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  1. If you were going to get him, that is the trade up spot. I am all for it, he is a surefire franchise QB barring any setbacks in his hip injury.
  2. How do you figure Brady is only here for a year? The writing is on the wall with Cam.
  3. So it is seeming more and more likely that Philip Rivers may be heading to Tampa Bay to pilot the dangerous Buccaneers offense, which makes it more likely that Jameis Winston will be a free agent. Now here me out, I know he has a lot of problems with turnovers, like a lot a lot, with this new Joe Brady vertical offense, and the with the aid of a consistent running game/check down option, Jameis could really excel within this system. Another things he brings (This is all assuming we move on from Cam of course) would be experience within a Joe Brady type offense, a unique energy, and a sort of instant offense to bring a certain launching pad from the basement of the passing attacks to almost assuredly near the top and with something Jameis has never had, an elite run game to balance out his hero ball methodology. This move would either make us instant contenders or instant implosion, one way or the other you have a solution at QB, Jameis succeeds or Jameis fails and we get a top QB in the next draft. Thoughts on this? The perfect fit in Brady's offense with maddening decision making, or do we seek a rookie to lead us?
  4. You also have to remember the...."positive side" of Luke and Cam being gone, that frees up our cap tremendously, we should be able to resign Bradberry (the only person we really should resign) and fill a lot of our holes in FA, along with whatever draft capital we get from Cam.
  5. No it is not a game changer because no amount of evidence given against Trump will ever lead to the GOP senate voting him out. I am at the point where there could be video evidence of him raping someone and it wouldn't matter in the slightest.
  6. Makes sense, our roster is trash and they probably don't see us competitive for the next 1-3 years, no need to waste Cam and his questionable health.
  7. Our roster probably ultimately looks like this before draft and FA QB: Kyle Allen, Will Grier RB: CmC, Reggie Bonnafon FB: Alex Armah WR: DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, Brandon Zylstra TE: Ian Thomas, LT: Greg Little, Dennis Daley LG: Greg Van Roten C: Matt Paradis RG: Trai Turner RT: Taylor Moton DE1: Brian Burns, Christian Miller DE2: Efe Obada, Marquis Haynes DT: Kawaan Short DT2: - ILB: Shaq Thompson OLB: Jermaine Carter SS: Eric Reid, FS: - Not exactly a world beater, I don't really see us re-signing hardly anyone.
  8. Ehhhh no. The strength in Burrow's game is quick release, insane football IQ, and timing routes. Receivers never have to reach back for passes, and are always hit in stride, plus his downfield passes are routinely on target, leading to a quick, efficient, and explosive passing attack. He will transition just fine.
  9. - Lacks elite arm strength - 1 year of amazing production compared to 1 year of not so great play - Has hitch in his step on his deep throws at times - Throws up a lot of floater balls that his great receivers make plays on Again, still an elite prospect, but he isn't Cam/Luck
  10. Well yeah, he will probably be the first round pick, and is a top 10 talent in the draft, I am just saying he is not a generational talent or anything lol
  11. I refer to my own grades usually, sometimes my friend's who is a scout, I spend quite a bit of time scouting.
  12. You give draft grades to prospects coming out of college and transitioning to the NFL. College success =/= NFL success.
  13. I would say guys like Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Kyler Murray, Matt Stafford, etc hit all the checks in the boxes you want to see and are these sure fire things. Joe Burrow does not hit every single tick, and has some things you would have questions about in his transition into the NFL.
  14. I don't think RumHam has ever said anything positive about any player ever to be fair.
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