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  1. The Panthers has been too sentimental regarding contracts and player relationships in the past. Hopefully, new ownership changes this approach to running the team. Sometimes you have to make the tough decisions that are in the best interest of the team, but may not be beneficial to the player. Hurney could easily free up another 30+ million by making the right post-June cuts and extending Shaq. And would really only need to replace a Nickelback and add DT and WR depth - both could be upgraded through the draft. Kalil - doesn't even play so no loss - 7.25M cap savings Poe - Love is much better, so depth needed - 6.00M cap savings Munnerlyn - could easily be upgraded under the cap savings - 3.50M cap savings Torrey - was only a stopgap until the rooks got up to speed, WR depth needed - 5.00M cap savings Olsen - injury prone, time to let go - 2.90M cap savings Ross Cockrell - doesn't even play so no loss - 2.40M cap savings Shaq - extend or cut and replace via draft - not worth 9.2M salary
  2. Navy_football

    My Valentine's day present.

    Congratulations sir!
  3. With all the question marks with Cam's shoulder, would Marty pull the trigger?
  4. Philly!!!??? Your movie is ranked higher than Boondock Saints!!?? Let that sink in for a minute! Dang SON!!!
  5. I don't think Shula knew how to transition into the new age of passing. I swear the route combinations were pitiful. Never created mismatches. Rarely ran rub routes - particularly in the red zone. Just line up and run our play. We don't care what the stinking defense is doing. That setup lasted way longer than it should have.
  6. Heck no. Cam will never be a game manager. It's not in his DNA. He'll take shots in the course of a game, that's just the way he's wired. Brady and Brees get the ball out quick too. I don't think anyone would call them "game managers". Cam needed to evolve into this type of QB for longetity's sake and to now allow his playmakers (finally) to make plays.
  7. A dump off manager to guys that can actually make plays after the catch is what the team needs now. Don't need him to throw the ball 30 yards to get a 30 yard gain every time now - with the WR falling down after the catch. This is a different team. This team with a Cam that gets the ball out quicker would have faired much better in the 2015 Super Bowl.
  8. I think we do. Just like 2015 he'll have the smaller, quicker WRs that can get separation. Only this time those guys can actually catch the ball consistently and take it to the house at any moment.
  9. This. Cam was on his way to the transformation we've been waiting on since 2011. And then the wheels fell off along with his right arm. He doesn't need to have the best arm in the NFL anymore, as long as he's seeing the field and not hesitating on dumping the ball off to CMC. If he can keep the defense honest with the ability to sling a 40-50 yarder, he'll be fine. Don't need him throwing 30-40 yard lasers into tight coverage all game like before.
  10. Navy_football

    Devin tweeting about Miami next season

    Funchess had a few bad plays, but he's had some really good plays too - even this season. The issue is, he'll be too expensive to be the 4th or 5th receiving option. Particularly when our staff has admitted to having problems deciding how to manage snaps for 2 RBs (CMC or CJ), or getting the ball to 2 WRs (Moore or Samuel).
  11. I don't like to play the "hating on Cam" game so let's play the "what if" game. What if Luke only had roughly 30% strength in his right arm? He was missing tackles all over the place and teams ran to his right side (blocking him on that right side) because he couldn't take on blocks with that arm - would you leave him in the game? What if CMC was running with a limp because an injury only gave him 30% strength in his right leg? He lost considerable explosive ability and could probably only run around a 5.0 forty on the field. Would you leave him in the game? Just curious if you feel the same way as you do with a QB whose arm is only at a third of normal strength. Defenses are teeing off on him because he's limited in what routes he can throw, and they're basically ignoring any routes more than 30 yards.
  12. I think it's always a good idea to have competition - at every position. But not if that competition prevents you from acquiring starters at positions of current need. If the team addresses the o-line, free safety, and pass rush issues - then go all out with what's left for another QB. Any legitimate QB free agent will likely be more expensive than Cam - at least $20 mil a year. Any legitimate QB drafted will require a 1st or 2nd round pick. These would be starters in other positions, not backup/competition.
  13. As far as Cam goes, of course he's not gonna admit that he can't do it. These are alpha males with a lot of ego and even more money riding on their ability to perform. But a HC or OC should be able to tell if their QB can't throw over 30 yards or so. How do you ascertain that a QB that can only throw the ball 30 yards gives you the best chance to win - or that it's in that player's best interest to even be allowed to play? I coached youth football and more than once had to save a kid from himself. They'll play with concussions, ligament damage and microfractures if you let them. And that's just 12-14 year olds. Can you blame possibly the most physical franchise/MVP winning QB the league has ever seen for not wanting to admit defeat or weakness?
  14. Navy_football

    The evolution is in process

    I've been extremely critical of Ron recently, but if he's willing to admit he needs to change then that's all you can ask for. The fact is the defense did play better with him calling the plays. He's brought in help for coverages. Norv will be in his 2nd year with hopefully a healthy Cam at QB, and valuable experience from his toolbox of young weapons. Fix the oline and pass rush, and I'm optimistic a short turnaround is possible.