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  1. He just acts like a pussy bitch. He seems to get a free pass for that in the media though. Cue the "the game has changed so everyone acts like a pussy bitch" line
  2. Yeah i'm a bonafide LBJ hater and even i think that's insane (the 50 guys over him)
  3. ​As if that wasn't the most predictable response ever. No not at all. But acting like a little baby on the court when you already get more calls than anyone in the league makes you a douche. Whether it's him Al Horford Durant Stephen Curry anyone. (included horford to include a hawk)
  4. ​Shaq, JJ Watt. I honestly lost a lot of respect for Lebaby this series. Gets ball stolen then cries to ref then when he doesn't get his way he took the next play off and stood around on the court. Then in Game 4 he gets blocked it's cleveland ball anyways and he basically cries and gets to call his own foul. Bitch made.
  5. ​You are part of the reason some people don't like Lebron. It's such a subjective thing it's arrogant to say this guy is the most gifted. It's not enough i said one of in any sport ever? Don't be such a fanboy.
  6. Oscar robertson is a good comparsion. Especially for the era he played. Agree with the guy who said Lebron is Lebron. Physically he's one of the most gifted talents ever in any sport. Gotta give the guy props too for staying out of trouble and dumb situations.
  7. Got by 2 sorry 500 teams in first two rounds. Then we're gonna get swept by a Kevin Love/Kyrie Irving-less cavs team. Lebron or not as the 1 seed that's pitiful. Another day in the life of being an Atlanta fan.
  8. Fixed. Can't blame the Falcons for sucking hard during the non-fa era as an expansion team. Hawks have had horrible owners as did the Falcons before Blank. Braves were just fuging choke artists in the 90s sans one year.
  9. At least we have a title in professional sports.
  10. You're on a Carolina board. Ignorance about Atlanta teams is the norm.
  11. I had a bad feeling about game 3. (i'm a hawks fan) Hopefully it's a wakeup call
  12. Yeah no excuse for that crap at the end of regulation. Clippers jus blew it.
  13. Nice dude. I'm saving for game 7 tickets to ECF Hawks game if it happens. If not i'll jus put the money into savings
  14. One of your own who was actually yknow there disagrees with you. So suck it.
  15. still wouldn't care. If we were all judged on poo we said under our breath none of us would have jobs.
  16. It wasn't dubbed but it's not the big deal people are making it. He's a 20 year old and just lost a chance at a national title. I've said far worse things after a loss in a big game i was in.
  17. Wisky has the best shot to beat UK out of the teams left due to their superior shooting.
  18. I thought they did that cause they didn't wanna see MSU get steamrolled early on. This year i'd rather play KU than Gonzaga. KU just needs to never face a mid major in the tournament again. They are the kryptonite of Bill Self.
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