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  1. poo, thats a Hall of Fame type player. Jenkins was maybe the best DT in the game when he was with us. He just got injured/paid/fat/lazy whatever.
  2. Jesus, its like a perfect storm of happenings - kinda like what happened in Fukushima.
  3. Show me someone involved with the NFL on a day to day basis that does not lie to the media on a regular basis. It’s what they do.
  4. This is a great play, but I am partial to the one where he legit tombstoned a RB ala the Undertaker.
  5. IDK man, to me he seems to be almost the exact opposite of Star. Much more Aaron Donald than Star.
  6. So if he won’t be as good as maybe the 2 greatest DTs of all time, he’s a bust? And how the hell do you know how good he will be? He’s better right now, against better competition than Aaron Donald was coming out of college.. fug outta here with that bullshit.
  7. Offense has the chance to be special if we add a WR like Lamb it Jeudy. So many impact players available, were bound to get a good one
  8. I don’t give a poo about the WWE. I’m just wondering why you’re so concerned about what they choose to do.
  9. But why do you care what the WWE does? Does it hurt your little fee fees or something?
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