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  1. If you compare every DE to Reggie White you will always be disappointed. That's like comparing every playwright to Shakespeare.
  2. Has some Marion Barber to his game. Always falls forward, 1st guy never gets him down, and he has a wicked stiff arm.
  3. Saints may not have had a first, but they are making good selections with what they have. And no, the OL picks for Atlanta aren't exciting, but their offensive line was mostly trash last year. Time will tell whose draft is the best.
  4. Rivera said himself he wanted to get guys that could play in our base defense or switch to nickel or 3-4 looks without needing to come off of the field. These guys can do that.
  5. Christian Miller can play multiple positions. Stand up rusher, drop into coverage, 5-tech, and a speedy 3-tech.
  6. I don't know why everyone is freaking out about teams trading up. The players being taken are guys we likely weren't going to select anyway. My top 5 are still on the board. Hell, I'd be taking calls for a trade down.
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