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  1. CMC and Moore were dinged up on that play. Get it together fellas. Rub some dirt on that ish.
  2. I would only do that under 2 minutes in the 4th quarter and up more than a TD. Death by needles.
  3. and a run and a screen. ok. offense needs to stop playing scared.
  4. There you go. Stop playing scared! Keep putting pressure on that MOFO!
  5. Yeah well the zone coverages with all day to throw ain't really cutting it either. Godwin isn't even playing. You can actually send an extra guy and not be in single coverage.
  6. I agree. But at some point you have to play to win, and not play "not to lose". Smart blitzes with CBs, Safeties, LBs to try to pressure Brady. You're probably not gonna fool him, but pressure causes mistakes. That's what they're doing to us.
  7. I wish we threw short passes when the defense is 10-15 yards deep, like team do against us.
  8. BA is so disrespectful. He smells blood in the water and just wants to go on a feeding frenzy.
  9. This team plays scared. Looks just like a Rivera defense without Luke. BTW, Jerry Juedy just got his "welcome to the NFL" hit by Bush in Pittsburgh. Damn!
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