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  1. Mahomes always looks like he's thinking about something funny at an inappropriate time and trying not to laugh
  2. The enthusiasm around Bernie is rabid. His supporters love him, are evangelical, and they fuging hate Trump and Republicans. That is an important set of distinctions. Nobody is that passionate about Joe Biden or Mayor Pete. Their greatest strengths are not being Trump, and if 2004 and 2016 taught us anything, just not being an unpopular Republican is not enough. If Sanders is the nominee the GOTV effort will be unprecedented and turnout will be high. If Biden is the nominee we're getting four more years of Trump, I guarantee it.
  3. Geez can we keep politics and sports separate please
  4. If you were king of the impeachment trial, would you want witnesses who could potentially exonerate Trump to testify?
  5. 289 days until Trump is on the phone pleading with state attorneys general promising them cabinet positions if they don't certify election results
  6. I asked for a string recommendation at the music store yesterday and they handed me a pack of GHS Boomers and said those were good. How should I spend my winnings from the lawsuit.
  7. I think you should focus all of your attention on attacking Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden
  8. We should all take a minute of our time every day to thank the real American heroes. I'm speaking, of course, of billionaires.
  9. Oh man, there are a ton of Warren supporters on this board that are gonna be really mad about this thread
  10. I'd like to take this moment to explain to you that you tacitly accepted his premise that Trump's administration is full of criminals when you responded with this.
  11. literally the first good version of that meme I've seen, thank you
  12. Your ability to not die from a minor infection that can be treated with $1 antibiotics should be tied to certain types of employment like the founding fathers intended
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