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  1. This is good from the Panthers, I've no doubt both Little and Daley will be able to go on Sunday, but what better way to keep the 9ers guessing who they're gonna be facing? Bosa/Buckner vs Little or Daley is going to be a game defining battle, the less preperation they can do on Sunday, the less of an advantage they have.
  2. Guess who has a worse completion percentage and TD - Int ratio than Jameis over the last three years??? Hint, we're playing against him this weekend.
  3. One of the best NFL games you’ll go to as a Panthers fan today. Beat every game I’ve been to in the States for atmosphere. Stadium was probably 40% panthers, 20% Bucs and 40% other. Was loud as poo on third and fourth down too. It’s only four games in London at the moment but give me more like these and a London team should be on the cards. Well played all you travelling fans too. Met some great people this weekend.
  4. As someone mentioned before they sell them at the Stadium on gameday, but you can also head down to the Nike store on Regent street and they have an NFL shop in there.
  5. I CANNOT wait to meet some of you big uglies on Sunday. Hit me up if you need any ideas on what to do while you’re here. Weather doesn’t look that great but you really wanna experience traditional London at its best. Any ideas on when the Riot get to the stadium and where the tailgate is gonna be?
  6. Normally when I buy something there's a proof of purchase involved. Send proof of purchase to NFL. NFL checks whether ticket was originally sold to/through Thomas Cook. NFL re-issues ticket. There might be some counterfeit risks involved but this would be a very small overhead on the NFLs part. Given these are all e-tickets now, i doubt that Thomas Cook would have been issuing them anyway, they would have passed the purchasers details to the NFL to be issued. As it stands, the NFL have probably taken Thomas Cook's money and wont issue the tickets to the people that paid for them. - Edit, according to the article NFL haven't recieved any money for those tickets - but still they could offer them for free to people that have a large chunk of cash.
  7. If Thomas Cook originally bought the tickets from the NFL for resale, then the NFL could quite easily offer to guarentee the tickets for people that have proof of purchase from TC. Even if they were reserved through Thomas Cook, the NFL could offer them for free to the people that bought the tickets through TC. What else are the NFL going to do with the tickets other than show empty seats in their flagship NFL London games on TV?? Obviously they can't do anything about travel packages, but they could definitely guarentee the tix.
  8. It means you should check your booking immediately and if it involved Thomas Cook you might well be screwed. Email the address on their website but don't hope for much. If not (and I really hope the Riot aren't affected), I'll see you in London!
  9. Great work. Love these - hope you keep them coming through the season.
  10. They also lost DL Michael Bennett (not that Michael Bennett) yesterday for the season, signed DE Allen Bailey to 2 years $10m today to cover.
  11. Wow! We have the same birthday except I was born in 1989. No joke.

    1. London Loves Luke

      London Loves Luke

      Pretty sure that means we have a psychic connection or something. I do feel like a fierce American woman sometimes...

      Congrats on having an awesome birthday.

    2. Cookie Lyon

      Cookie Lyon


      Congrats to you as well! 


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