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  1. Adoption->No Collusion->So What->I’ll Do It Again
  2. Hey @g5jamz Isn’t it interesting how in-custody stillbirth (27 weeks) is not a death, but an abortion (6 or 8 weeks) is considered murder (now even punishable by jail time)? “Trump wanted pregnant women held in immigration detention centers. He was warned it was dangerous for them. He didn’t care. ICE reported 28 miscarriages in FY17/18. In Feb., a woman delivered a stillborn baby.” https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/immigration/2019/02/27/28-women-may-have-miscarried-ice-custody-over-past-2-years/2996486002/
  3. Remember him? He's in the news again
  4. So you just leave the baby behind? Or do you have to kill it first? What do you do in order to save the mother? Nothing?
  5. In order to save a mother you have to do what? Abort the fetus? Yes or No? And if no then what? And if yes, isn’t that choosing to murder one to save the other? The baby is not gonna abort itself lol and you are pro choice under special circumstances. Are you a parody account? Sorry, I’ve been away too long
  6. Murder the baby to save the mother? Baby is a baby, right? Lie is life? Or is the baby now considered t be something else in your mind? Please enlighten us.
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