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  1. He may well be the worst poster in this forum. There are others with dumber takes but he is like stirs and quest had a love child.
  2. fug that How many posts of GJBC's have you quoted with the same content about ~going over the math with him~ when he clearly had decided not to engage with you on that? I'm telling you brother, you're not going to just walk away from this. I have no doubt you'll either ignore this post or throw up another distraction but dude you've painted yourself into a corner you're not getting out of easily.
  3. Clearly it did, care to explain it? But its not really a joke to me. You went after another poster over something you intimated you had done better. You don't have to agree with the politics and message in Philly's film but to say that it was poorly executed and suggest you've done it better DEMANDS that you back that up. Dude you have to either put up or fess up. You're not going to able to run from this or hand-wave it away.
  4. So you priced your documentary about blue collar workers at "about 3 million" a ticket?
  5. Post the link to your film. Ill pay for it.
  6. And Im not bringing it up to make anyone feel bad for not doing the same. It was salient IMO in this case because I felt like my commitment to the cause was being called into question. Your commitment is above reproach.
  7. Well Im not going to watch that... But I am the only one on this forum that provided proof that I voted for Bernie so it should be self evident that that SOB wont get my support.
  8. I think there is a place for them. ACAB, ABAC and the Dem Nom thread are good examples of that. It just seems that every thread is turning into pages of youtube videos and walls of tweets with no input from the poster. There could be some balance.
  9. We really need an anti spam rule in this forum that would stop reposts from other platforms with no significant input from the poster unless the thread was designated as a spam thread.
  10. Im seconding the request to sticky this
  11. @Harbingerstime to put up or shut up
  12. Based on the responses you got, your comment was not obviously in jest.
  13. Ill work for a better country regardless of who is in the WH. My job is the culmination of 30 years experience and industry knowledge. The people who are qualified to have my job are happy in jobs of their own.
  14. Im in a position that I could punch out in a few years but Im passionate about what I do and and doing it till Im 60 or 62 wouldn't be some great hardship.
  15. 53 1/2 here Ill work a few more years for a better country and not even sweat it.
  16. So Im a solid Anthony Mackie hater. Didnt like him in anything. Full stop. I was wrong. I was dubious to say the least when it was announced that he would be the new Takeshi. He didnt have the subtelty to pull it of. In season 1 it took me a few episodes to buy into Kinneman, but I was on board from ep1 with Mackie. He was able to capture the essence that Joel put into Kovacs in a way that I didnt think he was capable of. I could see the "same" character behind different eyes. Good stuff. Different from the Morgan trilogy but fuging solid story telling and world building. Cant wait for Season 3
  17. Seriously? Credit where its due. We have an agreement in Afghanistan and its a good one. But to say Trump it anti-war is silly. Dude is looking for an excuse to let a nuke off the leash.
  18. I remember my introduction to Chuck D. It was part of a greater awakening to social justice and just how much of a racist I had been raised as. I dont fault my folks, Its just who they were and how they were raised. (If you want to have a fight over that perspective and how Ive worked to change them lets do it in another thread/channel) Chuck D, Ice T, and KRS 1 were the voices that led me to an understanding that made me embrace the saying of "I used to be a white American male, but I gave it up in the interests of humanity" Seeing Chuck endorse Bernie tells me Ive chosen the right candidate
  19. How can you not get behind this? I mean who else credibly invokes MLK and JFK? Credit to NaN for the original post.
  20. Bernie really is the only one who gives me hope. And I had no idea just how much I missed it.
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