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  1. We're going to do BIG things this year people......BIG THINGS.
  2. I predict CMC to hit 1000 yards rushing, 1000 yards receiving and he will catch at least 100 passes. He came very close to that last year, and I think he will be even better this season. He could realistically be in the MVP conversation if we are as explosive on offense as I think we can be.
  3. What do you mean??? I thought all the kids were just crazy about communism these days?
  4. He must be feeling g really good. Panthers media is going all in on this poo.
  5. A lot of their money will be signing bonus and be able to be spread over the life of the contract.
  6. Damn, I didnt realize they are at risk of losing all that horsepower after next year. There are quite a few of those guys who I would love to have on our team.
  7. Im assuming Moton will be the starting LT Week One. I dont think we kept both Willams and Moton to both play RT.
  8. What is their business model? Is it different than other online sports sites?
  9. Can you really compare the signing of a nobody like Russel Shepard, to the signing of a potential Hall of Famer in McCoy?
  10. He’s going to turn into our Kalil Mack. I’m going out on that limb and calling it now. He’s surrounded by studs. I’m not saying this year necessarily but I love the pick and I think he’s got the tools to be a beast and not just rushing the passer.
  11. Indeed! Still, I have yet to see any talking heads out there giving us any shot at contenting next year. All I have seen have us solidly 3rd in our division, fighting for a wild card spot. I think we are every bit as good as New Orleans, and better than Atlanta. This season should be LIT!
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