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    Hardy 911 call

    Don't let her attack me again is what it was. By calling the cops & making a record of it she hurts his image & how he's view publicly to be able to settle in turn being able to gain more leverage money wise.She's doing the right tactics & putting her arm in a sling only helps her.
  2. SevyDamus

    Hardy 911 call

    Looks like are boy Hardy did the right thing. Glad this came out.This kind of poo pisses me off about women & hardly ever any consequences come back from making false allegations. To many men in America get falsely accused exactly like this especially if u have money from gold digging bitches. I have 8 sisters & respect women to the fullest, but laws need to be made to protect men from crazy ho's like this. No every female is not like this, but a lot are & until they start getting thrown in jail or charged this crap won't stop. It's ridiculous when a man tries to do the right thing they still are guilty in the public eye because all anyone looks at is he assaulted a woman without any facts. Women bitch & moan about equal rights! It works both ways or it should, but in the legal system it doesn't. Hardy should be ok due to the 911 call which is great news & now I'm an even bigger fan.