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  1. Ford, Taylor, Risner, Adderly, Thornhill, Williams. Predicting a run on WR in round 2. Should be good options at 47.
  2. Trade back with Houston to 23. Pick Ford, Risner, or Cajuste. Use the 2nd acquired from HOU paired with pick 47 and move back into the first or top of the 2nd to grab Sweat or Clelin Ferrell. Unlikely but that would be best case scenario IMO.
  3. I don’t think most see Ford as an LT. I see him has a LG this year and a possible replacement for Williams at RT. He provides a lot flexibility on the line moving forward. i think 16 is too high for a G but if you’re able to trade back he’d be a solid value.
  4. Sweat, Gary, Ford, Dillard. Of the 4 the most sure fire contributor is Ford IMO. Would love Cody Ford but i think 16 is too high, if they are able to trade back into the early 20's he would be an awesome value. Hockenson would be a great value in the 20's as well IMO.
  5. Yep, thanks. That's who i was trying to think of but leaving a Cowboy off the list just seems like the right thing to do.
  6. Of players playing since having any football awareness: Jones, Ogden, Munoz and Thomas. The order is irrelevant to me. Pace, Roaf, and Slater are that next tier IMO. I'm probably leaving a Cowboy out but i'm okay with it..
  7. The stars could be aligning for Cleveland. The AFC North will be weaker than it has in a long time (Pittsburgh loses Bell and Brown, Baltimore has an unproven QB and took some hits on D in FA and Cincinnati is... well... Cincinnati). Even with all that and the talent they seem to have assembled it might not work out. They have a huge question mark at HC and the front office will always be dysfunctional with Haslem at the top. Should be interesting to watch regardless.
  8. Just curious, how many draft picks does she think we have? Re-signing T Smith, not cutting Kalil and not restructuring Shaq’s contract to free up cap space when they have more needs than they can address in the draft boggles the mind.
  9. Solid player but not a good fit after the Reid signing. Can we all agree both Gettleman and Hurney have warts? Does anyone really think that either is actually a good GM. Hurney drafted well in the first round, had a couple of FA successes but in the end put us in cap hell, had some very questionable drafts and ultimately built a team that put us in a position to get Cam with the first overall pick. Gettleman got us out of cap hell while managing to have some success but had some terrible drafts and of course the Kalil contract. There are competent GM's out there. Hope Tepper realizes some day that he doesn't have to settle for a mediocre GM.
  10. I got it wrong. Hurney has made many mistakes as a GM over the years, this wasn't one of them. My recollection was in the moment at the time, never heard/saw another conclusion. Looking back now at the contract and the terminology it was the only real option. I admit it, I got sucked into the twittersphere judgement at the time on this one.
  11. they didn't save anything... https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2018/02/26/panthers-change-matt-kalils-contract-but-get-no-cap-savings/
  12. Don't kid yourself. Restructuring Kalil's contract was a blunder by Hurney. They converted an option bonus to a signing bonus. A move that resulted in zero cap savings and increased the dead money for 2019, The only "logical" explanation for the move at the time was that Hurney was trying to make Matt feel secure in his role here.
  13. The same guy called into the midday show Monday and told the same story but he said Tep's response was "you never know". Now it's "a very good possibility". Knew it was BS all along but he confirmed it this morning.
  14. Honestly don't think this has much to do with ticket scammers. You'll still be able to print from your Panthers PSL account as i understand it (edit: maybe not, just sent an email asking). More to do with cutting the cost of printing and shipping the booklets IMO. I will miss the paper ticket, like to to keep them, have every one from every game I've attended since getting my PSL's in 1998. I am a curmudgeon that hates change (half joking) but i'll give them a shot. If it makes it better then great, i'll just keep the program (until they go to digital). I am a bit skeptical, they are going to have to change/improve the stadium entry process. I can see this scenario repeated over and over and over: drunk couple in front holding up the line because they can't get the ticket to pull up on their phone and i miss the first quarter...
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