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  1. I sure hope Teppar isn't basing his decisions on what he reads on the carolina huddle.
  2. Cant wait to watch the hawks keep the saints out of the superbowl again
  3. LOL What a freakin disappointing season.
  4. We do but it is another nail biter where we make it much harder than it should be
  5. Sounds like bill belichick is our next coach with Brady at qb
  6. Are any of the Panthers on the current roster?
  7. Does not matter if the Td was made. Would not have gotten the 2 point after the dumb decision to go for 2 on the last Td
  8. If Ron based this decision on teppar analitics we are about to be the new Redskins
  9. LOL Here's how that NFL meeting went. Guys we want Brees to win the superbowl this year no matter what, but our main concern is that the Ron Rivera coached Carolina Panthers led by Kyle Allen are going to prevent that. Well guys we must do something. What can we do? I know, let's move the Panthers Packers game to 4:25...... That will stop that football juggernaut and get Brees to where we want him.
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