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  1. yasuhara2241

    I am sorry but James Borrego sucks.

    @Eazy-E I agree 100% with your statement. If Monk misses his first few shots, he usually won't see the court for the rest of the game. Also, what do you expect when he has no opportunity to get into rhythm? Usually he comes in with 3 min remaining in the 1st or starting the 2nd and gets until around the 6 min mark in the 2nd. So basically 6 - 9 minutes in the half. Then he's usually doesn't see the court again until the 4th quarter and will only see 3-4 minutes. There is no way you can ask for a young guy to have any impact with those types of minutes. Also, they have him just sitting in the corner when he shares the court with Kemba. Kemba is very ball dominant and seems to usually look to the right side of the court. Monk is sitting there on the left not doing anything. He should be on the right so that Kemba has larger driving lanes or can kick it out to Monk. As for Miles, run some plays for the guy! When they do, he does well. One thing I like about Parker running the 2nd unit, he seems to do a good job getting Miles and Monk involved. Parker knows that the team goes as those young guys go. They have the potential to change games. This should be a coaches a job to put the players in that position but only Parker seems to be able to do it. I put that on the staff.
  2. yasuhara2241

    So what are you willing to give up for Beal?

    @bLACKpANTHER I will play the what if game: If we truly want to go in and don't care about the future, here we go combining rumors: Williams, Monk, Lamb + unprotected 1st for Beal + fillers Biz, MKG + 2020 lottery protected for Gasol + fillers Batum for Wiggins + High Protected 1 (We would be adding a couple of years of high salary with Wiggins but are compensated with a #1 for those additional years. I just can't stand Batum at times) Kemba, Beal, WIggins, Miles, Gasol Bench: Graham, Parker, Bacon, Willy, Frank(would rather have him in the trade instead of Monk but not realistic) Our bench would suck so we would need to find ways to fill that out even though we are up against the cap. Would hope we can get some SG & PF fillers in the above trades.
  3. yasuhara2241

    Are We Trading for Marc Gasol?

    Agreed with everything you said. Plus with such varied minutes it's hard for him to get into any rhythm. Take yesterday's game for example. He has been playing great as of late. Monk checks in somewhere around 2 minutes remaining in the 1st quarter. I think he plays pretty well for his time in and gets 8 points and a couple of assists in around 8-10 minutes of court time. So what happens next? We don't see him for the remaining 6 minutes of Q2, halftime, all of Q3 and then expect him to come in Q4 ready to just bury shots? 14 minutes is criminal when the issue for the 2nd half of the 3rd and the 2nd half of the 4th was that we couldn't hit a shot. Also, they started blitzing late so you surround Kemba with the one guy that can space the floor and take advantage of the chasing defense. I thought this was one of JBs worse coaching jobs of the year and I like him as a coach
  4. yasuhara2241

    Are We Trading for Marc Gasol?

    I was disappointed when first hearing Monk's name attached to the trade, but if all we gave up was MKG & Biz plus a protected 1st I would be fine with the trade. I would push lottery protected this year and looser after.
  5. IMO, we have some pieces but are missing the most important piece which is the OLB which seems to be more readily available that 4-3 DEs. DT: Poe & Love. Poe is actually better suited for the 3-4. Love, I believe played the Nose in a 3-4 with NE. DE: Short & Butler: Short's impact would be limited at DE in a 3-4. I'd be interested how we sell him on this because there are not usually high sack players at DE in a 3-4 defense. Butler is a huge question mark. Hasn't made a dent at DT in a 4-3 but maybe better suited at the DE. Remember, the dline is about gap control in a 3-4 moreso than applying pressure. MLB: We are set with Luke and Shaq. I actually like this because Shaq can also rush the passer pretty well and could blitz more often. I am guessing Carter and Mayo would be backups. OLB: This is the huge question mark. I think Addison would be fine but not great. He would struggle tremendously in pass coverage. Haynes has the size of 3-4 OLB but who knows what he has to offer. If we pick a "tweener DE" in the 1st 2 rounds we are definitely switching.
  6. yasuhara2241

    bP Eats Crow on MKG

    He has been great for us off the bench at PF. He makes up for a lot of defensive liabilities that we have on the team. He's also taking and making some corner 3s!!
  7. yasuhara2241

    Hornets @ Thunder

    We didn't play great and it came down to the wire. I didn't like the quick shot play but it did create an open look. Don't like that Monk didn't play at all. He finally was starting to break out of his shooting slump. I did think Graham played pretty well. He's going to be a very solid #2 PG
  8. yasuhara2241

    Indiana at Charlotte

    Ball was really moving this game which is key to the Hornets success. When others start hitting shots, Kemba doesn't have to hold the ball and we are a better team. It also helps when Lamb, Bacon, Zeller, Batum, Monk and Frank(can't believe I typed his name) all scored in double digits and were key contributors to the team!
  9. yasuhara2241

    Hornets in talks for Bradley Beal

    I really want this to happen but I would really hate giving up on Monk. I think he can be special in a year or 2. I would give Bacon, Batum 1st but Washington would have to want either Monk or Miles and I think Miles is out of the question.
  10. yasuhara2241

    Antonio Brown cited for driving 100mph

    DJ Moore did something similar if I remember correctly. Stupid thing for anybody to do, but definitely not going to get benched.
  11. yasuhara2241

    Cleveland at Charlotte

    Thoughts: MKG is super comfortable as an energy bench PF. Parker is extremely good still and perfect for our 2nd unit. Once Monk can get better on defense he still be able to play more and then with his offense turn into a star. Willie controlled the boards. Miles brought energy and excitement. Lamb had his best game of the year.
  12. yasuhara2241

    Better know a prospect - Kevin Dodd

    I don't know much about college players but I want a d linemen. I am expecting a DE but wouldn't be surprised with DT which would gather the ire of all national analysts which I would like.
  13. I really don't understand this celebration problem. * These same ppl love Curry and he celebrates and acts crazy with every 3 pointer. * These ppl love Farve and his passion * They love Phillip Rivers even though if Cam did some things he did all hell would break lose Wait a minute just stfu and enjoy we are 9-0! I expect this from other teams fans but not from ours. Not now. Leave if you don't like it and support our undefeated team!
  14. yasuhara2241

    Along the Sidelines - Eagles at Panthers

    great job as usual. I thought Ginn was down by contact as well. These catch rules are just so messed up now.