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  1. Lemory

    QB Options for 2019

    Best option is a QB in the draft in the 2nd-4th round.
  2. Lemory

    Cam Newton playing scared

    You're a bitch
  3. Lemory

    Cam Newton Deep Ball - 2015

    Shoulder surgery plus no more Ted Ginn
  4. Lemory

    Locker room chemistry this year

    What a stupid fuging hot take.
  5. Andrew Luck's shoulder injury was way worse than Cam's
  6. After running through my equations and consulting with the top math professors in the state, we have concluded that we will be picking in the 10-15 range. Math gurus?
  7. Lemory

    Choker Cam

    Funny how all the racist Cam haters are quiet when he plays well but if he struggles they are back to "Sir Cameron Newton: Leader of Men, Lover of Puppies...Esquire sucks! Go steal laptops and dont jump on fumbles lol" oh cool word replacements Igo! Just like time The Golden Calf of Bristol!
  8. Lemory

    Shaq Thompson

    Just another wasted 1st round pick.
  9. I doubt someone as rich as Tepper pays his fair share of taxes.
  10. Lemory

    Caption this photo

    "Looks like that finally got Ron off his ass"
  11. Taylor Moton to LT this off-season and re-sign Williams to a 1 year deal? Who says no?