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  1. In a thread about Neo Nazis being exposed you get triggered over ok boomer? On top of that, you then demand fealty to a generation that largely reminisce about pre civil rights era? Are you a serious person?
  2. Is it hearsay when the President himself admits it? Is it hearsay when Giuliani admits it? Is it hearsay when Vondlan refuses his testimony and admits it? Is it hearsay when Vinman says it happened? Your worldview is on fire. This is what you’re left to grasp at. Sad.
  3. Today’s testimony was clearly laid out and simple. We’re watching the beginning of the end.
  4. I’ve been wanting this for a long time. I 100% want the Panthers to get Colin. However, I have zero faith it will happen.
  5. I'm an atheist. People like her make me anti-theist.
  6. No one in defense of Trump has argued in good faith here. I will no longer attempt to convince them of facts or rational arguments based on those facts. It's an exercise in futility because they're unwilling to be open to any logical or factual based discussion. It is not in good faith. Therefore...pointless. Now, it seems abundantly clear that this process is moving forward but I see a potential to drag it out. The CR ends on 22 NOV and I absolutely see this as a road block that Trump will use to draw out this process. He wants this process to take as long as possible for several reasons. And all I can think is that every poll has 2020 wrong. Yes every poll shows Trump being defeated by any of the big three Dems but I've yet to see a poll of how badly any of the Dems beat Pence...because that's who the race will be against. Shrugs.
  7. Your only proof of this is Scalise complaining. Regardless, the next phase will be public and you all will find the next thing to complain about. Your continued asking about what crimes he committed or what obstruction took place simply illustrates your inability or, more likely, unwillingness to read or think critically. You’re literally ignoring reality because your entire worldview is tied to a cult of personality.
  8. You’re such a moron. It’s an inquiry. Not an impeachment. That’s coming... but the inquiry is first. You’re citing rules about impeachment hearings that haven’t happened yet. Do you realize how desperate that makes you sound? Regardless, the fact that you trumpet the talking point that this is a democrat coup illustrates beautifully that you, nor any other traitorous fugsticks, know what a coup is much less that the process is constitutionally required. Your boy is going down in flames along with your worldview. It’s unraveling more every day and you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to actually stand up to the cult of personality. We are literally being treated about what we would do in the 1930s Germany era. History will judge you.
  9. No I'm talking about any news that the House Ethics committee or someone else is moving to do something to them or will this simply go down as political theater and nothing actual comes of it. Twitter would be talking about it House Reps would be calling for it, announcing it, etc
  10. I've not access to Twitter here at work. Is that what's happening? Is anyone actively pushing for them to be punished?
  11. Yeah the real LAW that's involved here, as far as I understand, is that they obstructed a lawful committee hearing. They basically obstructed Congress. Had any of us rushed in there to do the same, we would've been arrested for barging in and not for having a cell phone.
  12. Kind of like he's pointing to the 20 or so that barged into the briefing and saying this is what a good soldier looks like? I mean maybe. Seems like you're giving him too much credit for thinking that out.
  13. I'm not sure what you mean
  14. True. I'm speaking in general. Elected officials don't need clearances. Their staffers do but not them themselves.
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