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  1. And one last thing @retired changing this law or that law or this policy or that policy is a separate issue and how NOTHING to do with how we treat people legally in our custody. We are not helplessly following some law that REQUIRES us (if only the Democrats would change it) to inhumanely treat people. Debates about immigration reform are a different topic. There s nothing requiring us to continue to inhumanely treat children legally in our custody. Is that clear enough for you? Your attempts to wave away or explain that this is somehow just a tragic result of people illegally coming to America and Trump's hands are tied is an evil lie.
  2. Jesus fugging Christ, why is this hard for people? First, the VAST majority (as has been pointed out endless times in other threads) VAST majority of "illegal" aliens are "legal" aliens who have overstayed their visas. The "illegals" at the border is literally not a big concern or problem. Individually yes but not en masse. The overwhelming problem at the southern border are the people that legally show up at the port of entry and legally declare themselves seeking asylum. At this point they are literally following the law and doing everything the LEGAL and correct way that so many people bitch about endlessly. They're then now being processed. How they're treated as they're being processed is 100% on the US. The FACT that they are being denied basic safe and sanitary conditions and Trump argues that basic necessities are not required in providing the safe and sanitary conditions required by law is 100% on the US. I'll say that last bit again. Trump (DoJ lawyer) went to court to say that basic necessities like toothbrushes and soap were not necessarily required to be safe and sanitary because no one has defined what safe and sanitary means. Their parents could literally be serial killers and it would be irrelevant to how WE treat these children in OUR custody. So blaming their parents for any of this is patently evil as it ignores the 100% responsibility of the US in how it cares for those in it's custody. Finally, yes Obama built these cages. Yes the media is 100% garbage and hypocritical. So the FUG what? Just because there wasn't outrage then (there was some as Republicans used to lambast Obama about him deporting more than anyone else but whatever) doesn't have poo to do with HOW WE TREAT PEOPLE IN OUR CUSTODY. It is literally a different issue and pointing to ANYTHING Obama did as somehow excusing our current behavior is flat out evil. There is no better word for it other than evil. Condoning the inhumane treatment of people legally IN OUR CUSTODY is evil.
  3. Here's a point I've not seen brought up anywhere... Apparently Iran attacked a Japanese ship that had Saudi oil in it (is that right?) and what does that have to do with us? Haven't we been selling Army poo to the Saudi's and training them for...decades? They have the poo. They can fight their own fight if they want to have a fight with Iran. Otherwise, wtf are we selling and training them only to fight their fight for them? I know the actual reasons but seriously, the literal premise of selling them weapons and training them is so they can fight for themselves. Obviously, the whole thing is dumb but I've not seen that brought up anywhere as yet another reason of why this has nothing to do with us.
  4. OK let's pretend those are apples and apples. You immediately show your hypocrisy because you're upset that Hillary did something and now aren't upset at that same thing when Trump does it. You're saying Trump is doing the same thing that should've gotten Hillary "locked up". I expect your next post to advocate "lock him up".
  5. This thread is a fantastic read. I'm finding myself agreeing more and more with progressives. It's been a slow burn but I'm coming around. I never thought I'd say that. @PhillyB the next time we get a beer the discussion will be different than last time. I'm not prepared to go full on Revolutionary but I can't say I've disagreed with much said in these pages.
  6. This thread is so entertaining because of statements like this littered throughout it. This has to be a parody account. LMAO
  7. That was the finale that the show deserved. I thought it was great.
  8. I agree but I'm willing to bet that he's going to say he misunderstood Mueller when he spoke to him or some poo. Like he will and maybe did use very precise language that tip toes the line legally to get out of it. That's what I think will happen. But him using that specific language could show intent to mislead but that's for Congress to decide I guess or maybe a judge. Either way, I don't want the pursuit of Barr to distract from the duty of Congress to impeach Trump. I'd like to think they could and should do both if appropriate but I don't have much faith in them.
  9. I'm willing to bet semantics will save him and prevent all that from happening. I'm not interested in getting specifically him or not. I want anyone that did something wrong to be out. If he did...then get him. If he tiptoed the line, ugh, fine lets move on. Bottom line is that it seems clear to me that Trump committed impeachable offenses (maybe not actual crimes) using the criteria of Graham from the Clinton impeachment. Therefore the House should do it's due diligence and then whatever the Senate does they do. I'm not interested at this moment about putting Trump in jail or what happens after. It seems like a clear line has been crossed using the standards of Lindsay Graham and that the procedure should start. Simple. I literally think it's their duty.
  10. Moorgan


    You say that like religion has more proof and are dismissing "book knowledge". Which I'm not sure what you mean by that because those theories are based off of measurable evidence and the upper understandings of how the universe works. But you just dismissed it like it wasn't a real thing. Lol.
  11. Moorgan


    Exactly. And I'm ok with that. I'll enjoy the moments I have and accept that it's over when it's over. Not looking forward to it. It's worth being here but nothing I can do about it so I refuse to fret and worry. If I'm wrong and there's something else hey bonus. If it's bad well that sucks.
  12. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is this: Mueller isn't saying anything new outside of his report. He's saying that they couldn't exonerate Trump (but exoneration isn't really his job). He's saying he couldn't charge Trump because of DOJ policy and that Congress has to act to do that. But Barr and Rosenstein said they asked Mueller if the DOJ policy was the thing that was stopping him from charging Trump and they say Mueller said several times it was NOT the reason. Is that the part where Barr lied to Congress? That should be easy to resolve by someone just asking Mueller that right? What I think should happen is that the House should start impeachment proceedings today. I think today's presser was the momentum that weak Democrats needed to feel comfortable moving forward. Not sure why they've waited but I think they should start the process. Also think it's a solid idea to ask Dem candidates what they think about all this (most probably agree about impeachment) and what they would do to Trump after he leaves office. But they could easily punt on that question saying that you can't prejudge the results of the impeachment proceedings. I think this is the beginning of the end for Trump.
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