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  1. American Carnage was a promise, not an admonishment
  2. Yeah you can fly your shitty flag on your own property or the property of somebody who is willing to tolerate it if you want. This has never been in doubt.
  3. Looks like we need to start calling them Freedom Fries again
  4. Excellent stuff, I'm sure that makes sense to somebody
  5. Wow katsazz and murph must be really mad about the Fox News bowtie man poo talking a war vet who lost both of her legs
  6. Holy crap, Arizona reported 117 deaths yesterday which is a record for the state by like 30 https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/usa/arizona/ If that's not an upward adjustment based on new data or something like that then that's not good at all
  7. I've done it before but here's a list of anti-violence groups in Chicago https://abc7chicago.com/stop-the-violence-resources-chicago-in/3894299/ I'm sure all of them are run by Republican Trump supporters because I've been assured repeatedly that they're the ones who really totally seriously care about inner city violence, guys. Not the evil virtue signaling left.
  8. It's just instinctual at this point. There's no more thought or reason behind it than a bird chirping. Like look at what Nanuq posted about deaths per capita in blood red states that are far more in line with bull in terms of culture and values. Now that's an interesting springboard for discussion, but no, he just plows on and calls it a bunch of bullcrap and says that Chicago is a cesspool. I've had more stimulating conversations with my toilet bowl the morning after a night of drinking.
  9. Chicago chicago baltimore its the layeft it's the layefts fault
  10. I see your list of potential suspects includes the President
  11. You and your buddy can have a good cry in your little red ball caps when half the team and head coach takes a knee during the national anthem
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