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  1. I’m no hockey expert, but these power play opportunities have been fugging frustrating .. don’t know what’s wrong
  2. Watch weeks 2 thru 10 end up being the tough part of our schedule.. you never know in the NFL.
  3. He has extra leverage now.. I’d be asking for an extra $20 million after that poo if I was him
  4. So far so good! I bought the app AdBlock also after doing some more research and finding out it should also block ads in most apps on iOS.. So maybe go with that one? It’s $1.99
  5. Been visiting the huddle randomly and clicking on different threads throughout the morning.. Not one redirect so far and even cleared all the other ads between threads. Haven’t seen a single ad on the site yet.. Definitely worth the $1!!! But no, I’m not Ryan!
  6. Well I just downloaded the app called Crystal from the App Store for .99 cents and it seems to be working so far!
  7. Lol, fug that! So they have the ability to block these redirects, but won’t do so unless you pay $50?!! I understand regular ads, but it’s fugged up to make users deal with these redirects
  8. It would be nice if an admin from the huddle posted something regarding these ridiculous redirects and what is being done to fix it.. It seems as if they just don’t care
  9. Welp I didn’t realize this was such a common problem. Really makes me want to come here less often cause it’s so annoying. It has to be something to do with The Huddle, correct? Only happens to me on this site.
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