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  1. I’m so pissed right now. Like revolution pissed.
  2. My stupid analysis of this primary so far though is that the difference maker this time around is Trump. Trump's existence (as proven by polls) show that the Ds are a one issue party right now and thast issue is to beat Trump. They have been sold for a year that Biden is the favorite to beat Trump and so everyone is voting out of the fear of more Trump for who they've been told is the best to beat him. That's why turnout among everyone is up. Trump. And honestly, that should scare Trump. Combined with Never Trumpers, it could be enough for a ham sandwhich to beat Trump. I mean if a solid 12-15% of Ds don't vote for the D, they may be able to beat Trump without Bernie supporters. OK. Great. Doesn't mean I have to vote for him. I've voted Libertarian many times...I'm used to losing come Presidential years. I've no issue doing it again...except for people supporting progressive policies this time. And policies it seems are where most Bernie supporters are hyper focused. Bc policies effect lives. Politicians like Joe give nice words (when he can manage it) and soothing platitudes but don't actually help people. It's kind of ironic that my dumbass was always voting libertarian bc I believed in the policies. Now that I no longer believe that view point, it turns out policies are still the most important thing to me. But for a lot of people it's like a team sport and it's not about the policies it's about winning. The actual outcome of an election to them is winning or losing...not actual policies that effect people. And politicians can rah rah an election and still not deliver any policy change and the people won't care enough to do anything about it. But there's still time to see what happens. Nothing is over yet.
  3. Imma wait and see how this plays out. Biden could have amelt down any day or at the debate and this thing could swing. OR they could pull a switcheroo at the convention and Milwaukee could burn. Or even outside chance Bernie could pull off a big upset and turn it around by himself. I'm just gonna wait and see what happens for now. I haven't voted yet but I'm willing to guess how my state will go.
  4. That's it. He was able to help me envision what you guys have been saying all along. I couldn't really understand how it would be put into practice in our society. What would it look like? His thread goes into that and really crystlized it for me. I'm actually pretty thankful to all you clowns in the TB for continuing to post. Seeing the arguments play out has helped me finally remember what it was like to marry compassion and excitement with politics. EDIT and not just cynicism and apathy. It seems the system has been designed to breed that apathy ensuring the yoke stays forever around our necks. That's partially why the youth movement is so important and should be heeded. Us broken, jaded fools will continually settle for our scratchings. Also I got Rage tix for the DC concert. Zippo.
  5. He had a long thread last night that probably can't be posted in here like it should. He announced his support of Bernie and the thread was fantastic. It floored me.
  6. I don't have acces to my Twitter here at work but you guys should read that Boots Riley thread that he posted last night around 8:30 endorsing Bernie. It's amazing. Specifically talks about how a people powered movement and solidarity can bring about the change needed to pass "difficult" legislation. I didn't see anyone post it yet.
  7. Finally caught up. There’s a wrinkle I saw suggested. If Biden does poorly in NH and drops out (not likely) and Pete does well (not sure about that) could Obama swoop in and endorse peter before SC? That would shake things up. I don’t see Obama weighing in until the nom is inevitable but it would make things interesting. I saw Bernie, Steyer and Amy doing well last night. And yet I think CBS said Peter won. And Chris Matthews channeled his inner McCarthy.
  8. I literally am lost if that’s your reply to what I said. I’m perfectly ok with not getting it. I don’t get it.
  9. I’ma newbie to this so I might have it wrong, but it seems that means testing does two things: create an undue administrative burden in order to execute said means test... which can be cheated and loopholed and denies the universality of that benefit and I guess a third thing that the bar can be raised or lowered by politicians at whim when universality is in total
  10. Means testing only allows for future politicians to deny. I agree with you on many things Fry but this is a hard no.
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