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  1. If you listened to some people around here, you would think that we are somebody like McNeese State and we have Alabama coming to town or something.
  2. Do you think that the Rams are going to come and rip Cams arms off or something? If he gets sacked a couple times, he gets sacked a couple times. Not really a big deal. Our QB's are going to take their fair share of sacks this year. Football players get tackled. Aaron Donald is not a murderer or the Terminator. It will be okay.
  3. Well poo, big bad Aaron Donald is coming Week 1....guess we might as well not even show up! The game is over before its even been played!
  4. I'm gonna come back and say I told you so once Cam plays Week 1 and we win after dropping 30 plus points.
  5. No. Cam needs to play. If hes able to play 100% then there is no good reason for him to not be out there. There is no structural damage to his foot, its just a little sprained. He should be back to 100% in 2.5 weeks when we play the Rams. Some of you people here are ridiculous. It was one preseason game, and Cam happened to tweak his foot. Y'all are acting like he hurt his shoulder again or something.
  6. He made one REALLY nice play last night where he chased the RB down on the backside. I said "Damn that guy is fast". We got us a real one in Burns.
  7. Do we know anything at all or is this thread just a bunch of people guessing?
  8. LMFAO. Are you aware of the term "franchise QB" or "franchise LT"? Not the Franchise tag. 2 completely different things.
  9. Congratulations are in order, I guess? You want a cookie or something?
  10. That is pretty damning when you put it that way. I like Ron a lot, but this is a Wins and Losses league.
  11. Probably the ones who have actually paid attention to us this offseason, and visited camp to actually see how Cam is performing.
  12. That was the most incredible live sporting event I have ever been a part of. Truly magical.
  13. I mean, he’s not wrong. I can think of at least 10 passes that we’re wayyyyy over the WRs head.
  14. Wait, Washington is really back calling plays again? WTF?
  15. Ya think? People are freaking out, and NONE of our good players are actually playing. It’s the preseason people. Who cares? They need to just get rid of this bullshit all together.
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