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  1. GWBNostrils

    Voter Fraud in North Carolina.

    @g5jamz @E CaT PanTHer 2 @cookinbrak @Trident Panther @venom @Jeremy Igo @stirs @Saha @Doc Holiday
  2. GWBNostrils

    Voter Fraud in North Carolina.

    Pelosi will refuse to seat his cheating ass.
  3. GWBNostrils

    This is what the left is becoming...

    I haven’t seen anyone being for open borders. Name names and provide quotes please.
  4. GWBNostrils


    He’s banned, right? Gotta be.
  5. Didn’t you threaten everyone here with a lawsuit not that long ago? Lmao talk about triggered
  6. You defended a ***** refusing to make a wedding cake for gay couples so stfu bitch
  7. Imagine someone trying to figure out if you’re one of them gang raping folk or not
  8. You’re not even white lol. She would have called the cops on your brown ass in a heartbeat. stfu
  9. How hard will you point and laugh?
  10. GWBNostrils

    The Pitiful Misadventures of Neonazis

    Hey hajji check this out
  11. GWBNostrils

    Voter Fraud in North Carolina.

    Outlaw and whole damn party