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  1. I don't know. Could be smoking mirrors. I get a Robert Griffin III on steroids vibe. He's good at passes he's asked to do but he doesn't throw the entire route tree. Most of his passes seem to be in the middle of the field. I think teams will eventually figure him out just like RGIII. Hopefully he's not as fragile or those hits are gonna slow him up. But for now... he's balling!
  2. I don't know. Bradberry is important to the secondary but Shaq can have a bigger impact against the run and can affect the pass. Personally think he's being underutilized as a pass rusher. I'd blitz him ALOT more.
  3. Woah! Slow down sir. I didn't say Kyle could be elite or even great. He could possibly turn a corner but I don't think he can improve THAT much! He doesn't Wow you with anything but he has shown good touch and accuracy in spots. But... if you look around the league there are more than a few teams with starters that haven't shown more than Kyle - as a young first year starter. Now I wouldn't want him as the Panthers starter, particularly with Cam still on the roster. But he could still develop into a decent quarterback in the NFL. For now though, I agree, he's not much more than a capable backup.
  4. No I get what you're saying. If Cam isn't onboard with either 1)an incentive-laden extension, or 2)playing his last year on a prove-it status, then it's all a moot point. But that's all speculation. If he's sure he's healthy in May/June, then he wouldn't have a problem with either. And I'm pretty sure he signed his last contract right before the season started in 2015 - and then went full superman on the NFL. A rookie first rounder has a 4 year contract with a 5th year option for the TEAM. He wasn't planning to sit out 2015 on a 5th year option. Why would he sit out 2020 on the final year of his $100M+ contract to the team that drafted him #1 overall? I don't think he would. He understands the dynamics of his injury situation. He understands the team is transforming to a more offensive-driven club. He understands the team tried (but ultimately failed) to improve the o-line. He understands they'll continue to improve the QBs chances to be successful - whoever that is. With all those knowns, I'm not sure he'll be so anxious to jump into a bunch on unknowns on a different team.
  5. No emotion on my part. I just think it'd be foolish to not give Cam a real chance to get healthy before giving up on him. He's too valuable of a commodity, if not to the Panthers, then to a ton of other teams - especially if he appears to be healthy. I mean the young man has rushed back from surgery and even played injured over the better part of 3 seasons. The team finally gives him time to get healthy (shoulder, the foot will heal in a few months), and they should flat out release him to save cap space? High draft picks are much much more valuable than cap. I just don't think it would be prudent. It could be a move the team regrets for very long time.
  6. You ignored the second part. He's had some success. Clausen was a classic fail in every aspect.
  7. Very true. Well really more that he wasn't consistent on the easy completions. Though it did appear that he improved on those issues early last season before the Pittsburgh game. But we may be seeing now that those easy completions aren't so easy when your offensive line is sitting in your lap every time you make a pass. Not an excuse, just an observation.
  8. Thank you for this. People kill me with the Cam's just a running QB and he's gonna get hurt again running. I always ask them so when did he get hurt running again? Cam makes throws that a lot of "elite" QBs can't make. His biggest issue has been not having an OC that could dial up the 4 or 5 easy completions that would bump his percentage over 60% so people could stop focussing on that stat line.
  9. Huh? Here's the quote from Donte: “We sent everybody. To leave the corners out there on an island by (themselves)?” Jackson said, according to the newspaper. ... Zero coverage. No help. Backed up. With a quarterback like that? I don’t care if you’re Champ Bailey or any of those cornerbacks on the [NFL] 100 [best all-time players] list, that is a play that’s hard to make for any guy.” Now mind you Boston blitzed untouched to get to Ryan from about 20 yards away. That's under 3 seconds to cover his man. Just tackle the guy if you're beat for the catch. Or... man up and say he got me that time. Real CBs ain't afraid of cover 0. They prefer it. Champ Bailey would have never said that.
  10. So we could hold on to all those running backs we see on the field every Sunday.
  11. Damn... I hate you for saying this. You're right. But I hate you for saying this.
  12. REAL CBs ALWAYS want to play man - even bump and run! That's how you tell the JUNKYARD DAWGS from the greyhounds and showdogs. In my opinion, he needs to learn to just make the tackle sometimes. Every CB gets beat for catches. Every single one. Just can't make it worse by going for the ball and giving up a 90+ yard TD.
  13. I mean even if you wanted to trade Cam, you'd want to see him as healthy as possible to get your biggest trade value. The REAL hope of a franchise QB would garner multiple first round picks from a team that needs one.
  14. Just curious... If the Panthers had the 9th pick in the 2019 draft, who would you have picked instead of Burns?
  15. Way too early to write off a second year QB. He's actually had some success in the NFL, so he could fix his biggest flaws and be a good starter. Heck, every QB has shortcomings and issues. The elite ones just have positives that outweigh the negs.
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