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  1. How did Cam having another child regress to Cam's gonna be broke when he stops getting NFL checks? In my humble opinion, those young men that go broke didn't have strong father figures in their lives before they got rich overnight. I hope I don't come off sounding misogynistic, but fathers generally teach fiscal responsibility to sons. Of course not in ALL cases, but generally speaking.
  2. It's never as good or bad as most people think - the answer is always somewhere in the middle. But you have to take into account that Norv was new to the team, neither DJ or Samuel were getting significant time, and the o-line was put together with band aids and bubble gum.
  3. Assuming this isn't a "who's the best Panthers" of all-time, but more of a who would improve the current team. Steve Smith Jordan Gross Kris Jenkins Mike Minter or Chris Harris
  4. Steve Smith has already been on record as questioning Cam's passing ability, so I don't question that at all. I think WRs (and pocket passing QBs) would look at a QBs "ability" different than most others. They probably have predetermined notions of how a QB should play. When at the end of the day, as long as you move the chains and score TDs, you're doing your job.
  5. Willie McGinnest doesn't know anything about the Panthers and Cam Newton. FTR I think he's a really good game analyst, but I honestly don't think he watches the Panthers unless they're playing NE. If Cam comes back healthy, he is a better option than Kyle. Now that might change in a year or two. Kyle has shown a ton of potential to be great! But right now, Kyle at his best can't touch Cam at his best. Cam just needs to stop trying to appease the masses and run the ball when it's there. Watson, Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Wilson and Mahomes all made big plays with their feet in their last games - and they're the favorites for this year's MVP. The name of the game is moving the chains and getting another set of downs to work with. No one cares how you do it.
  6. Why is this so difficult to understand? Cam can decide if he DOES NOT play, but coaches decide if he DOES. If Cam would have pulled himself in the preseason after he hurt his foot, and Kyle came in and lost the first 2-3 games - then Cam would have been weak and not a team player. And if Turner didn't get injured, I'm convinced we never would have discovered Little or Daley at LT. The team would have kept marching out the worst LT in the NFL, even though TWO better options were on the bench and another was playing RT. Maybe Cam wouldn't have hurt his foot in the first place if the oline personnel wasn't so horribly mismanaged.
  7. Still waiting on Norv to let Bonnafan throw the ball with one of his patented HB passes.
  8. Discovered the wonders of Paella and Sangria in Barcelona. Nothing has ever topped it.
  9. Yeah but CMC may be the best receiver on the team too. Just as much a receiving threat as he is a running threat.
  10. I was like ya'll don't wanna get tighter? They was like nah we gone stay wide. I was like oh, ok...
  11. So does Donte go back to the outside or does he move inside when he returns? I'd think if the defense was in a nickel, he could move over the slot fairly often and just let Cockrell man the outside. Rivera has options now. He has chess pieces, not checker pieces.
  12. A 100% healthy Cam that can run would hide the oline's issues like he has his entire career as a Panther. Kyle is winning for now though, so let's just be happy the team has a really good backup QB.
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