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  1. Can’t have him throwing the ball 60 times. I think he can be a high level game manger, but he’s not going to carry any teams. Needs a lot of weapons around him and a solid line. Otherwise he’ll flame out trying to make him Mahomes.
  2. I’ve always thought he was overrated. Most QBs that get drafted are out of a job in a few years. Look around the league. The Bengals are going to give him every chance to succeed because they drafted him #1 overall so he’ll probably stick around for a while but they aren’t any better off from when they had Dalton. He’s Nick Foles to me.
  3. What do I have to be butthurt about? We’ve dominated college football the last few years. Half of this damn board is salivating and actively hoping the Panthers lose to take our QB. Please child.
  4. He’s not the first QB that came in hyped after one season only to flame out. Check in with me in a few years.
  5. We’ll see. He’ll be a backup in a few years if not out of the league.
  6. Was the oldest damn kid on the field every week and still older than a lot of the young QBs in the NFL. Good for him for being a grown man playing against some college kids.
  7. And the Chiefs needed OT and a long field goal for a minute. Means nothing.
  8. Coming from someone who said the Panthers won’t win a game this year, this one is in the winnable column.
  9. And Burrow spent most of his college career struggling to beat out QBs.
  10. If they really wanted him they would have gotten him. You don’t sit back in the draft and wait for a QB.
  11. He should have. Herbert was the best QB in the draft. But there was also a better cheaper option...
  12. What the fug do you know about someone’s mindset/competitiveness?
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