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  1. If I was a betting man. She doesn’t have that 26 mill anymore.... I bet a lot of that record shattering money found its way into a bunch of random LLCs. Trump likes those random LLCs. All those Russians and Saudis that launder there money in Trump properties do too. Dont forget, per Trump’s own gov. Trump org sets off all the red flags as the exact type corrupt business that needs investgating. and LOL at Huckabee Sanders. Trump’s inauguration committee was just a coffee boy. Trump never heard of um
  2. he always has just sorta just created his own reality. I mean that is a fact. People generally just get tired of the ever flowing never ending BS when it comes to him and he just kinda mutters along. I mean that kinda is how he "leads" the nation. He just says bullshit. Then says it over and over and over. Maybe tweaking the lie to make less of a lie. But he just seem to think he if bangs the drum long enough people will just give up. Which they often do.
  3. oh yeah, that money I keep posting about. the record shattering inauguration money....that Trump then used to have one of the smallest inaugurations in recent history. Yet, all that crazy cash just.....disappeared. Trump's problem. He has been a blunt and bold crook for so long. He just can't help himself.
  4. well, I mean technically we had a shot vs Tampa. So you could say all but one. But Tampa wasn't quite like the others IMO. I mean, it is comical how good of a record we could have right now. I mean we blew layups in other games at the end.
  5. well, the Saints have been playing like butt of late. Probably not the best week to be playing the divisional team you poo talked so hard this week for the first time. NFL is funny. So are divisional games. We literally have been in position to beat every team this year but 2. I mean, I wouldn't be shocked if the Saints destroyed us. Wouldn't be shocked if the Panthers got an early lead and just pulled away on them either. Panthers got potential to get up and front run if they get in an early groove IMO
  6. 3 TVs all going on once. He literally is a reality TV POTUS. That is what he focuses on. That is all he cares about. How the world perceives things through the boobtube. As he says, it doesn't matter what is true, what matters is what you can get people to think is true. report out today from people from the intel community saying he either can't comprehend or just doesn't care when he is briefed by the intel agencies on threats to America. All he cares about is himself. How he will be viewed on TV from one day to the next.
  7. this season isn't done. Include this season, and pending the Saints don't win the Super Bowl. Carolina still edges them out.
  8. POTUS clearly needs a break from getting up at noon, golfing, and all the executive time. As rattled as he has been just....just imagine the full cray cray tweet storm that will be going on when he gets away. The real crazy Trump comes out when he gets to his properties for an extended period.
  9. I can't stand Cam Jordan. He gonna have a highlight filled night.
  10. CRA

    Funchess on playing time.....

    The Donald was still the #2 though in 2013. He was neve rgameplanned into the role Fun had in 2017. I mean that was also a Ginn year too. So The Donald was reasonably the 4ish option in the pass game that season. Fun got crazy opportunities that don't really compare. I don't know if Fun is a more consistent route runner. Like KB. Fun pretty much runs one route well. That's all his game is. The Donald could do more. The mere fact Belichick was willing to use him for an entire season goes to show that LaFell was at least smart and a decent route runner IMO. I mean BB values that over talent.
  11. CRA

    Let's talk Saints...

    I'm going Saints heavy in my Fan Duel lineups this week. It is what it is.
  12. CRA

    Funchess on playing time.....

    I disagree. I'd give The Donald a slight edge actually. I've actually seen The Donald make plays with the ball in his hand. On more than one occasion. Funch is a TE playing WR. One that is extremely inconsistent with his size.
  13. last half decade in the books.... no team has had more success than the Panthers in the NFCS. Pending the Saints don't win the Super Bowl this year. Adding in this year to make it the last 6, even the Saints don't jump the Panthers in that window of recent history. Easy to get rid of Ron. Easier to get a worse coach. So before we get a new one.....let's make sure we can get a better one.
  14. I think they funneled 4 times the amount of cash to Trump compared to the last Republican nominee.
  15. CRA

    Dammit Steph...

    again, goes back to my initial post. Where I said he is more well documented than likely many accounts of folks that "you" have no problem believing in. Given the time frame he lived in.....he is in fact well documented and documented better than many figures of the same time frame. Well documented is relative to the time in human history. So I would say you actually are the one being a little intellectually dishonest on that one. I mean you say decades later. I mean that sounds like a long time I guess. But those humans that documented his existence still were alive when it is presumed he died. That is pretty quick documentation given the time era we are talking about. That wasn't an era where there was a lots of real time documentation. Especially of figures that weren't born into some sort rare historical family where it would have been. So it coming after his death, isn't actually a unique thing that just occurred for Jesus. that said, I guess you are now suggesting a conspiracy theory.....where all these non-Christians got together years after his "alleged" death and decided despite not being Christians they would aid Christians in making up someone who never walked to Earth.