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  1. All roads really do lead to "help, my white identity is under attack" don't they
  2. I don't know I mean it must have been pretty serious for at-the-time Republican supermajority GA and Republican governor to call a special session and pass a sweeping new law because of a Charlotte city ordinance in 11 hours.
  3. lol I guess the state is ruined now because the bathroom part of HB2 was repealed more than two years ago
  4. It's two different positions but I'm reminded of Peppers blasting Rodgers into another dimension as he was stepping out of bounds at Green Bay in 2008. The game was tied, it was 15 yards and an automatic first down on a crucial drive late in the game, so a classic "stupid" penalty at a terrible time. Rodgers popped up and was beating his chest but the hit seemed to rattle the entire team. They subsequently got stuffed I think at the 1 and chose to go for a field goal to go up 3 instead of punching it in on 4th down. DeAngelo got in on the next drive and the Packers imploded when they got the ball back.
  5. Bishop is a Trump ball licker and sponsored HB2. Might as well get his seat ready in Washington.
  6. Good Christ do these people ever get tired of "yeah yeah slavery bad but what about... "
  7. Yeah you aren't kidding about volatility: freaking rollercoaster
  8. I mean what's worse OP: some smug hipster calling everyone who doesn't live in a major city in a coastal state a backwards hick on the internet or the way the GOP has cynically leveraged their pain, religious faith, and suffering into political power and wealth while actively killing them. e: Oh yeah, and getting them to blame literally everyone (including other poor people) but their elected representatives for their problems.
  9. cayum needs to get rid of the bawl ill take the answer off the urr
  10. Yeah they got a man elected President and a flurry of thinkpieces in "liberal" newspapers and magazines about the "forgotten America" and how we shouldn't criticize them because That's How Trump Won; that's the "eruption". This is just another stupid transparently bad faith "hurrr there are poor downtrodden white people too so why are we talking about krappordick" thread, so piss off with your Oppression Olympics bullshit. This isn't a zero sum game where there's a finite amount of concern in the world and allocating some to black people necessarily takes it away from poor whites. The poorest parts of the country have been dominated by conservative white identity politics for decades, so spare us. The capitalist death machine has made billions of dollars off keeping them sick, poor, and addicted to painkillers. There are places in WV and KY that have 100 pills per person floating around. What the fug has Mitch McConnell or Rand Paul or Joe Manchin for that matter done for them other than slash tax revenue, try to kick them off their health insurance (if they're lucky enough to have it), and deregulate the companies that are killing them? This is a demographic for which the policy proposals and rhetoric of one Bernard Sanders plays well by the way. Anyway, sorry about your thread. Hope you learned something.
  11. lol isn't his fash buddy in Brazil ramping up soybean production for export to China as we speak Bolsonaro dude I thought we were bros
  12. Yeah that's cute. Here, let a grownup explain the real world to you: It is moral and just for your ability to see a doctor so you can get $5 antibiotics so a simple infection doesn't kill you to be tied to certain types of employment. Your ability to remain employed, of course, hinges in part on the performance of the stock market, particularly if you're employed by a publicly traded company. The performance of the stock market hinges in part on whether Donald Trump has tweeted something extremely stupid today. What an efficient system. Can you imagine if, say, you were entitled to see a doctor just because you were born here? How stupid would that be.
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