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  1. You got all that from that one little video, did you? Dang, you could probably figure out that white dudes DOB, social security #, mother’s maiden name and all kinda other poo if only you saw a quick video of him leaving the bathroom with those level of detective skills.
  2. I mean I don't believe the tweet, I won't believe anything until I see the actual news with my own eyes. Was just sharing something I saw that I hadn't seen posted yet. I also think it's just the cause of a bunch of hyped up Browns fans that are getting a bit too big for their britches.
  3. Don't know this guy or if he's full of poo or not, nor how much truth (if any) there is to this tweet, but he's supposedly some Browns insider according to reddit
  4. I barely ever make it past the first few posts of a new thread during the off-season. I ain’t got time for all that back and forth nonsense anymore. I’m just saying from what I’ve seen last season even before the TJ hit and all of 2017 people are hesitant to talk about Cam’s deep ball/zip not being the same even before that. People try to equate that one moment to Cam’s struggles throwing when really, in my opinion, his arm hasn’t looked right ever since the first surgery. Of course the Watt hit made it WAY worse and more noticeable. I even made a comment about it on here or reddit the first couple of weeks last season and people just chalked it up to scheme, etc. called me a hater or whatever lol despite me being one of the biggest Cam fans and cheerleaders of his across the inter webs since he’s been here.
  5. Yeah but he’s right and it’s not really talked about a lot. Cam’s deep ball has virtually been non existent since he tore his shoulder back in 2016, even before the TJ Watt hit. In the instances he has went deep since then it seems like he has to put a lot more effort into it and the accuracy is pretty spotty. Hopefully he can get it back because he used to have one of the best deep balls in the league and that’d be lethal with the WRs we have now.
  6. Dude gonna be stiff arming mofos straight to the gd shadow realm
  7. Man I didn't sleep worth a damn last night. Probably like 2 hours in total... bout to get ready and hit the road to Charlotte
  8. Damn, that's pretty impressive. I checked just for comparison's sake and it's nearly even with the Seahawks and Steelers twitter and a few 100,000 off from the Cowboys and Packers. There's only a handful of teams with more followers than us that I saw... those 4 and the Patriots. Patriots way up there ahead of everyone with 2.2 million. This team, fanbase and culture has done some serious growing this year.
  9. they called holding on sherman wow, hell must have actually frozen over
  10. Teddy Shitwater gettin another chance with great field position... let's see if they can manage a couple of yards for a FG
  11. Welp, that's pretty much game. Vikings offense ain't gonna do poo and Seahawks got a nice rhythm going now.
  12. Doug Baldwin with his weekly miracle catch. Sometimes multiple miracle catches in a single game.
  13. They let that little fuger get away with that poo so much
  14. I'll be damned, one of those Wilson miracle ducks finally didn't work
  15. So fuging stupid. Turn your head around at least dumbass if you're going to mug the poo out of him.
  16. too damn many i've been talkin poo about the pass rush all year, but some of the homers around here just point at the sack totals like we're dominating up front... we're not. A ton of our sacks have been coverage sacks or are coming off of blitzes while the front 4, other than KK, struggles
  17. Cam would've been slinging straight 30 yard lasers all the way down the field in that situation
  18. You obviously weren't going to try to take a shot downfield with Teddy's noodle arm, and there wasn't enought time to even RISK getting closer... why the fug don't you just take the FG? Damn I'd be fuging fuming right now if I was a Vikings fan
  19. Damn this dude has a straight noodle arm, and plays scared as fug
  20. 3 out of the top 5 quotes on their list were made up of him as a Raven... if that tells you anything. The other one was the Janoris Jenkins thing, so nothing before 2013. Lmao at the stupid fuging idea of 3 of his top 5 quotes in his 15 year career coming from his 1 1/2 years with the Ravens.
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