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  1. g5jamz

    Yet another step,

    And you're trying to remove someone's choice in this situation.
  2. g5jamz

    Yet another step,

    I qualified it by asking if there should be a $ amount on allowing/disallowing corporations doing it.
  3. g5jamz

    Yet another step,

    So should payouts on lower $ lottery winners be forced to take the yearly rate since they don't realize what's best for them? Where is the consistency. $ amount?
  4. g5jamz

    Yet another step,

    If you followed history and even current events, you'd know pension systems are bankrupting many cities/states throughout the US because they aren't sustainable. There's a reason corporations want to provide an option to get out but it has to be voluntary. States can't "really" go bankrupt.
  5. g5jamz

    Yet another step,

    If someone is mentally incapable making decisions for themselves, the court could step in and make a decision on their behalf. Happens all the time. If you're suggesting that someone isn't able to make decisions on what they feel is best for them, what other choices would you be willing to block because you know what's best.
  6. g5jamz

    Yet another step,

    If it's voluntary, what's the big deal. It's their choice. If it's done without input from the benefit recipient then we have a problem.
  7. g5jamz

    Yet another step,

    Harbinger is blocked along with a couple of others. Is it a link to a legit news source?
  8. g5jamz

    Yet another step,

    What are you talking about? How is anyone screwing the common man?
  9. g5jamz

    Yet another step,

    What's the big deal?
  10. It died before it started.
  11. g5jamz

    Bernie going to run in 2020

    Sure they will, the moment the DNC kills Bernie's chances.
  12. I'm just gonna go with "it's a Monday" and just let you rest and think this one out.
  13. How about you keep religion out of an abortion argument for once. I have.
  14. Up is down. Left is right. This is stupid. Read the article closely. The blame on a rise is that since PP combines health services with the abortion services, when cuts are made they cut the non-money makers. The health services. Well no kidding. If PP divested itself from performing abortions, the federal funding would easily come in. You obviously haven't watched any witness testimonies or statements by former PP employees that explain why they can never separate the two. PP wants federal money? Create a PP and a complete separate company that conducts abortions. Federal money could only come in the one side. Then you tell me how the numbers are looking, even in "developing" countries.
  15. g5jamz

    Bernie going to run in 2020

    The DNC are praying Biden or the unknown Beto can surpass Bernie. Otherwise they have to completely move to the left like AOC and others want. There is a McGovern-esque result that scares them to death.