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  1. LMAO yeah ,ok. If thats where I wanted to go I would have went there and would back it up. quit acting like a woman and trying to read between lines that arent there. It pissed me off last week when people were putting all of the blame on williams, and i was wondering if said people would do the same this week using their same flawed logic. It wasnt a slight on cam, but your big boy panties on j
  2. It wasnt a back pedal, you flat out accused me of wanting to blame cam, when what i actually said was more of a dig at the people wanting to solely blame williams for last weeks loss. if you didnt feel the need to blindly defend newton you would realize this.
  3. lol ok youre the one that rushed to in with the defensiveness. learn to read.
  4. I wasnt blaming anyone. i asked a question. I didnt blame williams last week, why would i blame newton?
  5. mixon called steve smith the "pit bull terrier" of the offense. pretty accurate
  6. deangelo got a lot of blame for his fumble last week... if they lose this one by less than three will anyone blame cam's interception that cost at least a FG?
  7. it always works against us when other teams do it. about time they make it happen
  8. smith drops one. whos gonna yell at him. and fug these 30 second handoffs
  9. two would be even better. they always waste at least one on offense though
  10. well three timeouts are way too many, but one timeout may be just the thing. LOL
  11. even a blind squirrel humps a broken clock once a month or something. pancakes
  12. everybody relax. they are just taking what the defense is giving them, once the regular season starts they will be worldbeaters.
  13. cam could have had that first down if he hadnt started dancing
  14. Even if carolina would have got a TD that drive, they would have only been up by 2. Seattle is in FG range now it would not have mattered.
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