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  1. I have no idea how much Ron is involved in making the offensive game plan. Has that been documented somewhere? I agree with your assumptions based on the kind of football games he's said he liked. But I'm not convinced he has any input into what Norv does. Regardless, my point is that blaming Ron for anything the offense does (and not even mentioning Norv) is wrong. Sure Ron gets blame/credit as HC but specifically bashing the offense and naming him is forgetting that Norv exists and has autonomy (as had been documented). That's all I'm saying.
  2. Finished the show. Enjoyed it. It wasn't amazing but it was good and kept me interested. As has been said, the world building is fantastic. I also thought the acting was good. Themes were great but felt a little obvious. The twist that I thought was a big one was true but not a big twist. The final twist I figured out but not until episode 7. It's set up to take a different and possibly more interesting tact in season 2 (assuming there is one). There's a ton of shows to watch these days and I'd say this one is worth the time.
  3. I'm going to that show too. Forgot to get tickets this weekend but will tonight. Nice thing about a Tool concert...it doesn't matter how close you sit. You basically sit there and listen to them (or maybe stand there and listen to them). There really aren't bad seats to their concerts because it's all about the music and the light show can be seen from just about anywhere. The album is fantastic. The only criticism I have, and I'm not sure it's a criticism, is that it doesn't sound new. Like they picked up right where they left off 13 years ago. But their sound hasn't evolved. I'm the guy who thinks each album was better than the last and I can't say that now. I think 10,000 Days is still the better album. BUT I think this album is great and I've been listening straight too. Pneuma and 7empest really jump out at me but there isn't a bad song there.
  4. Great post OP. Agreed. For those blaming Ron for not going up-tempo (no huddle)...remember the Offense is 100% controlled and called by Norv. Your problem is with Norv not Ron. Sure, Ron, as HC, can dictate that but we all know he wouldn't do that and seriously, we wouldn't want him to. I'm not saying the criticism isn't valid. I'm saying you're directing your ire at the wrong coach...for this specific complaint.
  5. Reason enough to ignore your "contributions" to this football forum. I'm an idiot who still watches the ball when snapped and can now, easily thanks to your shitposting, ignore your "opinions" on football. Thanks.
  6. It seemed clear to me. Cam throws ball. Defender is IN FRONT of Cam (ie down the field). Defender tips ball. Therefore, it's impossible for ball to be going backwards until the tip. Ball hits ground. Pass is incomplete. I don't see how it can be any other way. Not blaming the refs for the loss but I don't see how this wasn't overturned.
  7. Lol and that's why your posts are laughable and not considered seriously. Dude performed decently against the defending NFC Champs (who got better). We knew going in it would be a tough game (maybe the hardest all year) and we not only lost by just 3 but could've won the game if not for mistakes by coaches and on offense. Add in just some unlucky bounces (LA recovering their own fumbles) and the Panthers had a decent showing in a tough game that they could've won...but you want our franchise QB gone. LMAO. Get the fug out of here with that poo.
  8. Had to mention this too...when I talk about some of things I'm learning here and why I think this or that is good and what seems right etc...the looks I get when trying to explain that this is all from a Panthers forum...well...I enjoy those looks because they don't make any sense.
  9. This thread is fantastic. I read one post and I'm like yeah that makes sense. I read the next one and I'm like oh yeah that's solid. I end up giving pie to every side of an argument and all I end up with is, that I've changed a lot in the past year alone and I need to do some serious reading because my weak understanding of all of this and more is holding me back. It makes sense to me that bc ADOS are the foundation of everything that they be made whole first. But it also makes sense that they cannot be made whole in the system we are in. But I can't really imagine what the next system would look like...and I can also see how moving to the next system is like starting over clean and fresh...which ignores the pain and suffering of ADOS as if it didn't happen. That's not justice. Man this thread is great and I'm learning so much. Even when you guys are bickering with each other it helps me think. Thank you to everyone in this thread, except the obvious bullshit from the obvious poo bags.
  10. You, and those like you, seem to think there exists this large pool of people who want AR 15s, who plan on committing mass shootings, who have red flags preventing them to do so and instead, go to your mythically large black market for the gun. When, in fact, most of the people that commit mass shootings with these weapons got them legally. You then turn and say, we can't predict and prevent evil. So, in your mind, criminals will get the weapon legally or illegally and any limiting of the sales of AR 15s is an invasion on the rights of the innocent. Here's why your point is flaccid. The first thing that should be done is an immediate ban with fair market compensation for all magazines for any weapon of more than 6 rounds (nothing with more chances than a typical revolver). If you want to keep any magazine with a capacity over 6 rounds you need to get a license to do so, similar to what FFL holders have to do for weapons already heavily regulated. After the compensation/amnesty period ends, being caught with any offending magazine is a federal offense that has tough, violent crime punishment as a consequence. Secondly, the AR 15 is both easily modified and easily held in a way that gets near automatic rifle results (requires high capacity magazine though). A Ruger .22 rifle can not get similar results for example. So while the functions of the 2 rifles are exactly the same, the results are very different. So banning a specific weapon which, can be argued, has a design flaw, in that it can easily achieve similar results to an automatic weapon, both makes sense and is in keeping with current laws from the 1930s heavily regulating the use of automatic weapons. In the end, your right to own one of these rifles is completely the same as your right to own an M60 machine gun or even a mini-gun. It's 100% legal and VERY regulated. Secondly, magazines are an accessory to a weapon and not a weapon. Therefore, all of these regulations have zero impact on the 2nd Amendment. And finally, the point of all these regulations is to prevent the very evil that you say can't be stopped. If most people can't or are unwilling to own a weapon that can get near automatic weapon results, then when a killer decides they're going on a rampage, it will be with a weapon that has a FAR smaller chance of creating the kind of casualty results we've seen with AR 15s...thus saving lives. Shootings and stabbings and bombs and cars used as weapons, etc will still happen because humans gonna human. BUT we can affect how many are endangered by these attacks...but you don't want to because you want to keep your weapon and don't want to have to get a FFL in order to do so. In other words, you are willing to sacrifice American lives in order to keep your cheap and unregulated weapon cheap and unregulated. PS - There's a counter argument to what I'm saying but I doubt you'll think of it and you'd have to be crazy farm libertarian to advocate for it. TLDR - AR 15s can and should be regulated like automatic weapons due to (what I'm calling) a design flaw. Magazines should be hard capped at 6 rounds with harsh punishment if caught with one.
  11. I'm 2 episodes in and like it so far. Add in Jack the Ripper (kinda) to all the stuff above. One coming plot twist is likely obvious but we shall see.
  12. I guess I don't really care if it is or isn't...as long as the story is well done and compelling then IDC if it is Boba or they never mention him. Execute on the show and it's significance to the SW movies is irrelevant to me.
  13. Hasn't it been confirmed that it's NOT Boba Fett? I think the series looks like it's very well done and I'm looking forward to it. Oberon from Dorne in GoT is the guy playing this Mandalorian and I'm here for it for sure.
  14. It seems most likely that it's a vision of what path she could go down. Kind of like when Luke saw his own face in the Vader helmet. Without context, it makes for a fantastic visual...generating excitement. In context, it's likely obvious. But we shall see. I'll be there opening weekend for sure. Regardless of how much the last movie bothered me.
  15. Why did you quote me and then use more words to say what I just said?
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