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  1. Agree. But I don't think Ball will be starting. I think he will come off the bench at first. To be honest I hope he does. I think with a Ball, Monk, Cody Martin, Miles and Carey Jr lineup our team will be fun as hell to watch. Now, the only thing is that unit is UGLY with outside shooting but them running up and down the court is something I can get behind.
  2. Only reason we entertain the sign and trade is to get an asset in return. If Boston wants a huge trade exception then they will have to pay us for it! From what I saw they wanted Miles and we weren't having it and then we leaked the Batum cut and stretch. Now, Boston wants back in. For us we don't do it just to get rid of any players. We only do it for an asset in return. Give us a pick or we don't do it. I do think we will try to move Terry and Zeller, but not for just anything. They both have value and we are treating them as such. The value is the expiring deal with Zeller and the fact was Terry shot very well last year and did average 18 pts.
  3. On paper, the basketball fit of this move is fantastic. We needed a 3 that could shoot and also gets Bridges coming off the bench at the 4 which I truly feel is his best position. We needed a player like Hayward to balance out our lineup and it really does look fantastic. Now, the question marks are huge. You all mentioned them. Injury history and money. We were scraping our way out of cap hell and boom right back strapped again. The only difference is that we have some youth on rookie contracts and a potential for growth which is nice. I really would have liked to stay the course and use cap to take on bad contracts and get some extra assets, but maybe there weren't many good options out there? However you all feel I am really excited about next year. I know most of you have given up on Monk, but for me I can't wait to see the young guns take the court with Hayward. Give me Ball, Monk, Hayward, Miles & PJ at least once next year and I will be happy.
  4. Yeah and mocks had the Panthers picking 1st too. Fact is we almost made the playoffs last year and probably would have the way we were playing near the end of the year. Also i have not seen the east get a whole lot better so I'm pretty sure we are out of the running on that draft. We always are bad on bad draft years. That's a Hornets thing.
  5. Even if we stand pat, with the way our current roster is set up i think we will be picking in the teens. Our coaching is too good at developing our young players to not improve. 7th or 8th seed next year and we miss out on that draft.
  6. Yes, I agree. I feel like he didn't handle the last 2 drives correctly. I feel like the 2nd to last drive didn't show urgency of being down 2 scores and the check downs drive me crazy. I also don't like that when we get in the red zone many times this year he doesn't take shots in the end zone and just throws short. Those are fine critiques and ones I agree with, but people acting like he played poorly the entire game is just not true.
  7. Perspective here. The Chiefs defense gave up the following: Texans: 20 pts Chargers: 20 pts Ravens: 20 pts Patriots: 10 pts Raiders: 40 pts Bills: 17 pts Broncos: 16 pts Jets: 9 pts Panthers: 31 pts Only 1 team all year scored more points. The team punted only twice. No turnovers. Slye missed 2 FGs even though one was almost impossible. We dominated time of possession 38 min to 22 min. Chiefs punted only once and that was on their last possession. We can be upset with Teddy for his lack of urgency on that second to last touchdown, but we are really nitpicking if we are complaining that he was throwing short when we were scoring and holding on to the ball!
  8. If we want to be objective Teddy has been really good for us up until crunch time. Scoring quickly or late drives have been hard for him to do because he still reverts to checking it down. It's amazing that we are still in these games considering we are fortunate if a team punts twice a game on us. To be honest i don't even remember the last time a team punted twice. Now, I'm not blaming the defense because we all knew they wouldn't be good but it does put a ton of pressure on the offense and Teddy to be perfect which he hasn't.
  9. I do not understand why this is so hard to understand for many people. I really feel like they are just looking for a reason to be upset. We have an extreme lack of talent on defense. We also have an extremely young defense. That combination means we are going to have a lot of games like this one. Just look for growth. Look for sparks. We have seen them this year from Burns, Chinn, Brown and even a glimpse from YGM when healthy. Who else can give us that hope? I will say that we saw our first glimpse from Stanley Oliver Thomas. He played pretty tight coverage. If either he or Pride could show something I will be very pleased. To be honest, yesterdays game was the first game where I didn't know who some of the guys were on the defensive line or in the secondary.
  10. I will say this about our defense. Coaching has been great! I questioned the schemes so much and sometimes I yell when we only rush 3, but man it's successful. Yesterday's game was difficult because ATL had some long drives, but we kept them out of the end zone which is a pleasant change from the beginning of the year. I have been disappointed with Whitehead, Boston and KK but we replaced EVERYBODY on defense. No way to get it all right especially in one draft but I have been impressed that even with growing pains we have improved all over the field.
  11. Coaching is incredible!! We gave up a score on the first drive. Then we made adjustments! Our offense looks great and Teddy is in control. But I am loving Phil Snow's defense!!
  12. I think that the expectations for this team and especially this defense is completely unrealistic. Statistically we actually have a better defense this year than last year. Not to mention that last year we had Luke, Bradberry, Addison, McCoy, Vernon Butler, Poe, Bruce Irvin and Eric Reid. Look at that list!! We replaced all of those players with young players! This is a learning and growing year. We need to see that there is growth. That is what we want to see. Growth that we need to see is from Burns, Chinn, Brown, Donte and Pride. We also need to see Shaq and Tre step it up. I love defensive pressure and hated when we were only rushing 3 but these quarterbacks that we faced have been getting the ball out in less than 3 seconds so what options did we have? Patience Panther fans!
  13. I don't know much about college players but I want a d linemen. I am expecting a DE but wouldn't be surprised with DT which would gather the ire of all national analysts which I would like.
  14. great job as usual. I thought Ginn was down by contact as well. These catch rules are just so messed up now.
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