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  1. I've seen younger people who shop at farmer's markets, grow their own food, and generally care about how their food is sourced mocked as snobs and hipsters. You can't win with these people.
  2. I'm confused. Are you talking about illegal immigrants or the "job creators" who create demand for their labor and then stash their fortunes tax free out of the country.
  3. We're going to get four more years of Trump and a fash-stacked court system for the rest of our lives thanks to this moron
  4. I wonder if people who are cleared and allowed to be in the country will be "accidentally" picked up and detained just like all the other times
  5. Democrats are wasting their time if they're worried about you So of course the voter who loves Donald Trump and thinks he's doing an amazing job is who the DNC is preoccupied with and wants to appeal to by pushing Diet Trump
  6. Hey is that an absentee ballot? Here, I'll drop it off for you.
  7. One of my favorite Cam Jordan moments was when he had to run his ass back on the field for the extra point after the Minneapolis Miracle
  8. hur hur millenilians dont know where food comes from Not me though, my ass is parked in front of Fox News all day so I'm equipped to survive the apocalypse
  9. Isn't that exactly what the pro-life Trump administration wants to do by busing detained immigrants to sanctuary cities? I mean if what you're saying is true then that's going to lead to needless death. Is it acceptable to you for people to die so Stephen Miller can make a point? I can only assume that the answer to that question is an emphatic "yes" based on this post.
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