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    28-3 .. but your team can't beat the Falcons

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  1. @Saca312 swore Poe was the 2nd coming of Sapp . Lmfaooo
  2. GeorgiaBoyz

    The Remaining Schedule...

    Won’t beat NO, ATL, SEA or DET .
  3. Y Patriots also have the best HC & QB combo of all time .
  4. GeorgiaBoyz

    2015 Panthers vs 2018 Panthers

    Lmfaooo ..
  5. GeorgiaBoyz

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    Sure . You sound like a bitch . -__-
  6. GeorgiaBoyz

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    The same PFF statistics everyone uses except for when it’s against their narrative . Lmfaooo !! “A playoff team” .. lmfaooo . It’s a marathon not a sprint . See how last year ended .
  7. GeorgiaBoyz

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    What does “Boyz” tell you clown !? As much as “4corners” Lmfaooo .
  8. GeorgiaBoyz

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    Never left . You’d have to switch teams to run me off this forum . We give the pussies all they can stand even at their best .
  9. GeorgiaBoyz

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    You have no idea what you’re talking about . Reed was top10 against the run last season & Takk is in his 2nd year and also a stud against the run .. so yea .
  10. GeorgiaBoyz

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    24-10 dumb ass lol . Or did you guys win a SB I don’t know about ? Oh nvm you didn’t , y’all just lost one better . Makes sense. Lmfaooo .
  11. GeorgiaBoyz

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    A losing team that the pussies can’t beat . Lmfaooo
  12. It’s a long season buddy . It’s only the first quarter lol . Congrats on your first month record .
  13. Ding ding ding .. 2 all pro defensive players to IR, starting FS to IR, starting Guard to IR, no Takk, no Grady Jarrett, no Freeman .. missing time . Is what it is .
  14. We beat you bums .. no excuse needed . Clown lmfaooo