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  1. I can’t wait for MBS to decide where next to deploy our troops. Yay
  2. I remember you once claiming to be a black pig lol
  3. You’re avoiding my questions for some reason.
  4. How do you justify voting for someone who has built his entire empire on $885B worth of tax breaks? When does a handout stop being a handout in your book?
  5. Handouts? Forgive if I’m wrong but how are you okay with $15B of “free money” going to subsidize farmers, mostly wealthy farmers like Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst who applied for it (amongst others), but not your neighbor’s child?
  6. I vaguely recall a regular on these forums who would get downright giddy every time a poor person would lose free health care then proceeded to beg for money in the main forum when he couldn’t pay his own hospital bills.
  7. Any one of you so called conservatives here willing to defend this obvious goal vy NCGop to stop the state from accepting federal money in order to provide health insurance to poor people?
  8. fug you and your party you *****
  9. Just in case you’re wondering what’s with all those high profile GOP house Rep retirements all of a sudden
  10. No one can celebrate underperforming by 10 points like our Grand Old Party. They’re acting like they just won a mandate or something lol
  11. What’s your Gab username @g5jamz @bull123?
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