damned game. fug it all. I’m tired of this piss poor experimental poo. The Rivera experiment has to end.
  8. Who knew that Winston was an all pro...at least against the Panthers
  9. Williams is not an NFL player. Sorry guys. He’s not. Little is much better and should be playing.
  10. I so badly want to look forward to Football for the next few months. If we lose this game I lose that. We all do. Damnit Rivera get your head out of your ass and call a fuging football game. Get creative on offense. Blitz your ass off on defense. Play fuging NFL football damnit
  11. Wtf is going on . We lose this game and it’s over. Two weeks in and it’s over. I don’t want to have nothing to route for the rest of the year
  12. Wow. Maybe Washington should take back play calling
  13. Greg Little time. What can it hurt? Williams is trash
  14. Based on the evidence so far, he’s not lying. I hope Cam comes out in the second aid and throws for 200 and runs for 80. But as of now he just doesn’t seem like the Cam we know.
  15. He needs to eat some damn steak. Vegan has made him a pussy
  16. We have zero pass rush. We have 60 million tied up in pass rushers, and can’t reach the QB
  17. Damnit are you kidding. Winston would be a hall of famer if he played us every week
  18. I love Cam...but he is playing awful. Go back to your old throwing motion and get 2-3 years out of that shoulder. This new throwing motion is poo
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