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  1. Can made him into a head coach candidate. Without Cam, he sucked ass and his on field coaching career ended fast.
  2. I wonder if he’s auctioning off his superbowl ring? oh, wait.....
  3. Agreed 1000%. Ridiculous for a “fab”, let alone a mod, to post this.
  4. And you’re a moderator on a Panthers fan board? Come on man...go to Saints Report and apply there.
  5. Yeah, I think the writings on the wall. Wouldn’t be shocked if Cam is a Charger next season. I’d hate it, but won’t shock me.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2019/12/12/cam-newton-panthers-future-injury-david-tepper there ya go buddy. Was actually 2 months ago...close enough.
  7. Ravens just gave Clark 3 years, 16 million. That seems fair for Boston.
  8. I mentioned this the day it was announced....makes too much sense. Us parting ways probably had more to do with money than anything. No way we were going to pay Greg 11 mil this year. Hurney prob asked him to take a pay cut, he refused, so parting ways was the only move to make.
  9. We’ve had one playoff appearance in the last 4 years. Does that sound competitive to you?
  10. It means nothing. Cam has seen Smitty go. He’s seen Gross retire. Kalil. Etc. it’s a business.
  11. They have a lot of talent, and he obviously has a connection with Rivera.
  12. He will probably sign with the Redskins who are expected not to resign their tight end.
  13. Agreed. Two years out of football? Ask Bell how just one year away works out. Most players will get fat and lazy and lose millions in the process.
  14. If you read his statement after Kobe died, it’s clear he has made up his mind. He’s gone.
  15. Hands down my favorite athlete of the past couple decades. Tragic news. Prayers for his family and those others involved.
  16. I read somewhere that the end zone suites were being built to accommodate MLS.
  17. Attendance? No way. Tickets sold? Sure, that’s easy with PSLs and sponsors. Our stadium was half empty this season for the last few gone games. They must be using tickets sold, not actual people in the stands.
  18. We will get at least one or two more from the Cam trade. We ain’t trading up for Burrow.
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