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  1. calling you a black hebrew israelite clone
  2. Go read Francis. I never ever denied or accosted Bernie's jewish heritage.
  3. No, I jokingly expressed your like thoughts to terrorists in New Jersey and New York targeting jews and cops. Specifically the couple that targeted the bakery and wrote anti-police and anti-semitic posts. Paraphrasing, I simply asked if anyone has seen/heard from you when it happened. Lighten up Francis.
  4. Go read. There were assumptions made and words put into my mouth. Not that you are capable of comprehending context and nuance. I should've understood the audience and how it would've been construed and lied about. Case: you.
  5. A Che quote spouting the value of human life? That's precious.
  6. Will someone answer that damn phone! https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/joe-biden-gaffe-alert-stuns-043232408.html
  7. He is sitting down because he can't stand and read a teleprompter at the same time.
  8. Same for public schools. Handing out chromebooks. They have to increase accountability on kids/parents. It's not like they are getting out.
  9. If reading level decreases for an entire generation, it's because of people with your short-sighted attitude. There is no way this improves reading levels that were already struggling. My kid won't be an issue, which if I were greedy I wouldn't be concerned as this opens more opportunities for mine.
  10. RIght, promote unprepared kids. Keepin them dumb since Lyndon Johnson.
  11. Good. I really wish Cooper would offer the option to all grade school students to repeat the year without suffering a year of non-play if you're a 19yo senior, if he hasn't already. My kid wouldn't be 19 at the beginning of his senior year IF he repeated, so we may consider doing a Covid-reclass.
  12. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/coronavirus/
  13. What part of putting healthcare providers in jeopardy of contracting Covid-19 don't you understand?
  14. It is still elective. As I said, I'm sure if it gets closer to the 20 week "deadline" it will probably happen. It's not a medical emergency and people don't have a right to put healthcare workers in jeopardy just because they're 4 weeks pregnant.
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