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  1. Sewell's footwork and ease in change-of-direction is elite for a big man. He's an actual athlete. Like he could have played the post for his high school or AAU basketball team.
  2. Candied yams - even though there are levels to that ish. I've been looking 15 years for someone to make them like my Auntie Penn from Barnwell, SC. When I find them, I'm marrying them. Man or woman - makes no difference to me.
  3. I think a the Panthers have the type of athleticism on the dline to be able to "contain" Kyler Murray. This is gonna be a tougher matchup for them than a lot of people think.
  4. That's a hugely underemphasized aspect of going to the ballpark. Booze and hotdogs in between innings!
  5. Youngins have no patience! My son said the same thing! Again, if you get a flashback on a nasty slider or change up, it makes a heck of a difference to watch. If you're bored playing, then get out of right field
  6. I had no idea you were that OLD! I'm an old fart and I wasn't even born in 1973!
  7. Heck, even when we hit on a Newton we fail to build around him - in players or coaching. So who knows with Hurney.
  8. Too much credit. When the ball is moving that fast, it doesn't come in a straight line. He would never even accidentally touch the ball with the bat. And then mofos would have the nerve to throw a 75 MPH curve/change-up. That ish will embarrass you in front of your family. So disrespectful.
  9. Bro, I played through high school in SC. Faced a few kids that could hit 85 and 90 MPH. Hit it fair? He couldn't even bunt that ish if he hadn't played before.
  10. Have you ever played baseball? I think you legitimately have to have played to appreciate how special they are. Otherwise everything just looks routine. But trust me, a routine grounder to the short stop is not that routine to normal folk.
  11. This. Rivera ruined our franchise QB with that foolishness. Guess that's why you let a HC go as soon as you know he isn't coming back. Fug that "wait til the end of the season" crap. A dead man walking will take folk with him while trying to save his own tail.
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