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Just a lonely guy. I like cats and I like to lay naked in the back of my pick up truck and tan. I like to make my own shorts out of jeans I buy at thrift stores. I'm not very hunky, more like chunky. Former rap star turned board game star. I also enjoy working on puzzles with my mom. I like to make things out of taters. My house is infested with fleas but I enjoy when they crawl on me and bite me. I like to eat boogers, nails, and ear wax. Sometimes I drink my pee. I have almost 100 cats and have had over 400 in my life. I like to dance all crazy. I hope to one day meet a lady. I have multiple dating website accounts but I always scare ladies away. I like to wear my shorts wear the tip of my penis sometimes comes out. I'm talking real short. For the ladies.