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  1. What about Marquis Hanyes? Is he ready to contribute yet?
  2. Another important example of Marty's development as a GM: Hurney drafted Cam as the #1 pick in 2011. Hurney drafted Will Grier with a third round pick in 2019. He's building a team that doesn't rely on Cam 100%. It's time to get away from that narrative. Ron tried to do it with the defense in the past - that didn't work. The NFL is becoming an offensive-driven league. If you can't put points on the board, you can't win a Super Bowl. The mantra all offseason has been, "if Cam is healthy, the Panthers can win it all". I'm not so sure they can't make a run without Cam right now. A healthy Cam would make it more likely, but if he can't go there are other options at QB, and other positions that can make a huge impact on the game with slightly above average QB-play. Honestly think the Panthers make the playoffs last season if Cam is pulled after being injured at Pittsburgh. Detroit, Tampa Bay, Seattle and Cleveland were trying their best to give those games away. Unfortunately Cam couldn't capitalize due to injury and limitations.
  3. Agree. Marty's "issues" in the past were: 1. Handing out lucrative contracts to aging vets that should have been released, traded or tagged 2. Every draft pick except the 1st round He's shown marked improvement in both areas and appears to be getting better each season. He wasn't ready to be a GM his first stint. He didn't understand all the intricate details of the job. Marty appears to have a much better understanding of what he NEEDS to do now. Loyalty is important but not to the utter detriment of the team. Drafting BPA is always better than for need/emotional attachment to Alumni - maybe Jerry was the problem all along...
  4. But if the evidence is valid, then yes it should be made public and Martin Luther King's monuments and statues should meet the same fate as our founding fathers.
  5. I'm not buying these accusations at all. Full disclosure - I am African American. If these accusations were true, why would a known racist withhold this information for so long when he went to great lengths to attain this evidence via herculean efforts to discredit Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement? Why would Coretta Scott King dedicate her life to building up the legacy of her husband if he was a rapist and serial adultery?
  6. KB_fan, I think collectively the Huddle is happy with what is already in place wrt the o-line. Personally, a mixture of #1 and #4. Also, Trent has had huge health issues as of late. When he's healthy and motivated, he's the best LT in the NFL. However recent history suggests neither of those variables can be consistently expected.
  7. 2 hands next time - hot dogger... j/k. That boy good!!!
  8. Damn near got 88 with an infinity snap. Was that Donte Rosario Dawson?
  9. I'd actually like to see about 10 touches per game - same with DJ. CMC should get 20-25. DJ - 10 Samuel - 10 and the last 15-20 touches between Cam, backup RB, TEs and slots.
  10. Agree with all, and would just like to add that a new OC typically takes a year to get to know his pieces. The 2nd full season is usually when things open up.
  11. Completely understand and agree, but you lose all credibility when you make ridiculous comments like these. So of all 4 teams in the NFC South, the Panthers did the least in the offseason because... and then precedes to vomit the dumbest poo you could have said about the team. If they would have mentioned the lack of a true FS, or Darryl Williams coming off injury, or anything other than what they mentioned, I would have ignored it like usual. But every reason they mentioned was 100% inaccurate. I mean, what's the likelihood they would have mentioned 4 weaknesses that weren't addressed but were actually directly addressed with: - the first draft pick this year - the second pick this year - the first pick in 2015 - a first pick last year and a second round pick in 2017? And as a mitigation to the Cam injury, they even drafted a QB in the 3rd - this year!
  12. They really don't research facts about the Panthers and likely don't know much about most other teams either. So I was watching NFL Network yesterday and they were discussing the NFC South and what teams improved during the offseason. They did mention Cam's shoulder being a big factor, but... Reggie Wayne emphatically stated (with LT laughing in absolute agreement) the Panthers lost Devin Funchess, Matt Kalil, Thomas Davis and Julius Peppers - and they haven't done anything to replace those guys. "Who is Cam gonna throw to without Funchess?" is a direct quote. How are they gonna replace Julius Peppers and TD? I usually don't care when they pick the Panthers to be mediocre to bad, or when they insult Cam as a passer - yes they still label Cam Newton as a running QB that gives up on pass plays too soon so that he can run. But this here was borderline reckless incompetence. Devin Funchess was benched the end of last season due to better, younger options at WR. Moore and Samuel have much higher ceilings and floors than Devin Funchess. Hogan and Ross are both upgrades to Funchess - not to mention Wright who played well last year in the slot. Matt Kalil hasn't played in over a season and Hurney moved up to draft a LT in the second round of the draft. And Greg Little will not be a worse starter. There is no way that position has not been upgraded from Matt Kalil regardless of who they put out there - currently on the roster. Julius Peppers is a legend, but he's only a shell of his younger self. Hell he's almost 40 years old! The team drafted 2 high potential edge rushers with a 1st and a 4th, and brought in Bruce Irving for veteran leadership. How is that not addressing the need? I guess they could have given up the next 4 first round picks for Khalil Mack, but that would have opened up a few other holes. BTW, I didn't know Christian Miller is originally from Columbia, SC. TD may be the only player of note here, but the Panthers actually drafted his replacement 4 seasons ago with Shaq Thompson! What the actual fug! Are they able to just say whatever they think with no accountability?
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