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  1. Was easily the best player on our team yesterday.
  2. Need to read and move faster?? Bruh stfu
  3. Please remember this play when we start talking about why we aren’t throwing the ball down field.
  4. I haven’t heard anything. Just the “we’ll be right back after this commercial break” screen
  5. When given legit touches CAP has always played well. Y’all overreact for the flavor of the day too much.
  6. To be fair, we don’t pay anything to be here lol.
  7. Yea that’s become the narrative, but the truth is that we were losing games last year when Cam was playing well enough to win them. He shouldn’t have to be Superman for us to win games, but sadly that’s been the case under Ron.
  8. And someone actually started a thread about trading for one of our QBs. We should be the one looking to trade for a backup.
  9. There’s a huge part you’re missing here, some valid points, but still missing it. We can take this offline to another thread. It deserves a deeper conversation.
  10. I judge your actions and your opinions. Never you personally. You are correct I know nothing about you. Assuming you aren’t black. And as I tell those who aren’t, being black can’t be explained or taught. It’s experienced. White privilege isn’t a choice made by individual whites. It’s a system that most whites themselves are ignorant to. They just believe that’s how the world works. Not the case. So when someone says that Eric Reid should be focused on a game and not real issues plaguing minority populations, they’re speaking from a place of White privilege. They brush off the issues because they aren’t experienced by them. They aren’t living that life. I’d rather Eric Reid fight for the injustices we face than get 10 interceptions on Sunday. Does that make me less of a fan? Nah it just means I know how to put things into perspective. The panthers winning football games isn’t going to change me being racially profiled every single day.
  11. You clearly don’t know what white privilege is. This is a subject about race which opinions are divided down racial lines. If you have a problem with Eric Reid and his opinions then I’m happy for you. Some of us in this society don’t have the luxury to strictly stick to sports. We apologize for interrupting your Sunday feel good to address the issues that plague our people. My suggestion would be to just watch the games and hold your opinions on everything off the field because you clearly aren’t affected by it. What a privilege that must be...
  12. So much white privilege in this thread.
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