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  1. I really don't understand the purpose of not tanking. Even with the greatest coaching staff of all time, this roster isn't winning more than six games (and tbh, that's a stretch). You gain nothing. Tank and we may have one of the highest rated prospects of this decade. Don't tank, and you get what? Another mediocre season with no shot of competing. You need a great (not okay) QB to win in this league. Whatever means necessary.
  2. If i am him, I am getting everything I am worth.
  3. If people do not think we are still not tanking, I do not know what to tell you.
  4. With the salary cap increase, this is actually a fair deal for what he is worth.
  5. I'm on the tank for Lawrence train all the way
  6. Tua had 3 first round nfl receivers to throw to and a dominant O-line. I can't trust a guy who's never been challenged to succeed.
  7. I actually do not think this team lacks talent (except on the O line). I think we lack more discipline and good coaching than anything else.
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