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  1. He played it smart in my opinion. He gave old coaching staff 2 years or so. It didn't pan out. So he set course for a whole new gameplan in the year some good qbs are coming up in the draft. He is building facilities for the team to give a competitive advantage, gave us a practice bubble in the meantime and is trying to build up Rock Hill but also Charlotte. Not to mention, new young staff for this modern world. Only negative I see is Hurney but then again who knows what the future is for him.
  2. Will watch soccer and enjoy it. To be honest, I really enjoyed the NFL draft and just want the NBA lottery and draft announced so I can be distracted with that. It's amazing how much i miss the distractions of sports right now.
  3. I loved Cam. He is my favorite Panther all time. In saying that, I don't have an issue with how this was handled. Did it look bad? Absolutely. But are we sure of the circumstances? No. What do I mean by circumstances. Would Cam have played out his remaining contract? Did he want an extension and how much? Those are the most important questions. For all we know, the Panthers were hoping he would have a prove it year but Cam wouldn't accept that. Rhule wanted to coach Cam but once they realized Cam would only play with an extension, they moved on. Got to do what is in the best interest of the team. Cam needed Smitty to leave to be the leader he could be. Same goes for Rhule. He needs to do this with his players.
  4. Since season 4 just came out, this is your reminder to watch this Netflix show. It is fantastic and I can't wait for Season 5.
  5. I don't remember stopping anybody last year on short yardage situations. That was a guide a huge weakness. Now, imagine a group with Brown and Roy in the middle and Short and Yetur on the Ends. We just got much bigger and stronger in our short yardage packages. Also, we are going to be bad defensively next year and that's ok. No offseason or short offseason and playing 3-5 rookies in starting or supporting roles will have bumps in the road. If you expect high level of play in year one you will be disappointed.
  6. No clue if he's that fast or not. Many reasons why guys don't run at the combine like injuries, lack of 40 training leading up to the combine, etc. If ran 4.6 or 4.85 i don't really care now. It's up to him to produce no matter the time in underwear Olympics. Most big conference players picked is due to no pro days and people going for game tape instead of pro day results. This draft really will show how good your talent evaluators are.
  7. @davos @Woodie Expectations of rookie players are getting absurd. These guys are playing against grown ass men. It's going to take a while. Even a strong dude like Brown will most likely struggle. For rookies, I just want to see flashes. Burns flashed multiple times in limited situations. Guys like Everett Brown never flashed even in limited playing time. Give players time to develop, mature and get stronger especially on defense.
  8. Many posters and twitter GMs have mentioned him not being able to be a 4-3 DE. The fact is that most people don't realize we used a four down lineman front very often with Burns. People remember we drafted him and assumed it would only be as a 3-4 OLB. We didn't use him that way all the time.
  9. Just remember that teams determine boards. Teams boards are set up based on need as well as desired traits. So let's say we have a young franchise QB, even the top QBs might be a whole lot lower on our board. BPA is a fancy way to justify to fans why we picked a certain player/position or not.
  10. Nobody knew what we were doing this year which was nice but maybe that had to do with the quarantine or new staff. I do know that our FO had a ton of people believe we were taking Simmons, Mims and Lynch. They did a good job concealing their true feelings.
  11. We had so many holes on defense, it would have been impossible to fill them all without reaching. That was my thought entering the draft. The best quote I heard was when we had some oline and TE targets that got picked before us so we just got the next player on our board. It really felt like we never reached which is odd for a Panther draft. You could see we went after developmental players. We aren't going to be good next year but we are grooming our team to be in a great position right when Brady and Brees retire. Fantastic draft and the most excited I've been about an entire class in a while.
  12. Give me some of the following UDFA that might change with the remaining picks: TE: Hunter Bryant or Thad Moss Dline: Nick Coe, Benito Jones CB: Lamar Jackson, Levonta Taylor Oline: Yasir Durant, Trey Adams, Daryl Williams, Cordel Iwuagwu WR: Quartney Davis, Kendrick Rogers RB: Patrick Taylor, Sewo Olonilua, Jamycal Hasty K: Rodrigo Blankenship
  13. CBs: Hall, Robertson, Pride Oline: Biadaz, Prince Wanagho, Muti Dline: Lynch LB: Davis-Gaither, WR: Peoples-Jones Man there are a ton of guys available. I want us back to get at least 3 of the 13 Viking picks.
  14. All im saying is the only way they could control the game was with their defense. I know they had a good running game but their defense controlled every game.
  15. Because they didn't trust their QB. Nobody thinks SF got to the superbowl because of their running game. It was their defense and expecially up front.
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