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  1. Lemory

    4 Qb’s go before us?

    Daniel Jones is just an average QB and whatever team takes him in the 1st round deserves what they have coming to them.
  2. If we draft Khalen Saunders I would be ecstatic.
  3. They want a man on the moon but due to budget restraints they will just tie 4 Estes model rockets to the boots of an astronaut and hope for the best.
  4. Lemory

    Draft Network mocks

  5. Daniel Jeremiah Josh Norris for Panthers stuff All the guys that run The Draft Network. (Seriously if you haven't seen their website check them out)
  6. Good, we were so thin at EDGE rushers that this gives a little bit of depth and flexibility.
  7. Clemson fans didnt exist until 2011, change my mind.
  8. Lemory


    Getty is done
  9. This is the worst time of the year to be a Panthers fan. Front office doesnt sign anyone and the fans go crazy. Front office signs someone and the fans go crazy about how we have no cap space. No one can be pleased, everyone sucks.
  10. Lemory

    REPORT: Kyle Love may not re-sign

    Khalen Saunders or Dontavious Russell would be ideal replacements for him that we could get in the mid rounds on draft day.
  11. The top LG is the guy that started LG for us during the season in Van Roten.
  12. Yall must have forgotten how bad Remmers was here and with the Vikings. Vikings fan are thrilled to see him released and we could just sign any UDFA and get the same amount of production for less.
  13. Im sure him and Gruden will get along just fine.
  14. I wouldnt draft Kyler Murray in any round.