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  1. LOL at you acting like you know. When you don't. You can't. Nobody does. Cam is playing now for 500k guaranteed. How do you know what he would or wouldn't do if Carolina kept him.
  2. So if I don't agree with every thing the Panthers do, I should just move on? I think Trump is a friggin idiot. The worst leader I've ever encountered - and I've encountered some really bad ones. So, I guess I should just bite my tongue and move to another country, huh? Even though I was born in South Carolina? Even though I served as an officer in the US Navy? Even though I still serve as DoD Contractor? FOH with that.
  3. If you're gonna argue that the Panthers have 3 winning seasons in the last 10 because teams KNOW EXACTLY how to stop Cam, well... you should stop now.
  4. The NFL knows how to prepare for the Panthers. Not necessarily the same thing sir.
  5. So you'll just die of liver poison instead. Albeit you'll live a few years longer.
  6. The league is moving towards Cam-type players, because of ------- Cam. And we just let him go to the friggin PATRIOTS for NOTHING!!! All because we had the chance to pick up Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy, who was released by the Saints full well knowing that Brees could retire at any moment. They chose a The Golden Calf of Bristol lite over Teddy B. Just saying...
  7. LOL at the "it was time" to move on from Cam folk. When healthy, he's the most difficult player in the NFL to prepare for. Defensive coordinators have fits, because even when they dial up the perfect defense for the play, Cam's ability to improvise still makes them wrong. Few QBs have ever had that ability in the NFL. LOL even harder at 0-9 for an obviously injured QB, trying to will a team to victory, even though a blind man could see that Cam could barely throw the ball 20 yards on consecutive plays. By the time we played Seattle, anybody that even cared could tell he needed to be IR'd. But no. We beat the man into the dirt. The team loses a bunch of close games after he started out on fire, we put all the blame on Cam, and then we dump him the first chance we get.
  8. Just being devil's advocate... What if Cam bombs in NE and Ron wins the NFC East? I know there are numerous intangibles that should be taken into account, but that would all but end Cam in the media. Cowherd would eat that ish to pieces! My best case scenario for me would be Cam tears it up in NE, and the Panthers start to maximize their potential. I'm just tired of wasting so much talent on this team. Friggin generational talent at that. And I don't normally like to use the term "generational talent". But this team has had more than a few with nothing to show for it.
  9. This is so true. Cam has proven that he doesn't necessarily need top tier receivers, just an average offensive line. The Patriots will give him that plus a weapon or two - not to mention a coach that has a clue about the offensive passing game. I really hope the Panthers can win a Super Bowl before Cam does. Otherwise we'll look like an inept front office of clowns at the other end of this fiasco.
  10. Needs to he developed. His decision making is questionable at best. Many of the throws he attempted in the XFL will hurt him big in the NFL. But he's a Panther now, so I'll be cautiously optimistic.
  11. This was premeditated murder. And I find it odd the only description they gave of the "suspect" was "a black man". They may even be able to classify this as a hate crime. The death penalty is still legal in GA.
  12. So you were "concerned" that a man running through the neighborhood was planning to steal something from home construction sites? Not even your home. What was he gonna take? A dishwasher? Some cabinets? Lumber? Maybe a fridge? All on foot...
  13. That bridge is already burned and smoldering. Plus the current administration has already determined that Cam is not who they want to lead their team.
  14. Yep. He should've had surgery in September. Rehabbed, recovered, and signed somewhere else after passing a physical for at least 10 teams by the time COVID19 shut it all down. But he wanted the Carolina Panthers to win a Super Bowl instead. He knew Kyle Alken wasn't the answer, particularly behind that patchwork o-line. What a selfish a-hole!
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