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  1. North end of the stadium if end zone or home side if you can get that too. If you want to spend the jack find club seats that are covered by the upper deck overhand on the home side (mine are hehe)
  2. I'll be at the game as usual. Looking for a fast start by the offense and deep passes to show us what we have. Want the defense to get to the QB early
  3. Update on what I've heard from last night's game and the entry issues people had...I did not attend last nights pre-season game but normally I do as I have season tickets. I used the digital tickets a lot last year when they were optional and did not have any problems. I've spoken to several friends that went to the game last night and they said the ticket scanning system is a nightmare. People fumbling with phones, constantly trying to keep their screens bright or on, ticket scanners not working, etc.. Apparently there are two ways to scan the tickets. You can show the barcode on the panthers/ticketmaster app and have the displayed barcode scanned or you can put them in your Apple Wallet and then hold the phone near the device and it will read the ticket. A couple of my friends said the scanners did not even work more than half of the time. This sounds like a complete pain. They said the ticket scanning lines were backed all the way up to the security checkpoints! Not cool at all.
  4. Dad bought PSL's when they were announced. We didn't even get to pick the row or seat, it was on a random lottery system. He just chose the section. I was 14 then. Haven't missed many games since then. Bleed Black and Blue in my house!!!
  5. Great point. The more they connect, the more completions they make, the confidence and deep threat just builds and builds. Cam's last post game presser he mentioned "he thought he overthrew him". That made me think for a minute. Crazy that Ginn is that fast.
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