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  1. Mr. Scot, I think you're arguing semantics here. No, the team should not intentionally lose games to get a higher draft pick. I'm one of the few that thought it was a better to win the final game against the Saints, even though it hurt the team's draft leverage. A winning attitude is more important than a higher draft pick - I agree with that sentiment 1M percent! In this specific case though, the reward does not outweigh the risk. It's not a risk you mitigate more than you already have with current backups. It's one you accept. Your contingency plan is to draft a QB with your 1st rounder next year, because you've addressed your biggest needs in this year's draft. If Cam is indeed injured beyond repair, then you can trade your 1-3 round picks if need be to get "Your Guy" in the first next year. Not "A Guy" this year that you hope you can develop into someone more than they're projected to be. And if Cam is healthy, then you pay him what he's worth and you manage the roster accordingly.
  2. Anything before than the compensatory 3rd is too soon for a QB. I honestly feel the front office is in win-now mode, as shown through free agency moves. They've also acknowledged that Cam is human and his body is breaking down from the years of abuse via mismanagement of the roster and playcalling. A young talented speed rusher, a safety that can keep everything in front of him, and most importantly a competent offensive oline, could realistically lead to a Super Bowl run. Caveat that with the team avoids any major injuries to starters, including Cam - depth is not our strength. If drafting a QB compromises the team's ability to accomplish the aforementioned, then the opportunity cost is too high. At least on paper, this team is too close to start over at QB. Particularly when that QB is a late riser in the draft. Grier ain't coming in like Russell or Brady and leading us to the big dance. He was considered a late rounder a month ago. Now he's a day one, early day two guy - I don't buy it.
  3. Rivera has already admitted to having a hard time figuring out how to get the ball to the guys we already have. I don't think it'd make sense to draft another young playmaker high that will need even more touches. Believe it or not, but with this staff, you actually can have too many weapons. They WANT to be a running, Time of Possession winning, bend-but-don't-break, defensive team.
  4. Sheetz is pretty good, but Wawa's hoagies take no prisoners!
  5. Value. Rosen would definitely have value as a third rounder. Probably more value than anyone in this or next year's draft. And as a third rounder, he's competition not an automatic heir-apparent. If Cam isn't injured, you don't move on from a franchise QB in his prime - yes he's actually in his prime if healthy. Yes, Cam will be expensive but that's the cost of doing business. Rosen won't be any less expensive by the time they'd have to extend Cam.
  6. Ya'll joking, but Hogan might be the best WR on the team right now. Moore and Samuel have a higher ceiling, in my opinion. But right now, this guy could be the #1.
  7. Jamarcus Russell had once-in-a-lifetime, Bo Jackson athlete, type arm talent. God given. What a waste.
  8. I would only take a QB if he is BPA after the 3rd round. I don't think it would be prudent to sacrifice drafting a player with real starter potential because of fear. Particularly when that QB would probably need to sit a few seasons before he could realistically be ready to play anyway. If you're planning for 3-5 years in the future then it makes perfect sense. If you're reaching due to fear of injury then you're making a mistake.
  9. Just get it right - whatever you decide. Don't get cute with linemen. You can take homerun swings with skilled position players, but please no project linemen in the first round.
  10. Fans in DC had high hopes for him. I actually thought the Panthers should have reached out to acquire him then since the Skins were absolutely STACKED at WR back then. I mean they had an embarrassment of riches at the position so he was stuck behind guys like DJack, Pierre Garcon, Jamison Crowder, Ryan Grant and Josh Doctson. He can play. I see him as a Wright type of player that could come here and get make an early impact.
  11. The Panthers have two QBs outside of Newton that can start and run the offense. Hell, Hienecke had over 50 attempts against the Saints to end the season. Build the team up with the strengths of this draft. Draft a QB next season if you need to, but don't reach for a player in the first round of a relatively weak QB class - that's the kind of stuff bad franchises do. The Panthers aren't a bad franchise, they've been unlucky and a little slow to accept change. But a QB at 16 in this draft would be borderline reckless and irresponsible.
  12. Winning seasons can't be the definition of a generational talent. Barry Sanders and Dan Marino are the best players at their respective positions to ever play in the NFL. They both have one MVP each and similar wins/losses percentages as Cam. But you could look in the record books and that'll tell a different story. Tom Brady has been the beneficiary of arguably the best run team in the history of the NFL.
  13. I think last year was the only season we can maybe call a down season for KK. And honestly I think alot had to do with the DC and the lack of confidence those guys had in his playcalling. Even Luke seemed to be pissed and unmotivated at times. With Ron calling the plays on defense things immediately looked better .
  14. Cam is very good PASSING QB. He can run but he actually prefers not to run on designed pass plays. Stop listening to ESPN. He is not a one read and run QB. He has never actually been that. Now, he has taken some time to improve the speed of his progressions and he tends to lock in on one target pre-snap. Last season I saw him get away from that approach. Norv (and CMC) has made a huge difference in Cam's approach to the game. He's just looking to make completions and not constantly trying to make plays. Meaning, get the ball to the open receiver and let them do their jobs instead of forcing the ball into a tight window, or making a difficult throw for a big play. The players around him now are built for that approach as well - they are guys that can break tackles and make defenders miss in space. You just need to get them the ball. There's no way I would draft a QB this year without at least giving Cam an opportunity to prove last season's shoulder injury is no longer a concern. Worst case scenario you build the strongest team possible in preparation to draft a young QB in 2020. There's a difference between being proactive and panicking. Panicking after Norman left put the defensive secondary in the hole they were in.
  15. Not hating on CMC, but any skilled position player in the NFL under 250 should be able to dunk a basketball. I'd bet 80%+ can do a windmill dunk.
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