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  1. You guys are depressing. Keep complaining then. Great conversation!
  2. I have been on the trade Kemba bandwagon for about a year and half. Now, you have to resign him. You can't lose him for nothing. Trading him a while back would have jump started our rebuild. Now, it would be very slow and painful. Look at the Suns. They have been losing and getting high draft picks for awhile and they are still in the exact same position as they were 5 yrs ago. I would try to resign him at what Josh Parcell was talking about 5 yrs 165m. If he says no, then we will be forced to walk and endure 4-5 yrs of bad basketball unless we luck out on a generational talent in the draft.
  3. I know the easy thing to do is bash this draft. While I could do that, I decided to take this time to analyze the draft with a positive spin. Position Versatility is the phrase used over and over with this draft class, but that is the absolute truth. PJ can be a 3 or 4. Cody can be a 1, 2 and even switch on 3s. McDaniels can be a 4 or small ball 5. All 3 of these players fit perfectly in Borrego's switching defense. Defense: They all can guard multiple positions. No matter what switches we make they are all pretty good defenders or at least have the potential to improve defensively. Lineup Flexibility: As much as I want to have faith that Monk can still turn into a player in this league, he needs to be paired with a good, tall defender at the PG position. Cody gives him that chance. This would be a much better complement to Monk then Graham (who I like defensively but only against PGs). Also, now if we ever see a Bacon, Miles, PJ, McDaniels lineup, 2,3, 4, and 5 could be switched easily. Accidental Tanking: I know. How can tanking be a positive spin. Well if we can't sign Kemba, we will be tanking by accident. We have a chance to develop some nice young pieces. Yes, they all have their ceilings but if we keep grooming Monk, Bacon, Bridges, Graham, PJ, Cody, McDaniels then we can possibly have 2-3 quality starters and 2-3 quality reserve players. We will still suck but we will have cheap players and a very high draft pick for the next couple of years to hope to luck into a star. Also who knows one of those young guys might develop into an all-star like Kemba did. I still remember when we signed Kemba for $12m a yr after his rookie contract expired a lot of people thought we overpaid because he wasn't efficient. That's all I got. Any other positives towards the draft?
  4. I like Little as a prospect. He's got a ton of potential. I warmed up to the trade for 1 main reason. I think Marty would have grabbed both Grier and Miller with our 3rd round picks anyways so we would only be really missing out on our 4th round selection. I know that is guessing but that's all we do and Marty does have a tendency to set up their draft board and target players at positions of need.
  5. Definitely our new rookie edges vs Little. I'm looking forward to that the most.
  6. I think we resign both but if I had to choose who I think we would try to hang on to it would be Bradberry. We have more depth at LB than at corner so that would be my choice.
  7. I just think being in the box would help him. While in the box he could disguise coverages playing a big nickel corner or he could play the in the box safety position. Could he play FS? Possibly. I'm not sure about that yet because we haven't seen it. I'm just thinking he'd be best fit closer to the line.
  8. I'm actually very high on last years draft. DJ and Donte: Both had pretty good rookie year. There were tons of flashes by both. I'm interested to see the growth by the both of them. Ian: Surprised in limited action. He played very well when he got some PT. He has potential to be a decent starter and roll player. Gaulden, Haynes, Carter, Smith: Didn't see much of anything from these 3 players due to playing time. I see Gaulden as more of an in the box safety which we have in Reid but Reid can be versatile if they are the 2 best safeties we got. Haynes looked great out of college. He was our Christian Miller last year. He has nice bend and a burst off the line and got absolutely swallowed as a 4-3 DE. Hopefully he can make a jump with this 3-4 switch. Carter and Smith has some speed. Carter might see the field behind Luke and Shaq. Smith was hurt most of last year so who knows about him.
  9. I agree with those saying they would keep Butler. I don't know why we would cut Butler when we are extremely thin at 3-4 DE. Even if we do pick up a 3-4 DE, we need depth. My biggest question is how we are going to rotate Addison, Irvin, Burns and Miller. All 4 would be great on 3rd down so not quite sure who we choose to be on the field.
  10. Burns looks more fluid and better hands. The thinking would be that he could cover better off necessary. Von looked more explosive in his jumps but I really don't remember Burns jumping or those stats
  11. Aaron Curry "safest" Robert Gallery "safest" Those are the first 2 that comes to mind off the top of my head. People who analyze draftees put in so many hours in the film room so when a team sees something in a player that they don't see or didn't want to see they put these labels on players and teams. Also, I feel good about Little. Also, did Jordan Gross have that mean streak that people are bagging on Little for not having?
  12. This pick is so interesting especially considering Marty and team were tempted to pick him at 1. They are extremely high on him and it seems like for good reason with the lack of sacks given up in the SEC. Boom or bust is such and internet mock drafter term. How many "safest guy in the draft" turns out to be a bust. I believe Matt Kalil was the safest guy in the draft.
  13. I'm so interested on how the Panthers set up their board. I was surprised we took Scarlett this high especially when we don't value the RB position that much. I really do feel like Marty truly drafts for need more than BPA. It seems like he targets certain players at certain positions in each round. I could be wrong because a ton of teams passed on guys like Omenihu but it just seems odd and would love to see our board one day.
  14. I will give my thoughts on the draft and then some of the 2019 season. Draft: I am very excited about this draft class. Were there moves I would have made differently? Absolutely! But I am no draft scout just a fan that reads from draft websites and watches youtube videos. I am extremely excited about the Burns, Little and Miller picks. They were all on my wishlist for the Panthers. EDGE: I really wanted some speed and bend around the end and we got that with Burns and Miller. Since both Addison and Irvin are on 1 year deals, we had to draft for the present and future for this position. OLINE: I was higher than a lot of people with Greg Little. I liked him because he is a LT. Most of the other guys were either Guards or RTs. I know everyone was saying Moton can be our LT, but most likely D. Williams will be gone next year so if we could get a LT in this draft and keep Moton where he excelled at RT that is best case scenario. For the present, either Moton or Williams could play LG (preferably Williams in my eyes). That would give us an offensive line of Little, Williams, Paradis, Turner, Moton. This is would be a definite upgrade from last year. Also Daley would be a good development swing tackle. Backup QB: Going into the draft I didn't want to draft a QB until the 4th round. My thought was that there wan't any player that I felt that there wouldn't be any players selected before that would be a significant difference from the backups that we have. That being said Will Grier seems to have a lot of potential and I like his deep ball and anticipation throws. I also like to have some fresh players in the QB room. Backup RB: Both Scarlett and Holyfield are physical runners. Scarlett a little more explosive but both don't go down at first contact. I really don't put much into the evaluation of RBs because we are still going to use CMC the majority of time but depth is good and also ones that don't fumble a lot! WR: I was hoping for Harmon since he was dropping but it seems like we had been targeting Godwin since he is also a returner. Going Forward: Basically this has been talked about too much but the 2 main positions that we are missing are FS & 3-4 DE. I do wish we could have addressed that in the draft but in any draft we can't get all positions. My biggest complaints would be Scarlett instead of Omenihu especially since we ended up getting Holyfield undrafted. I do feel like there are plenty of FS out there so I am not as concerned with that. Get Tre Boston here!
  15. Really don't understand why he dropped. I was high on him and was hoping he would be the pick. That being said let's see how Scarlett turns out!
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