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  1. I agree. If GS stays I think he’s gone. The hope is they trade out
  2. I think Little looks much improved vs last year. He needs some time with good coaching and mentoring from Okung. He has only started 5(?) games. It is a tough position, we need to give him some time. I liked what I saw yesterday, I thought he looked really good. Not saying he’s perfect, but some of you seem almost desperate to find mistakes. Again, he’s very early in his career and inexperienced. I admittedly am very optimistic in general, but I’ve seen big improvements vs. last year, and that’s all I can ask for at this point.
  3. Thank you for sharing that. It is cool to see the massive impact Brown has on a lot of plays that doesn’t show up in the stat sheet.
  4. I’m torn on him. I never understood why he was hyped and drafted so high. He seems very mistake prone, even in college. But like everyone else I trust the coaching staff (which is sooooo nice for a change). On the other hand, the upside of offensive players miss used/broken by Gase is intriguing...
  5. I read somewhere they expect him to back in a few weeks, so that is good news. The takeaway here however is that we have two legit DEs in YGM and Burns. The rebuild of the d-line in the last two drafts is nothing short of amazing. Future of our d-line is looking as bright as I can remember.
  6. Here’s a view of the top 30 from CBS: https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/2020-nba-free-agency-top-30-players-headlined-by-fred-vanvleet-with-anthony-davis-reportedly-staying-in-l-a/ I know there was talk about Wood at one point. Young, improving guy that seem to fit what we are looking for. How would he fit in to our line-up? 17 Christian WoodDETROIT PISTONS PF Status: Unrestricted Wood was a revelation toward the end of the season in Detroit, and pretty much the only positive thing the franchise had going. The 6-10 big man averaged 22.3 points and 9.5 rebounds while shooting 41 percent from the 3-point line in his last 15 games, which should be enough for Detroit, or someone else, to invest in the 25-year-old's upside
  7. love this from Joe Person tweet: “...Matt Rhule said this wk Panthers are re-scheming these.” it should be so obvious, but feels like rocket science vs. Ron. I’m so excited about this coaching staff.
  8. This was interesting from Peter King: “Schefter tweets that Michael Thomas won’t be active Monday night against the Chargers, and adds an hour later it’s because he punched cornerback C.J. Gardner-Johnson. Hearing a lot about this, including the fact that teammates backed Gardner-Johnson in the practice dispute, and that this is a suspension more than another week off to rest an ankle injury. It’ll be interesting to see if Thomas works to get back in the good graces of the team, or if this remains an issue for whatever reason. But if it lingers, it could be a huge issue for the Saints, 2-2 entering tonight’s game. Thomas caught more balls last year than any receiver in history in one season, and his chemistry with Drew Brees is notable. The Saints need his greatness.”
  9. Is Daley fully back? Anyone heard anything about him playing LG? O-line looked much improved last week so they might not want to mess with it too much (except for Okung). But I’m also really interested to see what Daley can do in that role
  10. I was never expecting him to have a lot of sacks, but I’ll take dominant run stopping and tfls any day. That’s what I was hoping for and why I really liked the pick.
  11. I might be remembering this wrong, but didn’t Little play pretty well his first two games, got the concussion and looked bad once he returned? Or am I remembering this wrong? I’m concerned for Teddy, but I really want to see what we have in Little this year.
  12. This one made me LOL, you need sound on.
  13. Really impressed by him as well, you can see how he fits with the culture they are installing. I also thought he played really well, the first time in a while I’ve felt ok with our LT. Only 1 week in to the season, but do far I’m liking the trade.
  14. On a different note, is Daley our new LG? Kind of excited about it if true.
  15. Well he did take the blame: "I was not overly pleased with the starters, which obviously always then goes back to the coaching staff and myself."
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