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  1. Depending on who is on the board I have no problems with Gary. If we do take a chance on him I would also want to take a guy like Christian Miller in the 3rd. In our 3-4 alignment we could go with Short, Poe(draft DT), Gary on the line and then have Addison and Irvin off the edge. We would then have Miller to learn and for depth. I think that pass rush has a lot of potential in obvious passing situations. I am not sure how I feel about Gary in the run game as a 3-4 DE though.
  2. yasuhara2241

    Under the Radar 1st Round Panther Pick

    Yeah Oliver just blew up since the draft process started. I was always intrigued about what would happen if DEs went early and we ended up getting someone we wouldn't expect. So what could White or Bush bring to the table for the Panthers? What could they do better than Shaq Thompson?
  3. So, all this talk has been about Edge and LT because we're having a lot of private visits with several top guys at those positions. My question is do you all have a guy you would be happy to get for our 1st round pick that we haven't discussed a lot about? My UTR pick would be Jerry Tillery. He wont make it to our 2nd round pick. He was extremely productive in college and is very explosive. I remember he wowed me at the combine as well. He would be a great 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT to pair with KK on obvious passing downs. So, whose your UTR pick?
  4. There are still a lot of quality safeties available so I would agree. If one drops in the 3rd ok but not a second IMO
  5. How about Justice Hill out of Oklahoma State? That dude is elusive and quick. Not sure about his hands but that might be a good Fozzy replacement and guy who mimics CMC.
  6. yasuhara2241

    My Carolina mock draft

    Interesting mock. So a lot of mocks have Little dropping to the early second. Why are you high on him especially over Ford. In your scenario would Jonah be gone? Also why Ford over Burns?
  7. Why so mad? There is no way my post should illicit such anger. Also as a PANTHER fan, I could care less for Tom Brady and am glad we always beat them. Maybe the golden boy knows that he wouldn't be talked about like he is without the greatest coach of all time so he took less. Also doesn't hurt when his wife makes more than him. Money isn't an issue for that family.
  8. Ok now my last one. I think this is the most complete one Ive had. We get a starting Edge, starting safety, 3-4 End or depth, possible D Williams replacement, LG , and backup RB. I would love these picks or even these positions to be filled.
  9. He hasn't had a huge cap hit that's true but this $30m is new. Also he signed a huge extension (at that time) around 2011. If he was the same age as Wilson or Cam his numbers would be higher. Can't say team first player when you are comparing apples and oranges.
  10. This is the one argument where I agree with those clamoring for a QB in this draft. It would give that QB 2 years to develop in case we cannot sign Cam to an extension due to the asking price with the injury concerns. I would still wait until next draft or at the earliest the 3rd round comp pick. If we waited until next year we could always Franchise tag him to give extra development time. Also if he balls out and stays healthy, then absolutely you try to re-sign him.
  11. yasuhara2241

    Panthers favorite to trade up with Jets?

    I can't see it just because we have so many holes to fill. I will say the thought of Quinnen Williams or Josh Allen would excite me, it would be way too much to give up. That is a move for a team who believes they are a pass rush away from a championship. I think we are more than a pass rush away. Also I don't want to give up that second rounder and definitely not a future 1st. It comes down to this: Trade Up: Get Quinnen Williams or Josh Allen. Give up 2nd and future 1st. Go with safety/offensive line/defensive line (no order) with the 2 thirds and 1 fourth. Would that put us in championship contention? Also, the future 1st banks on a very healthy Cam which unfortunately he hasn't been the past couple of seasons. This is a time where I wish they had protection on 1st round picks like the NBA. Only goes to the other team if it was 20+. So for me too risky.
  12. I think we need another receiver. I love what I've seen from Moore and Samuel. I also think Wright and Hogan are nice pieces as well. But let's be honest Samuel has been injured a decent amount since coming into the league and Moore searches for contact. What exactly happens to our receiving group if one of those guys go down?
  13. I'm a firm believer most teams try to keep hidden that certain players are visiting them privately. Why would you tip your hand to teams behind you who you might be targeting? Now, the visits you release to the public are common knowledge you would see. IE Burns or Safetys. Everyone knows we are looking at those players so no reason to hide it.
  14. yasuhara2241

    EDGE is the pick

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/19/alabama-pro-day-draws-impressive-roster-of-nfl-evaluators/ It did say that Hurney was at the pro day but not who he was looking at. Between Jonah Williams, Deionte Thompson, Irv Smith Jr and Mack Wilson there are tons of options. Also, interestingly enough its hard to find any reports of private visits with many Alabama players
  15. My last mock I will post. This one is based off of players we have had contact with. I'd be extremely happy with this draft. Totally would have picked different players in the 5th & 6th rounds but couldn't find too many late round players we met with.