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  1. Rich people giving politicians money for their vote? Say it aint so!
  2. Id like to see us sign Cory Littleton to fill in the hole at ILB.
  3. Colts fans are wanting Love at pick 15. If we could get him in the 2nd and let him sit behind Cam for a year, im confident Brady could work him into a starting QB.
  4. I really hope he has some sort of coaching job here in the future.
  5. Thomas, Brown, or Okudah would all be excellent picks.
  6. Good for Scott, young and promising. Hopefully he has a successful career and impresses enough for a HC gig.
  7. Ben Bredeson is another guy we should look at later in the draft https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/ben-bredeson/cTxPUTk0o4
  8. Well honestly im not sure how good Vermillion is with how often guys went back in that were concussed or injured.
  9. Good McD wont be able to control all the egos in Cleveland. Rhule goes to the Giants and we get the best coach out of the 3 in Bienemy.
  10. I think if we hired David Shaw people would have a hard time finding something wrong with it.
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