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  1. Don't forget the gem on the first page that we need ultrasound laws because a hypothetical woman who doesn't even know what birth control is might try to get an abortion without knowing what she's doing. Gee, I wonder if there's something extremely simple that could be done to avoid such a hypothetical person having an unwanted pregnancy in the first place.
  2. This is possibly one of the best things you've ever posted on this site. If this problem is solved first, the rest of it is virtually a non-issue. Republicans need the wedge issue to turn out voters though, so that's a no go.
  3. The absolute worst case scenario they're preparing for is Joe Biden's doddering ass somehow beating Trump in spite of the "bombshell" investigation into Hunter Biden you know Barr's DOJ is gonna order if the polls are close. In that scenario they'll hold the Senate (nobody is going to give enough of a fug about Biden to generate an Obama-type downballot effect), obstruct even his meager Republican-lite agenda, kick the Democrats' asses in 2022, and then Trump-but-smart mops the floor with him in 2024 and the GOP takes both chambers back if they haven't already, possibly with a supermajority in one of them. Ann Coulter is a horrible person but she has her finger on the pulse of the types of people who vote for Donald Trump, and she said in 2016 that Sanders was a much bigger threat to him than Hillary was. There's a similar juxtaposition this election season.
  4. Do you think a woman seeking an abortion isn't aware she's pregnant or what being pregnant means and that it's purely informational. Be honest. I mean I know you don't really think that, I just want to see you pretend to be stupid.
  5. The fact that you can go to the store tonight and buy a pound of meat for a few bucks is thanks to the federal government pumping billions of dollars into agriculture. People are fuging stupid as poo.
  6. Did they have any connection to Wisconsin whatsoever? Like fine okay you're from Cheese Land and you came down to the south so you're still a Pack fan, whatever. But if you're from Gastonia and saw them there Packers on that there TV winning football games so you became a fan then fug you.
  7. Yeah I'm seeing people going "but what about the future when there's a Democrat in the White House or the Democrats control this or that..." Well that would be an issue for them if Trump, Barr, and his merry men at all levels of government were planning on ever relinquishing control.
  9. Could be a can of peas. Thanks to the Supreme Court, women in Kentucky will know.
  10. Obviously we should follow this notion to its logical conclusion, which is that there should be no taxes and no regulation whatsoever. In fact, because taxation is theft, anybody who benefits even tangentially from taxation (like if you live in a place where most people are baseline literate because of public schools) then you're an accessory to robbery. Even 401(k)s themselves are defined in IRS code, so clearly this thing goes all the way to the top. Now, because there are no laws or regulations, that's sort of a tough thing to enforce or do anything about, but the top minds at conservative think tanks are working hard on it.
  11. I still wonder how much sway he actually had in Denver. I mean in his first year they were kind of a tuff physical run the footbawl type team, especially with Tim (redacted) in 2011. But after that when Manning was there they had an expensive FA quarterback, record-smashing offense, etc. That's the complete opposite of his style.
  12. In this topic g5jamz discovers that Wall Street likes tax cuts and deregulation
  13. Nah I doubt it, the big cat is probably too busy doing important rich guy stuff to waste his time with the plebs on the carolina huddle dot com
  14. Yeah all they do is cry about how unfair their own rules are. That and dumbass James Sensenbrenner (he's the guy small government loving Republicans have to thank for the federal government taking over driver's license standards aka the Real ID Act just FYI) filing endless points of order. None of these chucklefugs can actually dispute what Trump said or did. Basically Republicans are the political version of Saints fans. Always working the refs and whining about a process that ultimately favors them anyway.
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