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  1. I think you guys win 27 to 9. The Panther D will smother an already struggling Falcon O unless they give Freeman the ball 20+ but that makes too much sense so put him down for 13. No need to talk about the D our O is their worse enemy. They'll play good early then tire out early in the 3rd.
  2. Wow I thought my Falcons were the only team that fumble snaps in the red zone. Lucky for you guys though Cam will redeem himself.
  3. These muthafugas are terrible & it's all because of Matt Ryan, he's been playing like a jack ass the last month. Smh.
  4. I agree... I don't have a problem with the word boy lol, it's not that serious. I just don't care to be called one. It's some what disrespectful.
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