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  1. Well of course a WR actually getting open downfield would help. Being able to hold a block would help. It’s a team game.
  2. Nah no you don’t. Keep it 100. We know what you want and why you’re uncomfortable with Cam.
  3. He sure as hell accepted it last year.
  4. You can’t convince me that Ron has ever had concentration on the offense other than keeping them from scoring quickly.
  5. That’s a reflection of the organization not Cam.
  6. I don’t have to state the records he’s broken. I don’t have to state that he’s the best running/passing combination at quarterback that the game has ever seen. The best short yardage option the game has ever seen. That he made it to a super bowl with Ted Ginn has is #1 option. That he’s spent the bulk of his career under a poor OC. Cam has won a championship on every team he’s ever played on except one. I wonder why that is.
  7. A cheap replacement? That’s your plan to replace a record setting once in a generation type quarterback?
  8. Eh. This is half truth. At best we have a largely unproven group with a ton of upside. There isn’t a receiver that you named that has spent a full season as the #1 guy. Thus the low ranking.
  9. Yea, none of those guys will ever be quality NFL starters.
  10. “Very well spoken.” LOL. Case and point. Cam can speak just fine when he isn’t trying to conform to please the people that doesn’t like him anyway.
  11. It’s not “Cam’s fans” that’s the problem. It’s the closet racist that cheer for this team that secretly don’t like the fact that our QB is black and would be much happier with a white quarterback behind center. And don’t say that’s not the truth when I’ve sat in BOA and have heard plenty screaming to put DA in the game every time there’s an incomplete pass.
  12. You can be a panther fan and be objective. I don’t think this team has maximized the talents of Cam. It’s not coincidence that the Panthers are the only team Cam has played on that hasn’t won a championship with him on it. I think we’re all hoping that changes, but it certainly hasn’t been his fault. The fact that he had Shula for so long and continues to have Ron (who has mastered the art of keeping your job without being good at) speaks volumes. Hasn’t had a LT since Gross was forced into retirement and still hasn’t had a legitimate #1 WR.
  13. Been busy with Work/Life. I lurk a lot lately, but just don’t have the time anymore. What I get from this is you’re saying that we just need a game manager?
  14. If we’re hoping on Willie to carry us we’re doomed. This team has always been Cam or bust.
  15. I told you guys that DG wouldn’t have drafted Cam. We would be a Blaine Gabbert led team.
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