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  1. You’ll see on Sunday. I’ve watched a lot of Seahawks football this year. Actually more than the Panthers. Just remember I told you they were good come Sunday.
  2. Spoken like a guy who hasn’t watched the Seahawks this year. They’re an inconsistent defense but they have spurts of dominance. Clowney can take over games.
  3. Are uniforms don’t look traditional they look old. We don’t need to go super modern but an actual traditional look would be welcomed.
  4. We haven’t been consistently good enough to be anyone’s rival. Even with the Seahawks it was just pretty much them kicking our ass for years until we finally got over the hump.
  5. He would make a great defensive coordinator. Just not the guy you want coming up with the overall team strategy and philosophy.
  6. Hes bringing in football people around Hurney. Both above him and below him. He recognizes Hurney has a good skill set. So did Rivera but it’s easier to keep a front office guy than a head coach. Hurney won’t be the end all be all when it comes to decision making. Keeping Hurney around isn’t as bad as you guys are making it seem. He’ll just be a piece to the larger puzzle.
  7. The thing that works in our favor is that will any other team be willing to give him a long term extension? I doubt it. Not until they see if he’s healthy and if he’s healthy then we wouldn’t be dumb enough to trade him. It seems the only way Cam leaves is if he leaves based on pure spite because he didn’t get the contract extension. I’m the biggest Cam supporter but he has to know that he’s going to have to prove he can stay healthy and he hasn’t done that the past two seasons. Cam can force his way out but it would be a bad look on his part.
  8. He’s excellent for Cam because he coached other Black QBs? Lazy
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