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  1. Here we go. CMC is a great player. But... We can't keep a QB on the field for more than a few games at a time because the oline is getting their Aces handed to them, and we think we should pay a RB $10+M a year? Draft a RB in the 3rd or later when it's time for CMC to get paid. Or maybe even use the other RBs on the team already. Either way, you don't break the bank on a RB - this is coming from a former D1 RB/Slotback. Granted CMC is different. Very different. But he'll wear down due to the hits with little to no warning. And he could be replaced with a committee with little to no drop off. You're not gonna find one guy that can do everything he does. But you can find 2 or 3 guys that can fill the void. And all 3 would be less than half of what we're suggesting for CMC. A guy like CMC is fine for a rookie contract, but the second contract needs to go to a team that's looking for someone to get them over the hump.
  2. I like him outside. Would prefer a 250+ pound inside linebacker that won't get washed out by Guards. Love Luke and he is an all-time great. Maybe the best all-around MLB ever. His only real problem was not being able to shed blocks consistently. Not his fault. 235 pounds taking on 300 pounds is a physical mismatch. Let the OLBs and DBs cover. I want a MLB that will knock an OG on his tail.
  3. Pulling for the Chiefs. But thinking the 49er defense and run game will be too much for KC. As good as the defense is - particularly at getting to the QB, they'll be a problem for KC. Reid likes to pass more than he needs to. That's gonna open Mahomes up to a lot of hits. If the refs call a lot of roughing the passer, then it could change the outcome. But that 49er running game is unstoppable. This ain't Henry, down-hill running, in your face style running. This is counters, misdirections and TONS of speed to make it work. Shanahan has a monster.
  4. Agree. And as far as traditions go, I think the new owner and coaching staff are primed to start new ones.
  5. You Are REACHING SIR! I interpret that as there are options at the QB position on the team and the team isn't married to any of them due to contract. The new coach will have the option of choosing which option they want to go with and not be forced to do so. A healthy Cam is the best option and Rhule would gladly give him a new contract.
  6. So maybe since it was so bad a lot of those starters should have been shown the door anyway. But similar to LT on the offensive side, DT was the primary issue with the defense. Weak play at that position puts everyone else at a disadvantage.
  7. That's ridiculous. Cam has never taken the level of punishment that CMC takes every game. He's probably taken one season worth of running back hits in his entire career.
  8. Why not? Went to the Super Bowl with a bunch of OLD free agent safeties and corners. Old DEs. Linebackers were fire though. Brought in an OLD underperforming LT that found the fountain of youth before concussions took him away from the game. And a couple of OLD free agent WRs when the #1 went down.
  9. Especially last season. What's a good winter bait/lure for bass - mostly small mouth?
  10. But New England wasn't on the Panther's level offensively in 2015. The Panthers defense did their part, but the offense couldn't make anything happen PRIMARILY due to Miller destroying Remmers all game long. I mean early and often. If Miller's pass rush was stalled in that game, the Panthers win handedly even with the fumbles and tipped interceptions. And don't forget that Miller's plays led to scores. He didn't just kill the Panthers offense. He put points on the board for Denver.
  11. It's like we didn't even watch the games. That Left Tackle position killed the offense and hence the team last season. No matter who they put in that position, it dictated the outcome of games. We won when Little/Daley played well. We lost when they looked bad.
  12. Offensive and Defensive linemen allow skilled players to impact the game - positively, negatively or not at all. Trade back if it allows you to still land a plug and play LT. That was the achilles heel of the team this season. A young stud at LT allows Little and Daley to move around and fill out the gaps in the rest of the o-line. Except Paradis at Center. He needs to get his ish together. Bring in 2 run stopping DTs via draft and FA. Everything else will work itself out. We tend to forget how mediocre this roster was in 2015. Didn't even have a true #1 or #2 WR. Didn't have a pass catching RB. Secondary was filled with geriatrics. The difference is the oline (and a healthy Cam). They weren't great but they were solid - well until the Super Bowl, but I blame that on playcalling and lack of blocking scheme adjustments. Well, Luke isn't really replaceable. But an impactful MLB can be drafted day 2 or 3. Or late in FA. He won't be Luke, but we don't NEED a Luke if the lines are addressed early and often.
  13. Disagree. A healthy Cam wins at least 4 more games this season with short yard runs at the end of games alone. I think we don't know what Cam can be right now. I think it's worth it to find out rather than chase a new franchise QB.
  14. So we're absolutely positive the team is moving on from Cam now? Have to get my mind prepared for that now if so. That's one that can't just come out of nowhere for me.
  15. Absolutely agree. We watch the game for entertainment. Sometimes players begin to feel like family. Both of these guys did and do, at least a little.
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