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  1. I’ll be real. If at least half the folks we know don’t die at Winterfell. I’m just going to change my avatar to Omar Little and join Dex endings are huge for a series like GOT. The story means folks gotta go and they got to go in a satisfying way
  2. People flipping the fug out about Arya. Like Tommen and all the other crazy stuff never happened.
  3. when you say they are the exact same thing. It means they are the exact same thing just with a new face. It can't mean well they share these couple things so therefore they are the exact same thing. Trump empowered and weaponzied the part of the GOP that the establishment always has relied on to fall in line. They party was never about them. They were useful idiots to the GOP. Trump has made the useful idiots the party. That isn't the same thing. Hence why Trump has new Trump takes on policies like immigration. Why Trump has new takes on the rule of law. Why Trump has new takes on frankly America in general. Why Trump has new takes on trade, allies, and interaction in general.
  4. I think Trump is an idiot. Largely because he gives zero fugs about things he should (pending he was a normal person in his position). That often comes across as him being a giant idiot. For example, he would fail an elementary school test on basics. Juan who crossed the border last night probably scores better on a US citizenship test than Trump. Is he an idiot in that regard? Sure. Trump is a master of pushing folks around. Manipulating the needed people. He has a LONG history of that. And he is bringing his game to a place that without questions has no clue what to do with it.
  5. I dislike him because he represents everything BOTH parties at their core have claimed to be about. I could deal w/ a buffoon that doesn't talk pretty.
  6. bologna. I can rattle off a list with easy of liberal policies I stand for and have discussed here. Plus the whole fact I literally have voted for Dem for POTUS before. But yeah, that 99% sounds good.
  7. No he isn't. He is bribing them w/ very specific aspects of it. Very few select issues. Can't ignore all the ways he also has flipped it on it's head either. GOP died when he got elected. New party. Got to call things what they are. Just because they share a couple key issues doesn't make it the same.
  8. example #2432 of why the Democrats are horrible? Mueller still hasn't been hauled in front of Congress for public questions. Should of already been done. In fact, both sides in Congress should literally be impeached. Both sides should be wanting Mueller to clarify all sorts of things. We have a national election coming up. This man knows more than anyone. He is done. And yet, they are like....well, we definitely are going to talk to him at some point. Plenty of Trump stuff for the left, plenty of national security stuff for folks on the right. MSM does a horrible job as well. Just like Congress. Take a Graham type. Oh, story closed for me. Really? Russia has attacked us. We know they will be back. But you have no real desire to followup on any of that "stuff". No biggie for a blowhard like you?
  9. No he isn't. If he was conservative to the core he wouldn't of spent the last decades as a NY liberal con man hanging w/ Crooked Hillary. And his family of conservative to the core advisers would have been able to vote for him in the primary and wouldn't of donated money to folks running on the Dem ticket in 2020. Does he pimp some conservative to the core policies? Sure. That is part of the con/bribe. How he makes it work. He gives zero fugs about most of those policies. That is the bribe for him to hold office, acquire power, enrich himself,etc. Trump would be a "socialist" to the core if it was good for Trump.
  10. yeah, that doesn't many anything though big picture right now. Bernie ran for POTUS last year. He has huge name recognition over a field of like 57 people and building that many haven't even been introduced to. Bernie should be polling better. Not to mention, polls are largely garbage. Especially one that even touches the internet.
  11. no. The middle is the middle. Traditional independents and those that lean both left and right but aren’t blindly loyal to a party. They are moderates overall. Bernie isn’t the middle. Bernie isn’t a moderate. Bernie doesn’t appeal to them nor does he want to. Bernie fans might claim to be independents but aren’t the traditional middle being referred to Claiming Bernie is the middle is like claiming Trump is a conservative. Neither are true. A made up present day hot take where nothing actually means anything
  12. Warning: Bernie bros about to get pissed. These are reasons why Bernie has no chance to actually beat Trump in 2020. Bernie can’t pull enough of the middle.
  13. well, my initial theory was that the dead pretty much "win" at Winterfell and it only is round 1. Then about half of our favorites survive and essentially retreat to King's Landing for round 2 (via the dragons). A small number of top folks. Which makes King's Landing round 2. They flip the Golden Company w/ Jorah and they flip the rest of the folks w/ Cersei being killed by her brother. So our cast of favorites basically take command of everyone at King's Landing as their warriors for round 2.
  14. I actually agree that I think the odds are high the Night King won't be at Winterfell at this point. At this point in the game just seems weird when they showed their arrival the other White Walkers were the ones representing the arrival at Winterfell. Plus, battles like that always seem to have some wildcard aspect.
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