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  1. Other than Cam hurting his foot, that game was playing out like a lot of Panthers games - even in successful seasons. Slow start by the offense, bad o-line play, bend but don't break defense. Differences I did notice in the limited throws by Cam was him anticipating his receivers getting open instead of powering the ball into tight windows after they're open, touch throws, improved pocket awareness. I think he's continuing to evolve into a more finesse passer and he trusts his weapons to make plays. That injury happened on the type of play he's done a million times before. Freak minor injury, he'll be fine. The defense, particularly Reid (penalty be damned), was very physical again. Reid was an intimidator, much like Chris Harris and Mike Mitchell were. I loved it! I think the Panthers would have won that game if it were regular season. Norv is better at making adjustments than Shula.
  2. Burns on those stunts are unfair. He gets there too fast for a guard to react. They have to be sitting on it to stop it, which should give the DE/DT an advantage.
  3. For real. At some point, you can't keep saying it's luck. Even if it actually is luck, that mofo is Domino from Deadpool 2.
  4. Not in regards to chemistry with Cam and being able to make plays. He's already shown he's a star in this league. If anything, I'd be worried about his health - specifically that foot giving out again. But, I don't need to see anything from him in preseason.
  5. Can't get the game here in northern VA, so I'm going to Hooters. Loaded Nachos Roasted Veggies Tots Key Lime Pie Sam Adams And a hot, young waitress named Ellie to watch during slow points in the game.
  6. The only first full season as a starter that could even come close was Marino. I'd give the edge to Marino because 5000 yards wasn't just rare when he did it, it literally had never been done before.
  7. Bruce Irvin lay a hit stick on T. Baby... He's that dude that just don't give a [email protected]#$! Tight coverage on Pat receivers - they have a sneaky good group. Can JB shut down Gordon? Good rhythm in the passing game with Cam/receivers/Norv. Not worried about Olsen. He'll be there when it counts, but want to see if Norv can scheme these receivers open against BB, and if Cam can make it work. No injuries either team. Clean preseason for both team.
  8. Please don't take this the wrong way, but some kids just aren't cut out for the physicality of football. And that's not a bad thing. I've seen kids quit the first day of football when they were 9 and then go on to become fantastic basketball/baseball players - D1 level talents! In general though, quitting is definitely a learned behavior. And the more you do it, the easier it gets. Don't make it easy for him to quit. But don't make him engage in activity he isn't cut out for. And if you do decide to let him quit this time, don't let it be an option the next time he plays a sport, joins a club, etc. Just my advice from experience. Good luck and enjoy him at 8 while you're still his hero. My 18 year old son goes off to college on Friday and I have no idea where the time went.
  9. Come on big Steve!? Tyrod is a MUCHHHH better option than our unproven backups. I know you don't want to admit it, but you already know. If Cam goes down again, we in TROUBLE.
  10. Honestly I don't think Luke at 6'3" 240 lbs could cover Cole, and he's the Panther's best cover LB. Just physics. Too big to cover the little scat slots because they can't start and stop as quickly.
  11. You'd think. But honestly I don't have an issue with not scheming a special defense to stop him in preseason. Just make sure a CB is covering him. I don't care who. Any CB would be better than a LB against a guy like Cole. It was just too easy. Couldn't fully evaluate the pass rush or safety play because of it.
  12. And athlete. A 5'8", 180 pound guy running a 4.4 forty with a 40' vertical is not someone you put a linebacker on. There is no way that LB can cover him - he's too small and shifty.
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