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  1. I might be alone on this, but Matt Kalil isn't that far off from Clark, he might even be better at times.
  2. Verge

    Is Reid and Kaepernick kneeling for these officers?

    Okay, great, but did that stop innocent black men getting shot?
  3. Verge

    "Fightin' fer muh freedums"

    Good thing the current administration actively seeks to minimize boots on the ground and any sort of war provocation.
  4. Only Mike Shula can have OBJ, Barkley, Solder, Shepard, as well as Ingram, and still manage to mess that up.
  5. Pretty classless of the Seahawks to treat him like that, hard to sympathize with a millionaire however.
  6. Verge

    Curtis Samuel

    We are going to curb stomp the Giants holy poo
  7. Bengals always pulling through for other teams ✌ #CatBros
  8. Well, for the most part I would tend to agree, but I think it's kind of unrealistic, on top of it completely destabilizing the middle east to the point of a nuclear war. Probably.
  9. Isn't that because the Iranian controlled Houthi militants are trying to seize total control of Yemen? I could be wrong on that, but isn't backing Saudi Arabia the correct call on this one?
  10. We are probably their worst match up in the NFL tbh, we take away their best strengths (interior running with Saqoun and chucking it to OBJ), and we take advantage of their garbage linebackers with Cam and CMC.
  11. Verge

    Ron says we good at safety

    Idk why anyone thinks some safety that isn't on a NFL team right now is going to make the difference between winning a super bowl or not, get a grip.
  12. I really don't think Clark is better than Kalil, but if we can have Moton & Daryl, then yeah, for sure.
  13. Verge

    What Bengals fans are saying

    Who is going to block Geno Atkins? :( If Joe Mixon is out, I think we win this game by shutting down their otherwise mediocre run game, and forcing John Ross & Company to beat us. The match up is in favor to us besides our o-line.
  14. I was hoping to go through the 13 pages of this thread and not find even one person trying to justify this as anything but murder, but alas, the tinderbox has truly let me down. He LEO status should not matter, you cannot illegally enter someones home, on accident or not, and shoot someone without it being murder. As a LEO this heavily disgusts me, especially with all the justification and apparent cover up.