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  1. I have been watching Braverman and it's a lot to like about his game. If he gets with the patriots, he will become a pro bowler. The ideal slot guy with 4.4 speed and great cod. Had a 6.8 3 cone I believe.
  2. so he lost his job for killing a dog.......... and by the way, he played his HS ball at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte.
  3. Perriman, Dorsett, Gregory, Randall (who has grown on me, and is a very versatile DB), or Jones. I do not think the value was there for an OL, but DB and WR i thought had better value.
  4. but poo Roman had to play coverage, so it couldn't be any worse.
  5. and Green Bay is licking their chops at this. with players like Cobb, Beckham, Jackson, etc playing in the slot, i just do not see Thompson being able to stay in coverage vs them.
  6. Good post. in nickel situations, i do not see Tillman playing the nickel back role, but playing outside. this allows Bene to slide to the inside, at nickel. I just cannot see Shaq as an option to stay on the field over Tillman, Bene, or Norman. not even Harper.
  7. i just watched him vs Illinois 2013 and god. he probably improved with more reps, but i just do not see it with him. i cannot watch anymore,until he gets drafted. he is strictly a WLB, chase the ball guy.
  8. i just cannot get behind another LB in the first round. 4 LBs in 12 years is just not smart, especially on one who is not playing his best position. Shaq would be a better RB.
  9. the fug? so why didn't he get the so called lethal force?
  10. not saying its true or not, but its lying season. i wouldn't believe poo coming out right now.
  11. His brother said no to LSU too. Mom showed very much disgust on tv during one of those all star hs football games.
  12. i thought he had decent ball skills from what i seen. hard to watch safety play because of no all 22 games out there.
  13. indy is known to have a slower track, for when they run the 40. most schemes do transfer over to others, but what Agholor ran at USC is closer to what will be expected on sunday. not saying Hardy cannot do those things, but we just haven't seen it as often. Hardy would be perfect in New England, Green Bay, or Denver in a system that emphasis the slot as key weapon. does ECU run the same system as Texas Tech from when Danny Amendola, and Wes Welker was there?
  14. in a game of inches, that is what some would call separation.
  15. on topic, Gordon put up some crazy numbers in the BIG10. i do believe the better value could be outside of the 1st for a RB.
  16. you will see some separation between a 4.5 and a 4.4. here Cam runs a 4.58 and RG3 ran a 4.41. that tenth of a second makes a difference in the game. one thing Hardy does excel at is stopping, and starting, changing directions, which is exhibited by his outstanding 3 cone, and short shuttle times. that could translate in him being an effective route runner, but was not shown all the time at ECU. plus, his route tree was limited based off the offense he was in. not his fault, but something you will have to consider. Agholor ran a very complex pro style offenses at USC under Kiffin, and Sark. he has ran many different types of pro routes, and excelled in them. he is known for being one of the better route runners in the draft. plus he has shown the ability to win in the slot, and outside, which is a major plus to NFL teams. i would be content with either, but i would give the edge to Agholor.
  17. Cian does really good write ups on X's and O's. he wrote one up on how Carolina had a very bad game plan vs. the vikings last season. he includes gifs and still pics to help support his writings. he is really good. every person that writes on bleacher is not bad. bleacher has improved a lot over the years, and they have actually hired some real writers.
  18. will place this little nugget here. this is huge for Dorsett. http://www.rotoworld.com/sports/cfb/nfl-draft
  19. panthers did work out star if i remember correctly, Coach Washington did in Utah. Maybe Ricky did Jalen as well. he did not tweet out his country wide tour like he did last year, but i read he was at washington st a couple of weeks ago.
  20. I just cannot agree with this. Especially when you do not bring in much during the fa period. 2nd or later is fine. Kwon Alexander from LSU is a decent prospect and could be had in the middle rounds. He is an ideal weak side lb.
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