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  1. YES!!!!!! ...says no one ever
  2. I would have signed it for the kid... "Kiss my @ss Bitch. -Cam"
  3. Cheerleaders would have been more entertaining for sure
  4. Instant Pot spare ribs finished with sweet&spicy sauce on the Big Green Egg, homemade Mac and Cheese, and plenty of cold ones
  5. Panther49er

    Hornets Seesaw

    No, it’s the NBA... NBA = RIGGED
  6. Panther49er

    Cam just has nothing on his throws

    I don’t recall him throwing a “true” deep ball all season.. his throws to the sideline seem to hover in the air for 5 seconds. I’m a huge Cam fan but it’s obvious his shoulder is fugged up big time
  7. He’s done that for how many years now? No surprise here.
  8. Just rewinded that.. No WAY that was a block in the back.. the dude dove into 53 trying to get to Barner. Not even close!!!!
  9. Shouldn’t be enough evidence to overturn.. then again, that only works for other teams Im sure it’ll be overturned
  10. Panther49er

    Josh Allen is what we need

    I don’t care what your explanation is, I’m not reading a bit of it after that stupid thread title. Cam Newton is the GOAT!
  11. Panther49er

    Hunt is a free agent

    I’d take him!
  12. You’re seriously asking if we win out through the super bowl if that will save any jobs?!! Of course no one gets fired if we win the next 9 games... c’mon man!
  13. So Ryan gets grouped with his brother Matt to fug off?? That’s fugged up!