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  1. WCUcats

    The Olsen Touchdown

    That is a catch I expect a professional to make 10/10 times. Still think Funchess drops that though.
  2. WCUcats

    Welcome to Wakanda

    Besides the clear and obvious connections to Wakanda, I see no connection at all.
  3. If the accuracy was better that would have been a touchdown.
  4. WCUcats

    Welcome to Wakanda

    I award you 5 social justice points. Go forth and prosper.
  5. WCUcats

    Bitter sweet?

  6. WCUcats

    The pregame prayer

    I bet your awesome at parties.
  7. First winning the game, second having everyone stay healthy, third seeing Moton protect Cam and prove he can be a franchise LT. And finally not blacking out before the end of the game. I LOVE 4pm ball games, but there is always that tendency to over due the 1pm time slot, and go into our game buzzing hard. Couple that with first game enthusiasm, and well we are looking at a poo show.
  8. WCUcats

    The pregame prayer

    Unless I am watching the game with my pops, I never make it into the stadium in time to see the prayer. I push that parking lot drinking to the very last second.
  9. WCUcats

    MMQB on CMC and Turner's offense

    I think it was pretty clear that hula Shula was Gettleman's guy, not Rivera's guy considering shula went to NY.
  10. WCUcats

    NPR piece on Efe Obada

    He gave up his homeland, and his family to be able to have a better life in Europe. He then beat the odds to become an NFL football player when he was raised with nothing, in a country that doesn't care about football. Kaep grew up in an upper middle class white family, attended the best schools around, and was generally a pampered athlete.
  11. WCUcats

    NPR piece on Efe Obada

    I was at that game, 9er's fans that day were some of the trashiest I have ever seen. In the bathroom at halftime one inbred looking, diabetes suffering, future healthcare sucking, monstrosity of a human being was trying to start a fight in the bathroom with a panthers fan when about 12 other panthers fans circled him and escorted the bumpkin out of the bathroom. On the way out I saw a lady get hit intentionally by 9er's fans driving a probably stolen 93' ford explorer, stop the car, yell at her, and then drive off. It was a sad day all around.
  12. WCUcats

    NPR piece on Efe Obada

    Police brutality is bad. Kaepernick pretending like he sacrificed something when he is making millions on a attempt to generate as much attention to himself as possible is also bad. Still waiting to here about this sacrifice he made.....
  13. WCUcats

    NPR piece on Efe Obada

    Your BOI
  14. WCUcats

    NPR piece on Efe Obada

    Please do tell me what has Kaep actually sacrificed for his cause? He turned pouting on the sideline's because he lost his starting position to Blaine Gabbert into a multi million dollar add campaign. All props to him for getting rich and marketing his brand, but lets not sit here and act like he has sacrificed something, especially when there are real people making life and death sacrifices everyday. Obada's family risked EVERYTHING for him to have a better life, he himself put it all on the line to chase a the pipe dream of becoming a professional athlete, and with passion and determination he did it. That is a success story, that is sacrifice.