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  1. The ratio on that tweet is pretty epic
  2. I tried to take that political test. I'm curious to see how I would answer the questions. But it wouldn't load on my work computer. Which I found ironic. e: I'll take it on my phone tonight
  3. I'm convinced. As far as a movement goes, I don't see how this is any different than a union fight or any other block of like minded interests. Unity is the key. Standing together to make a louder voice in service of one issue. I think as unity grows, the issue has to be addressed. I've seen movement towards this in this election cycle but incrementalism stifles fundamental change. So I support the growing voice of this movement. The individuals in charge (I know nothing about) are irrelevant to the larger movement as a whole. As the issue gets a louder voice, candidates must address it. I honestly don't think it will happen this election but I think the voice needs support to continue to grow and become front and center in order to educate everyone about both the need based on it's merits and the need based on immediacy. TLDR sign me up for reparations. I don't think it's just ok...I think it's necessary and I WANT my tax money going to it.
  4. Had to mention this too...when I talk about some of things I'm learning here and why I think this or that is good and what seems right etc...the looks I get when trying to explain that this is all from a Panthers forum...well...I enjoy those looks because they don't make any sense.
  5. This thread is fantastic. I read one post and I'm like yeah that makes sense. I read the next one and I'm like oh yeah that's solid. I end up giving pie to every side of an argument and all I end up with is, that I've changed a lot in the past year alone and I need to do some serious reading because my weak understanding of all of this and more is holding me back. It makes sense to me that bc ADOS are the foundation of everything that they be made whole first. But it also makes sense that they cannot be made whole in the system we are in. But I can't really imagine what the next system would look like...and I can also see how moving to the next system is like starting over clean and fresh...which ignores the pain and suffering of ADOS as if it didn't happen. That's not justice. Man this thread is great and I'm learning so much. Even when you guys are bickering with each other it helps me think. Thank you to everyone in this thread, except the obvious bullshit from the obvious poo bags.
  6. Same. Now let me get back to page 17 and try to catch up.
  7. This thread is a fantastic read. I'm finding myself agreeing more and more with progressives. It's been a slow burn but I'm coming around. I never thought I'd say that. @PhillyB the next time we get a beer the discussion will be different than last time. I'm not prepared to go full on Revolutionary but I can't say I've disagreed with much said in these pages.
  8. This game won't be close. 34-17. Panthers. Fug you trolls. Eat it. No literally. Stuff it down your throats. Make yourself swallow. That upset feeling is the realization that everything you thought about football was wrong. eat it.
  9. Fantastic work! It truly is the story of a hero's journey. One who the audience was rooting for all along and pointing out the naysayers and doubters along the way. My only disagreement is in number 3. I don't think the magic was Shula. I think the magic was Norman. The hero had made some good strides at that point and was about to face a lesser opponent with gaining confidence. We were 2-0 and the saints had a terrible defense and a backup generator commercial at QB. But in our haughtiness, the backup did shine and we were reeling. The true magic was caught in the end zone by a CB that celebrated too much and fought the leader of the team in camp. But magic happened and the hero escaped with the win...and better for it.
  10. X's and O's kinda show a blowout. They have their storylines and so do we. But from a football perspective, everything seems to stack up against Denver. Now obviously they have to play the game but I don't see our players being anything other than laser focused come game day. I also expect them to be very loose tonight at media day. Letting their personality shine. All signs point to a very enjoyable game for us Panthers fans. Panthers 34-17. We do turn the ball over once or twice but it will be inconsequential.
  11. Damn! @KB_fan doing fan base stat break downs now. Awesome.
  12. I think I've seen two here this week and both have been pretty knowledgeable and respectful. I have family out in Phoenix and there isn't a huge passionate fan base. As for the field and weather conditions, that is what home field advantage looks like, along with the crowd. Camthers just doesn't rise to the level of anything more than...meh.
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