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  1. The winner of every election for the past 40 years has been the third option of "fug them both, I'm not voting for either of them" 100% win rate quite impressive
  2. this isn't a shipping service thread you gay homosexuals
  3. Donald is demanding a packed Republican national convention with "no face coverings and no social distancing" It's like I'm psychic
  4. Sure, it's not 100%. In my experience, oppressors love to exert force and violence on someone that's weak, helpless and unarmed, whenever they show disobedience or challenge their authority from a moral or intellectual position but without any real power to back up that position. Yet, they absolutely hate dealing with anyone that comes from a position of power and poses a real threat to their authority.
  5. lay down your lives brave children to protect our local Ruby Tuesday and Dairy Queen the rest of us will be back at the station taking care of some very important .. umm.. administrative documents
  6. No cop is going to walk up to a formation that's heavily armed and organized and randomly pepper spray over them. An individual, maybe. They can be singled out and attacked. But an organized group in sufficient numbers, all heavily armed, no way these cops do anything other than tuck tail and run.
  7. Historically when a group shows up en mass heavily armed there is no violence taken against them whatsoever. Oppressors look to control by intimidation and violence but rarely do they want to deal with true resistance.
  8. Everyone take a minute out of your day and donate to the "AR relief fund" to help provide these fine gentlemen with much needed AR-15s. Many of them don't have the necessary tools to survive and defend themselves against tyrannical state sanctioned violence. Please give whatever you can, every dollar helps.
  9. News headline "The entire structure and surrounding area burned to the ground, causing an estimated thirty-five dollars in damage"
  10. When peaceful measures don't work, and the only options are to turn to violence, or to continue to be oppressed, people absolutely should turn to violence.
  11. The top expert in South Korea says the same thing, significant reduction in transmission. I'd listen to them before anyone else. But I don't think there's any number of studies, facts or evidence that will matter to some of these people. They've made up their minds that "masks bad" and there's no convincing them otherwise.
  12. Watching people fight against wearing masks during a global pandemic has to be the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I remember that movie Contagion a few years back with Matt Damon, thinking that it was a very realistic depiction of a pandemic. If it had a bunch of people running around in public saying "Whatever, I'm not wearing a mask! Don't tell me what to do!" I would have thought that it was stupid as hell. Too unbelievable, something like that would never happen.
  13. For anyone with a brain, there's a lot more to it than that.
  14. It's the opposite of short sighted. Biden winning accomplishes nothing. The DNC being forced to listen to the public interest, rather than their rich donors, would be a huge shift. Anyone that supports Biden is actively pushing us away from M4A and other policies to help our working class, and further cementing our billionaires stranglehold on US politics. The Democratic party needs to either change, or die off completely. None of this "let's support their shtty establishment candidate and hope they change on their own sometime in the future". That is NEVER going to happen. The DNC will keep propping up corporate establishment goons until voters demand better.
  15. My prediction is that the GOP plans to win solely on suppressing turnout. 1) Biden already has historically low levels of voter enthusiasm. They will continue to hammer away at him to drive this down even further. They don't care that people prefer Biden, as long as they don't like him enough to actually show up and vote. 2) They will do everything to prevent mail-in voting completely, or to make it as tough as possible. 3) They will push the narrative that COVID19 is no big deal, numbers are being faked, it's all overblown by the media, ect, ect, to their supporters and right wing media outlets. This deflects blame from their incompetent response while also allowing their supporters to have no reservations about showing up to vote in person. Because of this they can't cancel the convention. Not only do they have to push for it, but they are going to push to have it with little or no restrictions. If they have any real restrictions at all, they will complain the whole time that it's the evil Dems forcing them to. Have to keep that "it's no big deal" narrative going. Then in November, when numbers are spiking from a second wave, liberals (who actually take the virus seriously) are going to be faced with voting in person, during a global pandemic, when they're already luke warm on Biden. Maybe they just stay home, while the rabid Trumpers who think it's a liberal hoax all show up. Ultimately, the election will come down to whether they can stop mail-in voting or not, that's what will decide it.
  16. The amount of influence courts have had on the ACA has been extremely minimal, as I expect would be the same with M4A. Now, the step you continue to breeze past of "some distance future where progressives get elected and put it into law" is the main issue. And supporting the DNCs chosen corporate establishment candidate after they killed M4A doesn't give me hope that they won't do the same in the future. They already lost once in 2016 and didn't change, if anything they've moved even further right. But now if they win with Biden they will suddenly listen to the progressive wing of the party rather than killing those policies? This literally makes no sense. Supporting Biden sends them a clear message, you can kill M4A and you'll have my vote anyway. That's the message that you think ends with us having M4A? I don't.
  17. So you're saying I shouldn't vote for anyone that will appoint conservative judges. Say, for example, Joe Biden. That's if I even believe that a court would go so far as to kill the nations healthcare system (which I don't).
  18. Nothing you listed here requires me to support Joe Biden, or for him to even win the coming election. We don't need a public option before we move to M4A. Every other country that already has universal healthcare didn't need that step first. Likewise, courts don't determine our nations healthcare system, that's not their job. Nothing you listed here showed that voting against M4A leads to M4A. You just listed a bunch of unnecessary, irrelevant steps and then breezed past "oh and then in the distant future progressives get elected and put it into law".
  19. These protesters should to take a lesson from the 2A people and start showing up stocked with AR-15s
  20. I've said essentially this exact same thing in the past and can never get a real answer from anyone. Someone explain to me how voting for someone that opposes universal healthcare ends up with us getting universal healthcare. How does that work exactly. Show me that flow chart.
  21. It would be better if all of our politicians worked remotely. Let them live within the communities they represent and see issues first hand, rather than being stuck in DC surrounded by a bunch of lobbyists.
  22. Biden's public option would still leave millions without healthcare, and thousands of needless deaths every years. I'm sure those people will die happy knowing they can put "At least it wasn't Trump" on their tombstone.
  23. tax breaks for billionaires, fug all for everyone else when it comes right down to it that's all conservatives stand for
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