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  1. You and I both know that we would most likely be 6-0 if they didnt decide to trot out the broken corpse of Cam Newton Week 1 and 2.
  2. You should know from our season last year, that it doesnt really matter what your record is after 7 or 8 games. We looked like world beaters until the Pitt game.
  3. Yeah I haven’t heard Motons name mentioned many times, if at all, this season. That’s a very good thing for an offensive lineman.
  4. You're crazy. The Jags just traded a CORNERBACK for 2 first rounders and a 4th rounder, and you're trying to tell me the most any QB needy team would give up for Cam Newton is a 1st and a 2nd? No way. 2 firsts is the absolute floor I would see for a healthy Cam in any trade scenario.
  5. Do you recall what happened with Jimmy G a few years ago? He had something like 5 starts, same success as Kyle, and San Fran gave him a 100 million dollar contract.
  6. Why do you still believe anything that Ron says during one of his press conferences?
  7. First time I have ever seen our offense referred to as a West Coast offense.....
  8. I think Game Winner is a more appropriate term for Allen.
  9. Yes. He’s got Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA. All this kid does is win. I wonder if he blows 7 gram rocks like Chuck Sheen? Probably not. #winning
  10. What a game by the defense today!!! Incredible!
  11. That was a dominant performance by our D today. Is 7 turnovers a team record? Is 5 picks?
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