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  1. So as someone who has worked in law enforcement, has been trained in the use of a taser, and has had a taser used against me in training, I thought I would chime in. 1. Tasers should not be considered deadly weapons, being shot with one was apart of my training. We also dry stun ourselves and get dry stunned. 2. Once the taser is fired there is not another cartridge that Mr.Brooks could have used, in order to make the taser a "deadly weapon" he would have to be psychically within inches of someone. 3. At that point, the taser is less of a threat than a rock or a baseball bat. If a person is throwing a rock while running away, or holding a baseball bat, you should not shoot them in the back. Any civilian would absolutely be charged with murder, this idea should not suddenly be changed because you have a bat.
  2. The only realistic player I would dream of trading a 1st for right now is Dak Prescott, and even then yikes.
  3. If you want a sure fire way to tank the franchise for five years, I would say this would be the way to do it.
  4. People faking they don't follow long time franchise icons just to hate on Cam. Wild.
  5. Next year we can go: Rd1 Pick 5: CB Rd2: S Rd3: CB Rd4: LB Rd5: CB Rd6: DE Rd7: K
  6. You have zero reading comprehension. Blocked.
  7. If so I retract my statement and change it to "Paying off porn stars"
  8. I am not a democrat and I don't watch national news. Your moronic targeted stereotyping and blind scapegoating will not work. You just sound senile.
  9. I've never watched CNN. I don't know why you ask for information, when someone gives it to you and it doesn't fit your narrative, you pass it off as fake news. How fuging obnoxious. Nothing that I listed was false.
  10. Why I hate Trump. -He bragged about sexual assault -He has tore down the general moral consciousness of the American public that supports him -He is a pathological liar -He has tore down protections for the LGBT -He has banned trans men and women from serving in the military -He generally fuged America with his response to COVID -He has attacked service members who do not show complete loyalty -He attacks generally anyone who does not show loyalty -He furthers the gap between the 1% and the poor -He mocked an individual with a disability -He attacked an autistic 16 year old climate activist -He has removed protections for endangered species -He has removed protections for state parks and sacred Indian sites for drilling -He has created a "own the libs" mentality which has furthered the divide of partisanship -He has created a narrative that the media is always wrong if they do not report him favorably which has lead to public ignorance and mistrust (not that you should blindly follow media, but you can use your objective thinking skills) -He ran a racist conspiracy campaign against our first African American president that has extended till this very day -He can never admit he is wrong or be humble -He cheated on multiple wives -He paid off a porn star with campaign money -He defrauded charities -He ran a scam college -He promoted Betsy DeVos and is attempting to ruin school systems -He and DeVos have protected scam colleges -He is extremely anti-science -He pushes mistruths and conspiracies -He believes wind energy is bad because windmills give you cancer -His supporters are constantly swinging every argument in anyway to feed into his sociopathic tendencies of never being wrong -His treatment of immigrant children -His statements on Central Park 5 -His pettiness -His lack of any sort of professionalism -His 4th grade reading level -His vindictiveness -His multiple attempts to cut social programs That's definitely not all, but hopefully the short list will help.
  11. Lawrence and Lance are as good as any QB that has come out since Luck.
  12. Uhh might want to rethink the wording on this one :/
  13. I am purchasing a copy of 'The Communist Manifesto' because everyone needs a copy in their house.
  14. Cop comes in here and flexes about how policing isn't inherently supporting a white supremacist system, isn't racist, and that it isn't a fraternity? In this thread? Lol
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