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  1. I didn’t pay too much attention to this season outside of my struggling Tar Heels. I usually try to catch up a bit during March madness. So I don’t know much about the prospects, but I figure I get this going. The four names I‘ve seen mentioned to us are James Wiseman (C), Onyeka Okongwu (C), Aaron Nesmith (SG?) and Killian Hayes (PG). Nesmith looks like a ridiculous shooter on paper, anyone seen him play? What is your take on him and the other three?
  2. I don’t mind the Cam threads, it is easy not to click on them if you don’t want to read them. Everything is soooo slow right now anyway so I click on most threads to be honest. The one thing that gets old is when Cam is constantly brought up in Panthers threads and it turns into another Cam discussion. Let’s just keep them separate and we should be good to go.
  3. I’m excited for the direction and the current re-build of the Panthers. Long term I have high hopes. I’m also happy for Cam. He’s a good guy who has done so many great things for this area. Patriots could be a great fit for him. I wish him the best. I’m not sure if anyone knew, but both of the above can be true.
  4. I look at it this two ways: 1) What did he tell the fans? (and bohoo that your feelings are hurt because he didn’t tell the fans everything going on. That is just normal for every team and company, so grow up) 2) What did he tell Cam and his agent? This I don’t know at all, maybe it could have been handled better, but none of us knows what was said. Cam’s agent (I think Bus Cook?) has been far from a “nice” guy in the past representing other players You could potentially be upset about 2 above if you have any insight. But not about 1.
  5. Leki Fotu is also there for some good DT depth: 113. Leki Fotu, DT, Utah (6-5, 330) Fotu is able to drop his hips, lock out and create a stout anchor to leverage in the run game. With his rugby background, he is a rare athlete for his size and pounces out of his stance, which leads to seductive splash plays on tape, although there are questions about his pass rush upside. Overall, Fotu is still discovering how to be efficient with his unique skill set, but he displays the athletic traits, heavy hands and powerful lower half to be a productive NFL gap plugger.
  6. I’m also interested in Robinson. Good size, athletic etc. Good coaching might be all he needs. Here is Bruglers analysis: 98. Reggie Robinson II, CB, Tulsa (6-1, 205) Robinson is physically impressive with his length and athletic profile, showing the coverage awareness and receiver-like traits to make plays on the football. His aggressive mindset is an asset in the run game, but also leads to early contact downfield. Overall, Robinson needs to shore up the undisciplined parts of his game, but his combination of instincts, “my ball” mentality and athletic traits are the building blocks of an NFL starter capable of playing press and zone.
  7. I go back and forth. I usually find that the channel with the fewest people on set is the best. When they have a lot of people, it tend to become a fight for airtime. A set of 3-4 people is best. i get a kick out of Kiper, don’t mind him too much. Can’t stand Dion Sanders doing interviews, brutal stuff
  8. Verge, what’s your take on Love? Sit him for a year under a good coach and he’ll have a chance to be great? Or overrated?
  9. I messed inserting that image somehow. This is what I got using The Draft Network. Not sure how realistic, but I like it: 7) DT Derrick Brown 38) CB A.J. Terrell 69) C/G Matt Hennessy 113) CB Reggie Robinson 148) DT James Lynch 152) G Solomon Kindley 184) OT Charlie Heck 221) K Rodrigo Blankenship
  10. Martin

    Corona Virus

    I saw this and I definitely agree: “It would be really beneficial for all of us if we can change our way of thinking from just "am I going to get sick?" to "can my actions inadvertently put others at risk?”
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