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  1. It will probably be between us and the Jets
  2. He was obviously our best defensive lineman today, and was battling against an all pro guard and the best center in football, but go off I guess.
  3. I'm pretty sure my dad is a starting corner for this team.
  4. This isn't exactly Carolina Panthers, but I do think it is important to talk about, whether your are an NFL player, or Joe who works at a gas station. I'm not one to jump up and down and call for someone to be fired or cancelled or anything like that, but this is just a take in modern society we cannot nor should not have, especially on such a large platform like Skip has. Depression and any other form of mental health issues are not something you can choose to turn on and off, it is not something most people deal with well, it is not something we can shelve for later. It is a nasty shadow within our own existence that we must face head on, we must encourage others to face it, we must encourage others to talk about it, we must encourage others to not be scared of speaking on what they feel, speaking on how it makes them feel. This is not exclusive to ANYONE, no matter our social status, our wealth or lack thereof, our age, gender, etc etc. EVERYONE can deal with these type of things in life, and this kind of rhetoric, this kind of tough it out mentality, leads to suicides every year. Men and women who feel like they have to hide their pan behind some kind of tough facade, have to hide it to not bother others, hide it for fear of loss of friendship or status. This rhetoric is not okay, and Skip should be immediately taken off the air for this kind of irresponsible and hurtful talk. If you are ever dealing with a mental health issue, my messenger is always open, and I am always willing to talk it out judgement free. Life is too short to suffer alone or without being able to manage. We are more than just names on a message board, we are all human beings. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish. 800-273-8255
  5. If we are in a position to take a franchise QB, it means Teddy is not. If we aren't in that area, Teddy stays. He also needs to pass the eye test, which he really hasn't done to this point in his career.
  6. I do not support Joe Biden, but I will absolutely vote for him in order to replace the narcissistic fascist we have now.
  7. We will likely be in most games, but most of them will be 38-28 shootouts. 6-10 seems pretty reasonable.
  8. I'll say for a fact that there were at least 3 other teams that had a first round grade on Greg Little. Make of that what you will.
  9. Cam was 0-9 in his last 9 starts and hadn't been completely healthy in two years. Nothing beyond that narrative matters for a new regime. We already know the former regime handled the entire Cam era completely wrong. Time to move on.
  10. So as someone who has worked in law enforcement, has been trained in the use of a taser, and has had a taser used against me in training, I thought I would chime in. 1. Tasers should not be considered deadly weapons, being shot with one was apart of my training. We also dry stun ourselves and get dry stunned. 2. Once the taser is fired there is not another cartridge that Mr.Brooks could have used, in order to make the taser a "deadly weapon" he would have to be psychically within inches of someone. 3. At that point, the taser is less of a threat than a rock or a baseball bat. If a person is throwing a rock while running away, or holding a baseball bat, you should not shoot them in the back. Any civilian would absolutely be charged with murder, this idea should not suddenly be changed because you have a bat.
  11. The only realistic player I would dream of trading a 1st for right now is Dak Prescott, and even then yikes.
  12. If you want a sure fire way to tank the franchise for five years, I would say this would be the way to do it.
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