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  1. If we trade up that far and grab anyone but the top edge rusher left on the board I say we all revolt.
  2. Absolutely no freaking way do we trade next years #1 - for any pick this year. What happens if Cam comes back and his shoulder is crap, or if he gets hurt again early in the season. If that happens we could end up with the #1 pick next year, and have to give it to some other team, when we could be drafting our new QB1.
  3. I'll be there next week and im definitely throwing 100 bucks on 60/1.
  4. HURNEYMAGIC! Seriously though, has he made a bad move this offseason? Looking like an actual competent GM!
  5. Well, considering you still only get 2 challenges a game, will coaches risk wasting one of them on something like this that could go either way? Im sure there will be a few select instances of something like this happening, and taking away a TD, but coaches will still have to be smart with their challenges.
  6. I like this pickup a lot! He has a pretty decent year in New England last season. Averaged over 15 yards a catch. Will be a very nice 3rd of 4th option in our offense. Does this signing now make Torrey Smith even more expendable?
  7. Why would an NFL QB hurt themselves by throwing the ball hard? I would venture to say that their arms are in good enough condition to let a couple rip and not feel any adverse effects.
  8. It would not surprise me to see Mahomes throw the ball 100 yards in the air. He has got maybe the strongest arm I have ever seen on a QB in my 38 years. Being a baseball player / pitcher growing up helped his arm strength and his ability to throw from different angles tremendously.
  9. Clark has got to be the odd man out in that scenario.
  10. I dont think Mrs. Newton would appreciate that too much.
  11. Watt and Donald would be pass rushing terrors regardless of what scheme they played in and where they lined up on the D Line.
  12. I think we are pretty much guaranteed that one of the top flight pass rushers in the draft are going to fall to us. There are quite a few of them, and not everyone ahead of us will be picking D-Line. I bet we even have our pick of 2 or 3 of the top guys.
  13. And then who to we trot out there next to Luke on game days? TD is already gone....
  14. I think we should draft WR in the first round, LB in the second round.
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