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  1. The NFL Shield At Midfield

    Game last night

    just like with landon collins or michael thomas, it's another guy none of the armchair GMs on the huddle had heard of or cared about until they became stars in the NFL. i remember all the draft experts on this site wanted like emmanuel ogbah or kevin dodd and so forth.
  2. The NFL Shield At Midfield

    Saints/Jordan sent Cam a broom and wine last year.

    remember in 2012 when we beat atlanta for the first time since (i think) 2009 and some of our dudes wanted to give the "get the fug off my field" falcons a little something back and rivera broke it up and yelled at them.
  3. The NFL Shield At Midfield

    Let's talk Saints...

    it's either going to be the steelers game part 2 or surprisingly competitive with some classic "missed opportunities" resulting in another L
  4. The NFL Shield At Midfield

    Let's talk Saints...

    the saints will be up two possessions before everybody is even in their seats
  5. The NFL Shield At Midfield

    2018 Police Shooting Statistics Are In.

    i doubt reid and kaepernick support police brutality against white people
  6. undrafted out of a G5 program, journeyman, not particularly physically imposing, probably a "gritty lunchpail guy who isn't flashy but gets the job done" oh yeah he's going to become a thing
  7. and on december 11th 2018 AD a guy registered an account to post his sports talk radio sizzling takes about cam newton specifically in a thread warning about registering new accounts to do exactly that
  8. yep that's in the back of my mind every time i read one of his prediction threads lol
  9. The NFL Shield At Midfield

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    i think the other big domino in this beyond whatever bullshit trump is snared up in is that the NRA has been used in conjunction with a web of PACs to launder russian dark money to high profile republicans. ultimately if push comes to shove and they're trapped i bet you'll see the mcconnells and grahams of the world punt trump as part of a private backroom deal with the democrats to save their own asses. they'll come up with the votes to convict/remove trump after impeachment which will severely damage their prospects in 2020, and the democrats will keep quiet about the full implications of the final report from mueller.
  10. i was being facetious, i'm sure you're a die hard fan like most of the posters on this site. but if you start qualifying stuff like that then the entire argument goes sideways. cam has had games that were nearly perfect only to have some other jabroni take a poo on the field and lose it for us. just off the top of my head, vikings in 2011. cam has 3 TDs, no interceptions, and converts 4th and long to brandon lafell to set up olindo mare for the game tying field goal. then he shanked a chip shot from 31 and that was the game.
  11. no, there was time left on the clock. jacksonville actually lost that game on a blocked field goal in 2003. there was still time on the clock and the 2 point conversion failed after the TD to proehl. not to take anything away from jake but using your own criteria it doesn't count because the defense held on. also lolllll if you want to start the "well if xyz wouldn't have choked... " game after your various pronouncements in this thread. bruh have you watched this team in the rivera era.
  12. if you want to get so granular that we're now talking about walk-off game winning touchdowns or situations where we have 4 plays and need a touchdown then those are rare no matter who the quarterback is. i can think of two games where jake actually did that since his name came up as being particularly clutch: x-clown and the pass to rosario with 0 seconds left against the chargers. he's also thrown game losing interceptions (falcons 2003, bengals 2006, eagles 2006, falcons 2009 i think, i'm sure there are others). this to me also seems to discount the team aspect of football.
  13. cam is credited with 17 career game winning drives which is 2 fewer than aaron rodgers who is going to the hall of fame. also 5 fewer than russell wilson who is one of the luckiest bastards i've ever seen. he's been given the ball in crunch time many times in his career and we've won. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/gwd_career.htm he doesn't anomalously choke
  14. we're also on year 7 of this and it gets old. yeah, we know, inaccurate, immature, not a leader, did you see his hat, he needs to be watching film or studying his playbook blah blah blah. we've heard it all before and it's well past being a sore topic. i mean i can't blame someone who hasn't been here long and doesn't know but we've had multiple instances where guys have registered literally dozens of accounts apiece for the sole purpose of talking poo about cam newton. just saying even if you're (e: not you specifically, i mean in the general sense) being 100% sincere with your cam critiques you still sound an awful lot like them.