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  1. Great work. Love these - hope you keep them coming through the season.
  2. They also lost DL Michael Bennett (not that Michael Bennett) yesterday for the season, signed DE Allen Bailey to 2 years $10m today to cover.
  3. If he was just a force of nature we wouldn't have had the scene about how he was created and all these theories about his back story and everything else. He used to be a person and he has some intelligence to him - that's fertile ground for good character development, which in all honesty wouldnt have taken long to add. Watching the "Making of" video on Youtube I honestly think this episode didn't have enough time to be made properly and was made under a lot of pressure and stress, each of the people involed in it was saying how much they wouldn't want to do it again. They migh have had to concede some plot/attention to detail to actually just get the thing done.
  4. You say the living should never have the upper hand over the dead wights but I think the opposite. You have two dragons and you have trebuchets and trenches. i dont know who's idea it was to send the dothraki in to charge an army they couldnt see but my left nut could tell you that isn't a good battle strategy. The more i think about it, the battles John is involved in (and Michel Sapochnik (!) directs) are generally just situations where he's screwed from the very beginning and is miraculously saved at then end.
  5. Good battle episode, hoardes of wights and some nice character touches through the fighting scenes. But. The NK did not pay off. The biggest villian we've been fed since scene 1 ep 1 was not properly realised because we didnt see the full extent of his power, understand his motive or have any connection with him at all. Compare him to Thanos, we can relate to his motive, see his struggle, understand his strength (with and w/out the gauntlet) its all about HIM. With the NK we get a whole hoard of faceless dead people and it all gets blown away by a simple dagger to his chest by an assassin who (although Arya's character was developed 2 seasons ago) is a very inconsistent character in terms of her strength, ability, loyalty etc.... IF the battle had built up through the NKs strengths and how the "good guys" work through them and ended with a fight involving the NK, it would have been so much more satisfying. Some dialogue/flashbacks between the NK and Bran would have "humanised" him a bit, might of got us to understand what he wanted a lot more and then it all gets ripped away at the last minute. We should have seen the wights fight and the living start to get an upper hand (in all honesty they would have with better tactics plus use of the dragons). Then the white walkers get involved, with some scenes of NK + Bran "communicating", then the NK properly enters the fray and lays waste to everything (including John) before the long jump + stab. But we got what we got, I dont care what anyone says but this wasnt a well written villain and the fight didn't provide as much emotion as it should have. Lets hope the next few episodes deliver.
  6. Wow! We have the same birthday except I was born in 1989. No joke.

    1. London Loves Luke

      London Loves Luke

      Pretty sure that means we have a psychic connection or something. I do feel like a fierce American woman sometimes...

      Congrats on having an awesome birthday.

    2. Cookie Lyon

      Cookie Lyon


      Congrats to you as well! 


  7. As long as we jump in front of Atlanta again and steal their second round pick I don't care how much it will cost.
  8. You need to chill dude, NFC South champs and 11-0. We got this.
  9. Pied for side gooch on page 2. No pics of the Dallas male cheerleaders? What kind of operation are you running here Igo?
  10. I'm wondering when some Huddlers will evolve into Homo Habilis...
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