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  1. We had a three month head start and the President ignored it, joked about it, and wouldn't listen to any of the warnings. That's it.
  2. https://chapelboro.com/news/coronavirus-covid-19/governor-cooper-cancels-all-k-12-public-schools-for-next-2-weeks e: it's on Cooper's Twitter too
  3. That's probably what's coming here soon minus the smoke shops of course. I mean it's a simple but effective concept. As few people out in public as possible = as few infections as possible = healthcare system is stressed over a longer period of time but the stress is less intense.
  4. American right wingers also loathe secular Jews, and they express that either directly or via dogwhistles. When you see Republicans talking about "coastal elites", that's what they mean.
  5. Say hello to your next Treasury Secretary
  6. If there's a vaccine or effective, widely available treatment and one person dies because they can't afford it, there is no profit margin in the world that would make that moral.
  7. *if there was no flu vaccine, if it was more contagious, and if there hadn't been 100 years of scientific advancement and study since the most famous pandemic in history.
  8. On Planet Jamz a bunch of Martin Shkrelis would be in charge of the response to this crisis. The market will come up with the most efficient solution.
  9. To make things even worse I bet a bunch of liberals at some godawful research university where young Americans are brainwashed into atheist Muslim Communism will eventually develop a vaccine
  10. "Hey guys Congress hasn't approved the budget with cuts to the CDC, so that criticism isn't valid. Anyway, everybody should vote for Republicans and Donald Trump so they can pass their budget with cuts to the CDC."
  11. You are going to walk into a voting booth on November 3, 2020 and cast your one and only vote for Donald John Trump
  12. poo if it's the end of the spring semester and you live in a college town just check the dumpsters near the dorms. Kids throw out perfectly good TVs and other electronics every year.
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