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  1. g5jamz

    Gov Cooper

    I am. Overstaying visas is just as guilty. Don't care what your melanin level is.
  2. g5jamz

    Gov Cooper

    Is there any country that cannot use the USA as a scapegoat to their own failed economic systems? RIF - reading is fundamental. Unless you're saying that they are failing/failed.
  3. g5jamz

    Gov Cooper

    Oh yes, the tried and true everyone has my number idiocy. So let's get your argument correct. The meddling you're are speaking. Be specific. Are you talking about the prevention of communism creeping into Central America? NAFTA? Is there any country that cannot use the USA as a scapegoat to their own failed economic systems?
  4. g5jamz

    Gov Cooper

    In that situation also, you have liberal magistrates and sheriffs wanting to just release people back into the public. Fudge the numbers for statistical/political purposes and say there's nothing wrong.
  5. g5jamz

    Gov Cooper

    Put all liberal democrats in a lottery and they house the released until their hearing is held and approved/declined.
  6. g5jamz

    Gov Cooper

    The problem with this statement is the assumption that the basis of asylum meets one of the government qualified reasons. Economic asylum is NOT one of those reasons.
  7. g5jamz

    Gov Cooper

    NC Sheriffs Assc supports the house bill. Only Cooper, State AG, liberal reps, and a handful of sheriffs around NC believes what he does.
  8. g5jamz

    Gov Cooper

    He and the Wake sheriff are going to be one and done.
  9. Didn't know that if true. Just found it funny how someone took the democrat socialist meeting and put it to Southpark. I guess putting the real video would've been just as funny.
  10. Which plan...all of them? Doesn't add up. https://www.heritage.org/taxes/report/it-arithmetically-impossible-fund-the-progressive-agenda-taxing-the-rich
  11. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/democrats-back-off-once-fervent-embrace-of-medicare-for-all/2019/08/19/13c76ffe-c28b-11e9-b5e4-54aa56d5b7ce_story.html Rats scrambling?
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