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  1. Sounds like a good life to me!
  2. Curtis Samuel right there also.. With CMC and a healthy Cam, and hopefully a better O-line, our offense should be nearly unstoppable
  3. Fug off! First off, no lady professional golfer can compete with the men.. but that’s what makes golf great! Anyone can play and compete against like competitors and skill levels...young or old; male or female; even fat Big Mac chugging fuggers like yourself in a local league.. maybe you just lack talent, which wouldn’t be a surprise based off your hate of the SPORT. Golf is hard. Watch the Pebble Beach pro-am this year with athletes such as Steph Curry, Larry Fitzgerald, Tony Romo, etc.. they have all said golf is more difficult to master than their respective “sports”. 90% of the pro golfers are fitter than your average baseball player, but I bet you call baseball a “sport”.
  4. HUGE win!!! I don’t see how we lose this series with our current momentum and home ice. Anything can happen, but it’s an exciting time!!!
  5. Looks like the commentators are different.. Rece Davis, Robin Roberts, Kirk Herbstreit on ABC
  6. I’m no hockey expert, but these power play opportunities have been fugging frustrating .. don’t know what’s wrong
  7. Watch weeks 2 thru 10 end up being the tough part of our schedule.. you never know in the NFL.
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