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  1. London Loves Luke

    LaDainian Tomlinson on the Panthers offense

    Two days late but this is pretty much spot on. If I was Norv or Scott Turner I'd get the entire offence metronomes and get them to practice with them all day.
  2. London Loves Luke

    Opposing teams' fans visiting this forum

    I mean rather than turn this into another post complaining about posts complaining about the Panthers why don't we try to be slightly constructive? There are still good, well thought out and presented threads made by quite a few people. I remember when they used to be the majority, but then threads linking to the latest Cowherd face fart or someone's mouth diarrhea on Rivera/Turner/Richardson etc...) would be allowed to reach 15 pages and the quality threads would disappear. I remember asking Jeremy if we could pin posts that were well researched and written to avoid them getting lost and I know I'm not the only one who did. I also remember when obvious troll accounts were relegated to Smack Talk (which was actually pretty entertaining) rather than being allowed to keep stringing pointless threads out forever. I don't wanna complain about poor content, I've got eyes and can avoid it if I want. But I'm finding less content that's worth clicking on when I visit and I know plenty of posters who gave up trying to filter through the crap to find something worth reading.
  3. If you want me to give you credit for saying "defence is a good thing" then you're in the wrong place... The I-formation absolutely does work and continues to be used and has nothing to do with the pace of your offence.
  4. Lol, this is exactly what's wrong with everyone complaining about this stat. You don't "win football games by scoring points. Period." You win football games by scoring more points than your opponents. If that means limiting how much time your opponent has to score points, it means you have a better chance of winning.
  5. London Loves Luke

    Lighten Up....

    Under Rivera we always finish a season stronger than we start it: First 8 games Last 8 games W L % W L % 2011 2 6 0.25 4 4 0.5 2012 2 6 0.25 5 3 0.625 2013 3 5 0.375 7 1 0.875 2014 3 5 0.375 4 4 0.5 2015 8 0 1 7 1 0.875 2016 3 5 0.375 4 4 0.5 2017 5 3 0.625 6 2 0.75 26 30 Win 46% 37 19 Win 66% We're really well placed
  6. Going through this thread neg repping everyone incapable of hearing the slightest criticism of a QB who can and knows he should do better seeing the field sometimes. Its always said that Cam can make every throw in the book, but he has struggled to see the open throws he needs to make.
  7. London Loves Luke

    Mahomes is the best QB to enter the league since Cam

    My interpretive framework is greatness, I’ve seen enough in four games to know he has it.
  8. I don’t care who wants to hate. I don’t care if you wanna say he’s a product of his receivers and Reid’s system. I don’t really care that this isn’t really Panther’s related. I don’t care about Luck, Wilson, Wentz, Goff, Baker. This kid has broken every QBing record to start a season. Not for a rookie, not for a second year QB, for ALL QBs. He went to Mile High and put 300 on a broncos defence that haven’t allowed over 300 yards in 38 games. He has 14 TDs and 0 interceptions in 4 games against a decent slate of teams. People are gonna say the system is making it easy for him. Watch him and you see that he’s making it easy on the system. People are gonna say but, but Deshawn Watson... Watson threw for 18 TDs in 5 games but also threw 8 interceptions. Have at it, IDGAF. This squeaky voice bastard is legit and I’m happy he ain’t in our division because if I was the raiders, broncos or Chargers I’d be seriously worried about the next 10+ years.
  9. London Loves Luke

    Bucs CRUSHED 48-10 Pie!

    And the Eagles, gonna throw em in there too.
  10. London Loves Luke

    Bucs CRUSHED 48-10 Pie!

    Trubusky just threw another TD. Yep, games been over an hour and he’s still scoring against the Bucs.
  11. Big news for special teams, bird looked legit before the injury.
  12. London Loves Luke

    Fans across the league are congratulating us

    If I looked long enough i'd definitely find one. I did see a few from Cowboys fans saying their done with the 'girls and are jumping ship :D
  13. London Loves Luke

    Dear Eric Reid....(memos from Panther fans)

    I'm just waiting for the this thread on the Huddle: "Will Reid stand for the Anthem????" Over under posted in the next 20 seconds...?