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  1. Yeah, I was pretty surprised he didn't end up doing it. I know multiple GMs had a 1st round grade on him.
  2. Kyle Allen might be the best QB on the roster right now if Cam isn't 100%.
  3. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/05/hb-481-georgia-law-criminalizes-abortion-subjects-women-to-life-in-prison.html The most startling effect of HB 481 may be its criminalization of women who seek out unlawful abortions or terminate their own pregnancies. An earlier Georgia law imposing criminal penalties for illegal abortions does not apply to women who self-terminate; the new measure, by contrast, conspicuously lacks such a limitation. It can, and would, be used to prosecute women. Misoprostol, a drug that treats stomach ulcers but also induces abortions, is extremely easy to obtain on the internet, and American women routinely use it to self-terminate. It is highly effective in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Anti-abortion advocates generally insist that they do not want to punish women who undergo abortions. But HB 481 does exactly that. Once it takes effect, a woman who self-terminates will have, as a matter of law, killed a human—thereby committing murder. The penalty for that crime in Georgia is life imprisonment or capital punishment. This is just the next step the GOP will take to challenge Roe v Wade with Trump's hand picked women hating supreme court.
  4. This is the first year that I probably won't be on the Panthers, they might be the biggest ? in the league.
  5. That really sucks man, I feel for him. Hate to see anybody out for the season.
  6. He gets burned a lot and isn't a very good tackler, might as well look at other options.
  7. -Questions about our GM going into his second year -Our solid CB #24 going into a contract year -A new tackle with a lot of upside is drafted and has a chance to start -Drafted a RB in the 5th round -We traded up into the 2nd to get a key offensive piece -We are without our big leading receiver the year prior (Benjamin tore his ACL/Funchess is a Colt) -Coming off a disappointing losing season I know they are all just kind of coincidences, but the parallels are funny. Is this roster better than the one that went to the SB?
  8. Daryl Williams is our best tackle and is the only one of the three that cannot play guard IMO.
  9. Short 8 sacks Addison 9 Sacks Burns 8 sacks Miller 5 sacks Irvin 6 sacks Kuechly 3 sacks Love 2 sacks Thompson 4 sacks Haynes 3 sacks Poe 2 sacks Donte Jackson 2 sacks Eric Reid 2 sacks
  10. What in the world are you guys even arguing about lol
  11. I was always very impressed with him on film, almost all of his issues can be buffed out of him (Overcompensating by lunging into blocks, getting high in run blocking), the only thing that worries me is he gave up on a lot of plays. He is probably the best pure pass protector in the draft.
  12. He has a super long release, very much struggled against exotic blitz packages, and really didn't show that much outside of his system. He can definitely play, but he has a super limited ceiling IMO.
  13. This actually horrifies me on their ability to scout quarterbacks more than anything. :/
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