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  1. Navy_football

    CMC & CAM forced coaches hands

    Aaayyyy! Who's man is this?!
  2. Norv is fine. Cam doesn't need a McVay. He just needs a play caller that has a plan and can make simple adjustments. Plus the route combinations are so much better with Norv. He actually schemes targets open instead of simply relying on someone to get open by beating the defender. I saw more rub routes this year than the last 3 combined.
  3. Navy_football

    What to do with Matt Kalil

    Look here sir, don't ever use Old Yellar in an analogy with Matt Kalil! Yellar fought off a bull, a bear, a wild boar and a rabid wolf in the line of duty. All he got in return was some table scraps and a bullet to the head for his efforts. I'd think he deserves a little more respect, particularly round here in the bible belt...
  4. Navy_football

    The Eldest Panthers - Who do you keep?

    Taking out the emotion, I would go with: Julius Peppers - only on a team friendly deal where he would serve as depth and veteran presence for a draft pick. Mike Adams - only on a team friendly deal where he would serve as depth and veteran presence for a draft pick. Thomas Davis - only on a team friendly deal which he's expressed a desire to provide. Chris Clark - No, move on Greg Olsen - No, time to move on. Kalil_Ryan - OBE, Retired. J.J. Jansen - bring him back. Kyle Love - bring him back. Graham Gano - No, I think the team could get younger and more consistent in big moments. He's made some big kicks, but he's missed some untimely gimmies. Mario Addison - Yes, of course. Colin Jones - as long he's relegated to STs only. Marshall Newhouse - Who? Da'Norris Searcy - as depth only. Amini Silatolu - No, no, no. Can't give Ron the option of ever putting him back in a game. Captain Munnerlyn - No. Time to get younger and faster at the NB. Ben Jacobs - No. Use a younger late draft pick or UDFA for STs role.
  5. If both Tackle positions are indeed solidified, then next year is feasible. Quality Guards aren't as difficult to find in FA. Just don't settle for complete scrub projects like Amini. In my opinion, a highly rated Center should be targeted in this year's draft, along with depth in the later rounds. Just stick to Big 12 and SEC linemen.
  6. Navy_football

    players to be excited for next season

    And Thomas is a much better blocker than Olsen.
  7. Navy_football

    D.J. Swearinger?

    He's a dawg, similar to Jackson but with experience. He isn't a pure cover ball-hawking safety, but he isn't a pure in-the-box safety like both Adams and Reid appear to be. He's actually perfect for this defense where they are interchangeable. A physical and smart field manager, and a vocal leader in the locker room. Plus he's not gonna break the bank - probably less per year than Torrey Smith. And... he's from SC and even played college ball in Columbia. This is a no-brainer.
  8. Was thinking the same thing. But Cam's immature. Nah, I think Cam just gets tired of getting knocked around like a dam pinata every game.
  9. Munnerlyn has no awareness on the field.
  10. Yeah, Allen was 4 for 4 and has as much right to the starting position as Heinicke. Not sure why you'd pull out the hot hand to put in an injured player.
  11. Honestly, Munnerlyn is one of the dumbest CBs I've seen above the prep school level.
  12. Why is Heinicke still in the game? Damn Ron, this is getting ridiculous. Allen came in and went 4/4, but you're gonna keep another injured QB in behind this porous offensive line?!
  13. Why wait? If there's an issue of unfair treatment, then it should be addressed asap. Time doesn't make issues like this better. Leadership 101.
  14. Navy_football

    Ok, let's talk Atlanta Falcons

    Wow, that's one sexy... woman?
  15. Navy_football

    Rapoport: Newton to sit

    You're trying too hard. Obvious troll.