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  1. I just hope Tep hires some football guys to help him make these decisions. Ron only coaches well when his ass is on the line. I believe we’ll do well enough next year to save him once again. Once secure we’ll go right back to mediocrity.
  2. I’m not disappointed in Rivera or Hurney. They’re both average at their jobs and that hasn’t changed. I’m disappointed in Tepper who appears to be content with mediocrity.
  3. There is no direction. We’re sitting in park.
  4. I believe Reid and not the NFL.
  5. This just means he’s going into the year on the hot seat. Which also means we are going to have a wasted season because we didn’t react when we should have.
  6. AceBoogie

    Is Kuechly the Panthers GOAT?

    He sucked for half the year this year and lived on name. He’s been great in the past but not this year until we were already out of it.
  7. Oh gosh. If anyone else made this thread there would be outrage. Getting out of hand with all the Cam shoulder talk. At this rate might as well create a new section: “Cam’s Shoulder”
  8. AceBoogie

    Coaching changes likely on the way.

    We’ve been firing everyone around Rivera for years expecting different results. Insanity
  9. I mean Luke looked the same way for half the season
  10. AceBoogie

    Black Monday News

    Ron Rivera would have been fired at least 3 times already with any other organization. Jerry took care of his boy by giving him an extension on the way out and Tepper is looking like he’s too cheap to eat the contract. New owner, same ol Panthers. Ron is here because he’s a nice guy and people like him and he’s in those military commercials. If he was an asshole like Gettleman he would have been gone.
  11. AceBoogie

    I cant believe how bad Ron fuged us today

    If Ron is coaching to win, then maybe he’s not confident he will be here next year.
  12. You can’t keep firing everyone around Ron and not fire Ron
  13. poo on the best college football team in the Carolinas. Real classy “Charlotte” Panther fans.