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  1. I'm worried whatever QB we throw out there will get blown up by Chandler Jones.
  2. "Haha jokes on you, I'm just pretending to be retarded."
  3. I don't know how you do much worse the way he played tonight against a soft Bucs D.
  4. I know I defended him last week, but this game was completely out of the usual for him. Balls were constantly behind the receivers, he missed wide open throws, he delivered balls late, he was almost intercepted thee different times. I know the protection was awful, but even when he had time he was downright awful. I am not sure how much longer you stick with him if he continues performances like these, he let the defense down, he had single high coverage 90% of that game.
  5. The dude played better than the QB opposite of him against a team that was just in the Super Bowl, in his first game back from surgery, and was a missed tackle or missed field goal away from none of these threads existing. Dude threw for 65% accuracy, which does not calculate tips or drops, and he moved the chains on multiple occasions. I am not some staunch defender of Cam either, he deserves criticism when he messed up, and he had a couple of moments in this game, but to claim he is done or he sucks is such a brash overreaction. This whole narrative that he can't throw a deep ball, when his arm was clearly just fine is annoying, we did not dial up deep balls because the last thing we want is for Cam to get buried on a seven step drop against one of the best defensive lines in football. We went toe to toe with a top 3 team in the NFL, and clearly showed we are ready for anyone, you guys need to step away from the message board and take a xanax or something, and make sure not to come in here after Thursday nights game glowing Cam up if you made one of these stupid 'doom and gloom' Cam threads.
  6. It's almost like he had shoulder surgery and has been recovering or something.
  7. This place will probably implode either way. I think Van Roten is going to be exposed pretty hardcore though.
  8. I mean, labeling them a terrorist is absolutely silly from all ends. Also, look at this fuging yikes post by G5.
  9. So mega corporations can avoid taxes, employ millions of people at a poverty wage thus forcing them into government assistance, and profit from their underpaid employees with payday loans? Yikes.
  10. I just don't understand why you have ignored 90% of what people are telling you and keep rehashing the same dumb argument.
  11. 99% of the league does it already, it's just a matter of not doing it before an upcoming test.
  12. Nathan Peterman in preseason the last two years: 6 TDs, 1 INT, Avg QBR: 113.0 4-2 record All I'm saying is, you cannot read much of anything in preseason games, some teams run vanilla, some run random ass schemes that won't see the light of day, and it does not hold value when it comes to regular season football.
  13. If you choose football over family and personal health, or chastise others for doing so, you are probably an asshole.
  14. I mean, I'm not one to defend the dude, but wouldn't it technically work?
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