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  1. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-economy/u-s-manufacturing-dives-to-10-year-low-as-trade-tensions-weigh-idUSKBN1WG47G “This is serious,” said Torsten Sløk, chief economist at Deutsche Bank Securities in New York. “There is no end in sight to this slowdown, the recession risk is real.” Transportation equipment, machinery, and electrical equipment, appliances and components were among the 15 industries reporting a contraction. “It couldn’t be more ironic that the trade tariffs done to bring factories back from overseas, are actually shutting down production at existing plants here in the U.S.” said Chris Rupkey, chief economist at MUFG in New York. Machinery manufacturers said demand was “softening on some product lines, backlogs have reduced, and dealer inventories are growing.” Electrical equipment, appliances and components makers noted that the “economy seems to be softening,” adding that “tariffs have caused much confusion in the industry.” That sentiment reverberated across all industries. Fabricated metal product manufacturers said the “general market is slowing even more than a normal fourth-quarter slowdown.”
  2. those numbers look low all the way around, that's about 5-6 weeks of training? don't most of the cops in europe go through 2+ years. i know that's only for use of force but still
  3. a little from column A, a little from column B there's already a huge fracture in the GOP with at least 30 willing to remove Trump when it comes down to an impeachment vote and seems to be growing with each new piece of damning evidence that comes out never thought i'd see it but even a sizable chunk have of hardcore trump supporters have turned against him over ukraine. polls show republican voters support of impeachment doubled in just the last week (from 12-13% to 25%) now queue our resident idiots to come into this thread crying that this is all fake news
  4. it's illegal to push foreign governments to dig dirt on your political opponents, this isn't complicated
  5. The Redskins haven't been relevant since Super Mario Bros was considered cutting edge video game technology
  6. Name the last Super Bowl winning team that had question marks about their kicker ... Yup
  7. which showed that he is guilty
  8. The overall tax rate on the richest 400 households last year was only 23 percent, meaning that their combined tax payments equaled less than one quarter of their total income. This overall rate was 70 percent in 1950 and 47 percent in 1980. For middle-class and poor families, the picture is different. Federal income taxes have also declined modestly for these families, but they haven’t benefited much if at all from the decline in the corporate tax or estate tax. And they now pay more in payroll taxes (which finance Medicare and Social Security) than in the past. Over all, their taxes have remained fairly flat. The combined result is that over the last 75 years the United States tax system has become radically less progressive. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/10/06/opinion/income-tax-rate-wealthy.html
  9. mcconnell is launching a social media campaign... i mean... cmon.... we can handle anything... but... but a social media campaign???!!!!! just give up guys, its over, he's taken to social media, game over, just let him do whatever he wants, how can we possibly compete with a human person typing things on social media
  10. The strategy seems to be 1) normalize pushing foreign governments to dig dirt on your political opponents, as if it happens all the time and that it's no big deal. Even though any president that does this should be impeached immediately. 2) keep hitting on "there was no quid pro quo!", which doesn't even matter. pushing foreign governments to dig dirt on your opponents is impeachable regardless if you give them something in return or not. 3) deflect to biden, or whatever other dem you can point your finger at, which, again, doesn't even matter
  11. By the white house's own version of events, Trump is guilty. Trumpsters, read that sentence again and again until it sinks in.
  12. lol well tariffs (and tax breaks for billionaires which exploded the deficit) are the only things he's actually done
  13. I'd be willing to bet money on resignation. He's been discussing options with his family, not just aides and lawyers. To me, that really indicates he's at least considering stepping down. Also, the idea that the Senate will 100% protect him is laughable. There's already AT LEAST 30 Republicans willing to abandon ship, and possibly 50+. They only need 20. McConnell doesn't look the least bit interested in protecting him either. Sure, nobody wants to come out publically because they will be singled out and attacked, but when the vote is right in front of them I know many are ready for the Trump circus to be over already.
  14. if ever there was an example of lower class whites it'd be this thread
  15. Trump very clearly told a foreign government to dig up dirt on his political opponent. You HAVE to impeach for this, this is not something you can let go.
  16. sure Bernies M4A plan sounds great but have you checked out the in-depth extensive GOP healthcare plan
  17. Data for wealth inequality has been tracked for over 50 years, it is now worse than ever before. https://time.com/5686765/income-inequality-census-gini-index/ https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/wealth-inequality-in-us-reached-highest-level-in-over-50-years-census-says https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2019/09/26/Census-report-US-income-inequality-reaches-highest-level-in-decades/2551569501749/?rc_fifo=1 https://www.axios.com/income-inequality-united-states-record-c78b1ff4-4b71-4a88-a890-db20ff8222f3.html
  18. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/09/20/trump-responds-alleged-iranian-attack-troops-middle-east/2391415001/ more troops being deployed to the middle east hooray, just what everyone was asking for
  19. i really hope he goes on IR for the year and then retires no use destroying your body, being crippled and barely able to move at age 45 just so you can drag a crappy marty hurney roster to 8-8
  20. came in to post this that ish is awesome
  21. https://www.businessinsider.com/poll-republicans-dont-approve-of-college-2017-7 they believe whatever they're told to believe
  22. even though their search engine has fallen out of favor yahoo is actually a phenomenal source for news but hey have your pick forbes - https://www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2019/09/09/trump-tariffs-will-soon-cost-us-families-thousands-of-dollars-a-year/#61368b945b4b politico - https://www.politico.com/story/2019/05/20/trump-trade-war-2020-1455474 wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trump_tariffs#Economic time - https://time.com/5587197/trump-china-trade-war-cost-families/
  23. most of these trumpsters just blindly parrot back whatever trump/fox news tells them, often times literally word for word but in this case conservative media isn't even covering this at all. largest tax hike in us history and hundreds of thousands of lost jobs just isn't something that even exists in trump universe, so they don't have their fox news spin and talking points lined up for them, which is why you see here nothing but mindless arm flailing and a bunch of "nuh uh!" posts
  24. have you tried... i dont know... not being a whiny bitch?
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