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  1. As far as my insight on the Panthers, from what I understood is Rhule is pretty much running the show on prospects, and is big on character, versatility, and speed. He expects us to attack our interior in the first round, and attack the edges in round 2-3 (CB/Edge rusher). This is going to be a very defensive draft for us. This is all kind of just the buzz within that community, and it's kind of impossible to say what is really happening given that people are just interacting through skype right now lol If I had to guess right now: Rd 1: Derick Brown Rd 2: Alton Robinson Rd 3: Amik Robertson
  2. 1. Jeff Okudah 2. CJ Henderson 3. Damon Arnette 4. Trevon Diggs 5. Kristian Fulton 6. AJ Terrell 7. Jaylon Johnson 8. Jeff Gladney 9. Cameron Dantzler 10. Noah Igbinoghene I think all 10 could probably start on a nfl roster tomorrow.
  3. Simmons and Brown will not both be gone. If they were I imagine we would go with Kinlaw or Wirfs.
  4. harbingers: Also here is a check for $2,000 for coming here and providing your services, I am personally opposed to slavery and want to make sure you get paid.
  5. I don't believe Simmons will make it to us. If he did, I am fairly certain Simmons would be our guy.
  6. I don't know granny, like, I know your house is on fire, but I really have been forced to reflect on some things, and I really wonder who is going to pay the firefighters if it is free? It's pretty much slavery if you really think about it.
  7. Fastest riser: Jalen Hurts Fastest faller: Grant Delpit No trade back for us, probably D.Brown at our original spot.
  8. There is at least one team in the top 10 that has: Herbert > Tua CJ Henderson > Okudah Simmons > Young
  9. People are really in here arguing Grier > Walker? Big lol
  10. Him or Simmons at 7 makes too much sense.
  11. What about all the people who want to keep their lead painted walls? Pretty unfair to them don't you think?
  12. Obvious landing spot indeed.
  13. I have the referenced play marked to start the video, but you should watch the whole thing. Dude grabs two whole ass men and tosses them aside like they are nothing.
  14. The combine was meaningless for him anyway, he is very obviously the strongest defensive lineman in the class just based on his tape.
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