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  1. Do yourself a favor. Don’t feed trolls.
  2. g5jamz

    Kavanuagh confirmed

    good luck
  3. g5jamz

    Kavanuagh confirmed

    But he's a sexual predator!
  4. g5jamz

    Kavanuagh confirmed

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/15/politics/kavanaugh-aba-review/index.html?utm_medium=social&utm_content=2018-10-15T17%3A16%3A43&utm_source=twCNNp&utm_term=image ABA dropped review. Must not be that important eh.
  5. g5jamz

    Trophy Hunting

    Which of those were rare/endangered that he killed.
  6. g5jamz

    Trophy Hunting

    So did nazis, unless you were blond/blue-eyed. Margaret too.
  7. g5jamz

    Trophy Hunting

    You support culling humans. Own it.
  8. g5jamz

    Antifa Gets Destroyed

    Painful as that kid is electric. Keep giving him the ball. He catches it, which is a very good thing.
  9. g5jamz

    Trophy Hunting

    I freak out over poaching endangered species. I freak out over people needless ending killing human life. I'm not freaking out over this. He can afford to do that hunt? It's legal. It benefits the local economy that's probably in shambles. More often than not the meat goes to the local tribes. There's a professional hunter in Plymouth, NC (there's a museum there), that's been to Africa many times. Some for trophy trips. Some to come rid a troublesome animal. In one instance, he was tasked to kill a forest elephant that was terrorizing a local pygmy tribe. He nearly got killed along with many pygmies, but the moment they killed it they harvested the animal and fed the tribe. There's a replica of the head in Plymouth because elephant tissue breaks down pretty quickly and you can't make a mount out of it.
  10. Nothing really different than the cnn story a year ago. https://www.cnn.com/2016/06/29/politics/elizabeth-warren-native-american-pocahontas/index.html
  11. g5jamz

    Trophy Hunting

    You do realize that wildlife management can serve many benefits. The first is obvious that meets the goal of keeping the number of certain species to a certain level to sustain the species. Otherwise you have massive overpopulation and other issues arise. And two, if the government/nation can get a tourism benefit from the hunting safaris, hotels, airlines, etc why shouldn't they. Should it just be government officials culling the animals. Is it just because you don't like to see people with money doing it?
  12. As someone that's fished in Cherokee, there are two rules of being in Cherokee. 1) don't call anyone chief (reasons are obvious) 2) don't sneak up on an elk (even more obvious)
  13. g5jamz

    Antifa Gets Destroyed

    We lost for many reasons yesterday, but the last few plays of the final drive is what killed us. Get the first down with higher % plays and use the timeouts.
  14. g5jamz

    Trophy Hunting

    Are baboons an endangered species? Other than the optics of it looking like he wiped out a small baboon family, what is the major outrage here? Perfectly legal to hunt them right? Do you know if this was part of a culling that's needed in that region? Before I just jump down the rabbit hole of outrage because I'm not immediately turned off by hunting, I'd like to know the background story here.
  15. nm... My daughter has olive complexion like me from our black Irish decent. Maybe I should claim she's part Native American and dare the universities to prove otherwise. We have stories.