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  1. joemac

    Who let the dawgs out??

  2. Holy poo, that was incredible. I take back everything bad I said today!
  3. This team has no freaking balls. WTF is going on?
  4. joemac

    Cam's ball placement

    Honestly I don’t think that particular scenario you are describing has happened since Ginn left.
  5. joemac

    Cam's ball placement

    Has there been one single play this year where a guy was streaking for a TD, Cam hit him in stride, and he just dropped it? I can’t remember one single play like that all season...
  6. joemac

    Cam's ball placement

    That sounds good, if Cam didn’t struggle to hit his receivers in the chest, in stride, even on a little screen or swing pass. I’m sorry, I love Cam, but he IS NOT an accurate QB. He rarely, if ever, hits his guy in stride, in the numbers. You can say it’s to avoid INT’s, but that’s not what I see. His accuracy has not improved much since he was a rookie, and will never improve much. He’s not going to magically get more accurate at age 30. He will never be Aaron Rodgers. We will continue to see guys jumping and flailing for passes behind them and over their heads as long as Cam is our QB. Once again, not trying to bash our guy, I love him. I’m just speaking from my point of view.
  7. joemac

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    I honestly think we need to start thinking about abandoning the Air Coryell system completely. We have seen this offense run at its peak just 1 time (2015) in Cams career. A new system might do wonders for everyone.
  8. Its really not much fun watching offenses just march up and down the field all game long. When you know your defense doesnt havea chance from jump street, it kinda makes the game less enjoyable to watch.
  9. It would be tough to play football at all with a broken foot....but Gregs foot isnt broken anymore or he wouldnt be playing.
  10. joemac

    Another puzzling question.....

    The real question is why in the hell did they call a screen for Manhertz of all people. Olsen yes, Thomas, why not....Manhertz is not that dude though. That was a terrible play call.
  11. That damn offsides penalty on Poe was inexcusable. That killed us. We go from forcing them to punt, to them making a long ass field goal. Those 5 yards were super important. Also, the 2 times KK and Poe killed us on false starts they were lining up outside as a Defensive End. Havent seen us do that much in the past, and I think we need to retire it.
  12. I think he is 100% spot on. How many times do we see Cam take the snap, take a drop and then get the ball out on time, and in rhythm? Hardly ever from what I can tell. Cam holds onto the ball FOREVER. I never see him get the ball, take his drop, plant his foot and fire the ball. It just looks to me like every single play takes maximum effort and always looks to be on the verge of falling apart. Everything looks like it is too hard. Also, it seems like we try to incorporate read option action into just about every running play. While that sounds good in theory, in reality it causes every single on of our running plays to take forever to happen, and there is usually a jumble at the exchange point. Everyone notice how hard Peterson was hitting the hole yesterday? Thats because he gets a full head of steam before he even takes the hand-off.
  13. This game was on the defense and on DJ Moore. They couldn’t stop them at all. Peterson looked like 2010 Adrian Peterson. We couldn’t get off the field on third down all day. We had like 2 possessions the entire second half.
  14. joemac

    Unleash Cam

    The entire way our team plays, on offense and defense is getting stale. That is squarely on Ron Rivera. I don’t know what the hell today was. They were acting like they didn’t want to be there. That first half was the most pitiful display of football I’ve seen in a long long time. What the hell is wrong with our defense? Is it Eric Washington? I’ve been giving them the benefit of the doubt, but today sealed the deal for me.
  15. joemac

    Dylan McCaffrey

    No but he would be an amazing WR...