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  1. I don't think drunk driving and killing a man and herself qualifies as "was killed." She was very much at fault. Semantics, I know, but had to point that out.
  2. After this weekend the Saints will have played the hardest part of their schedule, by far. A loss @ Chicago doesnt really change anything in the NFCS division race. They have 3 trash teams coming up with Brees back for the latter two -- vs. AZ, vs. ATL, @TB. Realistically @CAR, vs. SF, vs. IND are the only other possible Ls i see on the schedule and that's far from a given.
  3. By the time he got to the edge it was really just 1v1 with a defensive back to get the first down. He gets this 9/10 times.
  4. I mean we've seen CMC drag 3 people for an extra yard or two. He's strong enough...he did it in this very game. He needed less than a yard.
  5. Sure but he lost a 1 on 1 with a DB to get 1 yard. You expect the RB to convert that every time.
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