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  1. Here is a link to a real tweet. This is Cornyn’s actual tweet and question. There is no Biden response. when you click it. It will take you to the actual tweet thread and real responses. So it is either a fake Biden tweet or a deleted one. If it was a deleted one a legit news org would have captured it. They basically screen shot everything that is remotely odd. Right now all we have is random twitter folks passing around an image/picture. I mean again it could be a deleted tweet but it is pretty much like folks have learned nothing the past couple years about social media. Which is why Russia is in this game. And heavily invested because they can dictate US discussions/thoughts with fake poo. Other are soon going to join. Because we learn nothing.
  2. That isn't a link to the tweet. That is a link to a picture/image.
  3. I have already done so in the past. With you and others. I literally just told you I am not playing the game of "discredit this one you tube video or you can't complain about you tube being my go to".
  4. yep, I also think the while the FBI background check would have been embarassing....I think based on recent events Shanahhn realized he was a literal stooge/puppet and bounced. Hence his complete resignation from DoD. Trump, Pompeo, and Bolton are running things. They just need someone to follow along right now. Wouldn't be shocked if the new acting Secretary of Defense literally found out via Trump's tweet of his new job.
  5. also worth noting, US intel literally just noted there is 2000% increase in Russia bots/trolls right now. So much of twitter is just fake nonsense with people just eating it up.
  6. guess any day now he will appoint Pompeo, Barr, Mulvaney or Jared as the new Secretary of Defense. There is a very small list of folks who will do what Trump needs to be done.
  7. and Shanahan didn't just pull his nom, he quit. So we don't the DoD doesn't have a confirmed Secretary or Defense and now lack a Senate confirmed deputy too. funny, for a guy that LOVES our military more than any POTUS evah!!!! I wonder why no one legit will serve the post w/ Trump as POTUS. Almost like the top brass see him for the unAmerican chump he is.
  8. is it real? First the Cornyn post seems to literally be taking the meaning out of context to try to paint a fake narrative. Would make sense for someone to follow it up w/ fake post. I mean if it was real? a legit news org would have done a screen shot (they do on just about everything).....so I guess we will see. There doesn't seem to be any current evidence it is real. Just a random twitter account posting a photo.
  9. 6 months with no Secretary of Defense. Officially no one nominated again as the hack Boeing Exec had to withdraw because he can't pass the FBI background check. Sounds like he is gone now, not just pulling his name from the nomination as we now have a new acting SoD. The entire government is run by people unqualified for the most part, seats are empty w/ no one at the wheel......and just a free for all of grifters at play. and one day in the future America as a whole will pay for this charade. The damage being done while we are distracted by a reality star on twitter will one day come to light.
  10. I'm not playing the "but let's see you discredit X video and if you wont' then that means my youtube is good" game. you have posted plenty of you tube clips from plenty of verifiable garbage folks. That is a fact. The equivalent of the right posting the same clowns I mentioned earlier. and they were discredited at the time by more than just me. AGAIN, you tube is not to the place to go seek enlightenment or knowledge. Just a rabbit hole of nonsense for the most part. and again, you engage in a Trump like game of projection when you argue. I have bashed the MSM a lot. A LOT the past several years. But per you, I worship them because I simply acknowledge they are a better source of info than whatever idiot is on you tube who says something you like. and I'll keep saying it, the far left and far right are basically the same folks.
  11. CRA

    Trump 2020

    You argue as a child would on the topic. Every true American should hate a lot of what Trump represents and does....because it is anti-American. Pretty simple. That isn’t partisan politics in reality. It is Trumpers pretending it is
  12. CRA

    Trump 2020

    They haven’t. In theory that possibility could one day happen.
  13. would be a real excellent for lawmakers to take such a class and then put the elementary teaching into practice
  14. CRA

    Trump 2020

    You did use Trump as a source because you felt the need to specifically use his made up and fake numbers...suggesting it meant something. and those numbers only come from Trump. As the article also notes
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