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  1. I don't think there should be a COVID-19 vaccine. Can you imagine how you would feel if you had suffered through it or, God forbid, lost a loved one? And now people can just get two jabs and boom, they can't get it? That would be so unfair. I know it would piss me off.
  2. Maybe the real Kraken was the friends we made along the way
  3. And before somebody's big brain activates and points it out, yes I know about Roger Clinton and no I don't care.
  4. I just find Mixon's style annoying. If you listen to other broadcasts it seems like there's more immediacy and they're actually on top of what's going on on the field. On our broadcasts it's like you hear Mixon making some pop culture reference or trailing off on some inside joke with the rest of the team, then you hear pads popping, and oh yeah that was McCaffrey up the middle for 5, 2nd down. e: to stay on topic with the OP the worst guy I've ever heard call a Panthers game on TV was Torry Holt
  5. If Trump tries to pardon his entire horrible family and himself as has been speculated then yes, that's something new.
  6. It's going to be a fun four years of stirs laying the hammer down on people who criticize President Biden because both sides.
  7. I watched a good bit of it. It was mostly self-described poll watchers talking about how they weren't allowed to make snow angels in a pile of ballots to make sure they're valid, so obviously something diabolical is afoot. They're going to keep holding these circlejerks until people stop paying attention to them, which will be never because there is a bottomless appetite for this poo on the right. Need to get them into a frothing mayonnaise rage for 2022 so they can hate-vote en masse over the stolen second Trump term.
  8. Yep this is another takeaway from this election: Republicans have figured out that far-right women tend to be winners. Get Trump on the same ticket driving turnout again and she's a shoo-in.
  9. Not too late to set your fantasy lineups gentlemen
  10. Self-defensing someone is among the holiest sacraments in the right wing death cult. Of course this kid and his horrible mom are celebrities now.
  11. Kemp is saying he'll certify https://apnews.com/article/georgia-certify-election-joe-biden-ea8f867d740f3d7d42d0a55c1aef9e69 buuut he went out of his way to mention that there are legal remedies Trump's campaign can still pursue so there's that
  12. I think the Trump campaign has a few business days to request a machine recount in Georgia because the margin is still less than .5%. You know they're gonna do it and drag this poo out for another week.
  13. Yeah we'll see about that. They probably know what would happen if they tried to blatantly ratfug this. It isn't going to be a bunch of 50 year old fatasses in tacticool gear wobbling around the state capitol.
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