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  1. In what must have been some kind of horrible on-air gaffe, I heard an anchor on NPR repeatedly identify Christians as victims of the attacks this afternoon. I'm sure somebody is going to get fired over that one.
  2. We'll worry about verbiage once the Trump supporter responsible for the next mass shooting/terror attack against American Jews or Muslims is in custody
  3. You're missing the important thing here, which is his feelings about the media
  4. Mayor Pete looks to have the Facebook wine mom demographic locked up
  5. There were a loooot of true believers in the TB. pstall, ecu88, and other previous right wing regulars. twylyght was quite ardent about the DC police holding a super secret laptop that contained proof Seth Rich Did The Wikileaks. Of course that would establish a clear motive for the Clintons to have him whacked so they paid them off to suppress it. Oh, and his parents and family too. They condemned the conspiracy theories and filed lawsuits to stop people from profiting off the murder of their son, but that was all a Clinton ruse as well.
  6. I dunno I just checked his Twitter feed and he seems maybe a little bit biased
  7. law and order law and order reeee brb just gonna do some extrajudicial detainment rq
  8. haha trump only comes out of this looking like a stupid asshole who wanted to obstruct justice but was thwarted by his aides, eat that liberals
  9. I would be surprised if there was a "hahha trump keeps wining" person anywhere on this site who didn't have one
  10. How can someone think that the President ordering his subordinates to obstruct justice and them basically ignoring him because they know he's a big dumb baby makes him look good
  11. If I was a mod you'd need to explain this remark or eat a ban
  12. Ben Shapiro will show up wearing a dirty pair of overalls and a hard hat trying to get in
  13. His aggregate approval rating is chugging along in the low 40s; it's basically been a straight line since there were enough polls to track it accurately in early 2017 with more substantial dips for stuff like child separation (still ongoing) and the government shutdown (which he went on national TV and said everyone should blame him for). His coverage is negative because he never stops doing and saying stupid poo that most of the country dislikes. It's fairly well illustrated in this bit Fryfan posted: As they say, if you think everyone else is an asshole, odds are you're the asshole.
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