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  1. CRA

    Our Country...

    No they don’t. It is just an idiotic old saying based on something not true. But I mean the saying does reference something true about people
  2. CRA

    Our Country...

    I was referring to the last one that got banned. Name had a better ring to it.
  3. CRA

    Our Country...

    whatever, I liked your other name better
  4. CRA

    Our Country...

    the zero other alts part
  5. CRA

    Our Country...

    well, that isn't true...
  6. CRA

    Our Country...

    come on, serious question. if you had to guess, how many alts do you think you have made for this board?
  7. CRA

    Our Country...

    a reason, yes. yes, illegals come here to work first and foremost. So they can make money and have opportunities in the States they can't back home. So they come here. That is the majority. Not all. They come for themselves to profit. Americans are the ones baiting them into the country though.....so THEY can profit. How is that complex bro? I'm not talking in absolutes. You the one slinging that nonsense. why can they make money in the States? Because Americans look to hire them instead of Americans. Because it puts more money in that Americans pocket. I mean there is literally an article of how Donald Trump essentially employed an entire town of immigrants. Everyone in the town illegally came over to work on his project. Why? Because Donald Trump wanted them, he encouraged it, so he can make an extra buck. Donald Trump isn't alone in that behavior. Illegals come to America to WORK FOR AMERICANS. Who KNOW they are illegals and WANT them. Mexican cartels is a different discussion. A problem? Yes. A national emergency? Nope. Immigration as a whole, has always been a pro and con bag. Both parties have viewed it that way. Current POTUS is now just using the topic to poison people and the national conversation is largely nonsense......because of Trump.
  8. CRA

    Our Country...

    Illegal Immigration is a problem. Not a crisis. A lessening problem. They come here for lots of reasons. One reason is Americans profit off them, have lured them in and wanted them to put money in their own pockets. Like Trump. Lot of the illegal immigration problem parallels the “them dang Chinese stole our manufacturing jobs” bullshit talk too. Nah, what doesn’t get talked enough about is how greedy Americans fug our country.
  9. CRA


    judge is holding a hearing now on Thursday. Good. She needs to make sure Stone gets treated like everyone else.
  10. CRA


    any average person would have been scooped up and locked up.... he violated the gag order and "wink wink" threatened a federal judge. Trump's daily nonsense does serve a purpose. It causes people to change how they handle things. Stone is walking around right now because of that. His apology is comical. Internet is forever. Deleting it matters nothing. He already got it out to the masses.
  11. CRA

    Our Country...

    Everyone in US history that served the office was a patriot to various levels. So none of them matter in this discussion. Trump has already been telegraphing all his moves. He always does. And if you want comparables in office to Trump you look overseas. He can’t leave. Which is the same position corrupt men abroad paint themselves in. Trump is a unique figure. Americans have to quit thinking about the past. Past means little to nothing in regards to Trump.
  12. CRA

    Our Country...

    You were defended the declaration of the national emergency....and it literally is only being declared inorder for Trump to build his wall. So yes, if you defend Trump calling for his national emergency you are defending the wall mr stable genius. Now you are changing the narrative and saying you just have an issue with problems Trump doesn’t actually give a fug about solving. Doesn’t work like that
  13. CRA

    More murders then Ted Bundy....maybe

    That stuff still goes on today. Just look at human trafficking as an example. There are huge systems in place that take hundreds and hundreds of folks. People go missing everyday. Criminal like cops get smarter too. I don’t really buy into stuff inspiring sickos. They will find their reasons ultimately. So I don’t really think blaming Marilyn Manson, rap, video games, or Netflix really matters
  14. CRA

    Our Country...

    I think he has decent odds of winning. Or should I say....decent odds of not leaving the office. He will cheat, he willl invite foreign attacks and if that doesn’t work....he will have enough activity put into motion where he will declare the election fraudulent and refuse to leave. Keep saying it. Once men like Trump get into office they are forced to invent ways to never give up power
  15. CRA

    Our Country...

    If if you viewed that as a real problem....then you wouldn’t want the POTUS building a dumbass wall and pretending like that will actually do something. You would actually want the POTUS to address it in ways that would significantly address it. Can’t have it both ways. If you think billions for a wall is a good way to address the problem then you don’t actually care about the problem. And you would have MAJOR issues with the POTUS lying about drugs in our ports the real problems which he denies and lies about for his symbolic campaign wall