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  1. Finally caught up. There’s a wrinkle I saw suggested. If Biden does poorly in NH and drops out (not likely) and Pete does well (not sure about that) could Obama swoop in and endorse peter before SC? That would shake things up. I don’t see Obama weighing in until the nom is inevitable but it would make things interesting. I saw Bernie, Steyer and Amy doing well last night. And yet I think CBS said Peter won. And Chris Matthews channeled his inner McCarthy.
  2. I literally am lost if that’s your reply to what I said. I’m perfectly ok with not getting it. I don’t get it.
  3. I’ma newbie to this so I might have it wrong, but it seems that means testing does two things: create an undue administrative burden in order to execute said means test... which can be cheated and loopholed and denies the universality of that benefit and I guess a third thing that the bar can be raised or lowered by politicians at whim when universality is in total
  4. Means testing only allows for future politicians to deny. I agree with you on many things Fry but this is a hard no.
  5. Being PSYOPed at 17 into buying into the accepted American path of college, job, marriage, kids is not the same as you sitting down to determine whether or not you can afford a new car.
  6. I think I’ve decided that I’m Bernie or Bernie as a write in for the general. I’m obviously Bernie for the primary. But I think it’s a cowardly move for me because I’m also in Maryland, so there’s no real stakes or consequences to my “principled” vote. What I’m saying is that every candidate besides Bernie is awful in my eyes but my voting for only him has no effect on anything.
  7. But we should elect the guy who can win the coveted independent vote...
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