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  1. Pro-life but anti-things-that-sustain-life. Just try to find a hole in my logic. Leftists owned epic style.
  2. I think the underlying logic is that, with frequent testing, contact tracing, and presumably not a lot of exposure to people not wearing masks, it's fairly safe to be in a controlled environment playing a contact sport against other people once a week. It'd be like living in a house with four other people and not wearing masks at home but all four engaging in as many risk mitigation factors as possible when in public. Except on a larger scale and with things like instant testing and contact tracing at your disposal. Let's not forget that these guys are getting tested constantly and they're wearing tracking devices once they enter a team facility too. If somebody tests positive the contact tracing is much more fast and robust than what's available to like 99% of the public. The way I understand it, contact tracers can generate a heat map and almost instantly know every staff person, coach, player, and so on they were around.
  3. They don't have the balls to nuke the filibuster or pack the courts. The Democrats are too afraid of looking bad to an imaginary subset of the American populace that would totally vote for them if only they weren't so "extreme". Of course I'd love to be proven wrong but it's not like there's a track record of that from the Democrats.
  4. Bro he just wanted to yell his opinion and have a few of the other usuals give him internet points
  5. lol that's an excellent observation. It applies to the "what about Chicago, what about black-on-black crime, here's a black man with a Confederate flag, here's a black person who agrees with me, etc" strategy they're so fond of. They see or read something like that and can only logically conclude that nobody else on the entire planet has ever heard of the concept of, say, a black conservative. Like nobody can remember 9 years ago when Michael Steele was the chairman of the RNC among a million other things.
  6. Hey guys I have no idea why the Panthers moved their headquarters out of Charlotte, so I'm just going to assume it's because there are roving gangs of anarchists burning the city down 24/7. Also I'm a fuging idiot if you couldn't tell.
  7. It's amazing that nobody wants to live or do business in these shithole leftist cities like San Francisco or New York yet they're some of the most prohibitively expensive places to live in the country. It truly boggles the mind.
  8. Wait I'm confused. Is Tepper kowtowing to the woke SJW libtards or is he fleeing liberal cesspool Charlotte for the promised land of South Carolina.
  9. My main takeaway is that the Raiders' new stadium is pretty sweet
  10. The reason you know about them is because they go into those liberal cities to be a pain in the ass. Yeah they do actually live in rural outlying communities where the local governments and police either don't care about them or actively support them. It's a dangerous situation.
  11. Maybe he should have focused on his playbook instead of Twitter
  12. American fascism is strongly linked to white supremacy and there has been a quantifiable increase in activities by white supremacists. e: bull does the little poo poo picture mean you disagree with my characterization of white supremacy and/or fascism as bad things or what are you trying to say
  13. Oh no, looks like there are going to be some more riots on President Biden's watch. We need to get Trump in the White House to keep us safe.
  14. See I thought Florida was one of those states with a Republican supermajority legislature along with a Republican governor. I just looked it up and that doesn't appear to be the case.
  15. I watched the highlight package the NFL posts on YouTube and saw him hit Edelman on an absolute bomb that looked like what he was doing here in 2015. He'll have Comeback Player of the Year sewn up if he keeps it up. e: damn near 60 yards in the air
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