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  1. ... it just wouldn't be fiscally responsible. Back then, the offense revolved around Cam and what he could do. But today, our focal point is Run CMC, and according to Spotrac's Estimated Market Value for CMC, his next contract will be worth $18m a year, almost as much as we pay Cam now. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/christian-mccaffrey-21749/market-value/ Sadly, with QB salaries rising to $30m in the not-so-distant future, it'd make more sense cap-wise to draft a QB, this year or next year, and let the rookie ride that cheap rookie contract for 4 years while Christian gets the bulk of it. And if CMC is still able to run as well as he does today when those 4 years come up, then that'll be another discussion. But, majority of the time, runningbacks after their 2nd contract have their tires pretty worn in. So as much as I'd like to keep Cam and give him one more try in this RPO style offense, I just don't think the value is there. Because even if he does succeed, we wouldn't be able to pay him $25-30m a year plus Christians $18m (also, DJ Moores rookie contract will be up in a couple years too) without making the groundskeepers putting on a helmet on Sundays. Just my .02 Long time lurker, first time posting in a long while. Love visiting the forum everyday and catching the latest rumors and debates. Thanks for reading!
  2. Holding this O-line back. It's been glaring since Daley has been holding the LT position who is the weak spot. It seems like every other play he is getting backed up into Kyle Allen, which is why he has to move around so much. The other part is that clearly that he hasn't recovered, or may never be 100% from that serious ankle injury he got last year in Denver. Also, to me it doesn't look like he's jelling with the other lineman. He looks like when he makes calls no ones responding to it, when he's on the bench he's not talking to them, or vice versa. Maybe it was too sharp of a transition to move from Ryan to Matt, very different personalities. I think we'll need to get someone from the draft and homegrown him. We have an opt-out claus, but it's for 2021 and I don't think another year will make a difference. If we declare him a post June 1st cut, It'll save us $7m (2020 Dead Cap: $1,800,000 2021 Dead Cap: $5,400,000 2020 Cap Savings: $7,000,000) https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/matt-paradis-14618/ other options: If Little comes back healthy and anchors the LT, why not transition Daley to center? He's already shown he's a versatile lunch pail kid. Couldn't hurt to have him at least learn all 3 positions at the very least.
  3. I think Alex Smith or Kirk Cousins at this point, because we haven't seen him WILL the team to victory yet i.e. a 4th quarter comeback. But theres still plenty of season left to see, cuz thats the only thing left in his game that I havent seen yet that'll really separate him from game manager to (a) team leader
  4. Nice! A friend of mine runs his own box breaking business @ http://www.mojobreak.com/ if your looking to do something like that to get some more autos.
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