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  1. If Biden is looking like poo in the polls the party establishment will get behind Warren. She's perceived as much safer to Wall Street and big money interests in the Democratic party than Sanders is.
  2. I just... I don't think I can bring myself to vote for Clinton guys
  3. She made her bones in politics as a gay-bashing conversion therapy proponent who called gay rights activists terrorists. Yeah no thanks.
  4. $25.3 million in Q3. One million small donors. The neoliberal wing of the Democratic party is on borrowed time and I think they know it, better hope they figure this poo out before it costs them 2020 and the country gets fuged up even worse. Anyway lets say safe moderate Biden wins the nomination. It's going to be next October and there's going to be some bombshell investigation opened up on Hunter Biden just in time for the election. I don't see how it could go any other way, it's just too fuging juicy and easily exploited. Right wing media and Trump are priming the pump for it right now.
  5. First and foremost fug Hillary Clinton. Tulsi is probably gonna be weaponized against whomever wins the Democratic nomination though. She's a perfect candidate for it. She's in the same caucus as AOC and Ilhan Omar among other targets of raging boomer hate, yet I see low info voters and right wingers inexplicably talk about her as being "more reasonable" or "less extreme" than, say, someone like Bernie Sanders even though they're in like 90% agreement on most issues.
  6. hur dur Biden with his kid who did all this bad stuff which will be in the news cycle and easily exploited by the Trump campaign is the only one who can beat President 54% Disapproval Rating bernie is running on free stuff which frankly is no ideological match for the Republican platform of rich people get free stuff and you get nothing
  7. I would be devastated if Biden dropped out. Don't know what I'd do with myself.
  8. What in the hell even is TheSpecialJuan
  9. I mean yeah dude we know the President's personal defense team/part time US Attorney General William Barr is going to specifically craft a narrative with his report to make Trump and the Republicans look good and the Democrats look bad to distract from the impeachment inquiry. Just like the "bombshell" Nunes memo and the "bombshell" OIG report and the "bombshell" texts where Peter Strzok said he doesn't like Trump like literally half the country and all the other distraction attempts. We know.
  10. Man you're really dedicated to this trolling thing. You typed all of this and didn't actually mean any of it. Amazing.
  11. It's funny how stuff gets spun by those outlets. I read that story about Pelosi this morning and thought it was an unambiguous suggestion that the White House piss off with their impeachment CalvinBall.
  12. They tend to hold progressive views on the economy but then... monolithically vote for whomever stokes reactionary resentment
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