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  1. I hate it when the visitor messages don't save! Now I can't remember what I typed!

  2. Nah. You're usually pretty nice. Not much to look at though. :)

  3. You cannot give Hawk any more reputation because he is a flaming homosexual.

  4. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Bleys again. ;)

  5. Get @ me on FB, yo.

  6. lol. Committing any felonies right now or just sticking to misdemeanors?

  7. Hey, I remember you... You're that guy. The guy with the nice avatar.

  8. Must be nice... -_-

  9. Not much. Working all the time. You?

  10. Rofl, I liked that one. ;)

  11. lol. Yeah, it was great. Want to go play some softball? :D

  12. Like the Clausen stuff going on? That stuff with Fiz was hilarious. :P

  13. Either one works. :P Whats going on? Salty still sexting you?

  14. lol, I like the name!

  15. I need some more posts... gotta break itno the top 5!

  16. Talking to family on Facebook, then sleep. Shouldn't you be posting more? :P

  17. Yeah one of these days they are going to go off... or something will go off in his ass at least...

  18. I tried but I couldn't get past the TNT.

  19. I heard you were into Saltman anyway. Do you confirm this rumor?

  20. No ty. There is enough to where we don't have to share. ;)

  21. If they are: 1) Female 2) Hot I will fill 'em w/ a lot of paint.

  22. Lmao, nice, nice. Too bad it's public record now!

  23. I know right. I'm a solid poster around here and people are trying to tarnish my reputation. How would you feel if someone made the name "Damnpantherfan"?

  24. Not much... people giving me a bad name spamming those advertisements damnit!

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