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  1. Bill Gates actually pimped that idea I believe. Think in his pitch he even presented it would be worth doing more than 2. The pro outweighs the con. So one is good. You are still ready to go. Government waste a lot more money on other stuff. This would be a case it would be worth it.
  2. Obama never even attempted a COVID19 vaccine. Loser. A disgrace. But the fake news doesn't tell you that. It is why they are the enemy of the people.
  3. well, the good news is. Brady, Rodgers, Wilson, Mahomes (the best guys in the NFL).....weren't viewed as surefire franchise guys either.
  4. Walker came in cold in a wet and rainy game.....and had one bad pass. That is the story on Walker from last night. and he must be impressing folks in practice. They clearly added a Walker package to get him on the field. That's why he was out early playing WR. Never got to his play but I'm sure it was trick play deep ball. His first throw was great in the endzone. again, I'm not advocating to bench Teddy. But that was a perfect scenario to see what your backup really has instead of putting brain rattled Teddy back on the field.
  5. I need to actually see that happen before I believe that. in 2016 Trump pulled exactly what an average Republican pulls. Even if Trump pulls a bigger percentage of a couple points it won't be anything Earth shattering IMO. Republicans have pulled more than Trump did in 2016. Didn't mean a win.
  6. given how bad Joe Brady is one 4th down? I'd say 2nd half adjustments and how bad we are in the 2nd half could be partly him too. people appointed Brady as some instant GOAT. He clearly has some NFL growing pains to go through (and rightfully should). Joe Brady has never been a OC. People forget that.
  7. I said, it probably speaks more than to just Teddy. Which it does. When you only score more points than the Jets in the 2nd half.....it is more than Teddy.
  8. only the Jets have scored less points than Carolina in the 2nd half this season. which probably speaks to more than Teddy. Carolina's offense isn't dealing w/ the halftime adjustments each week well.
  9. plenty of folks haven't had traditional paths. Including in our history.
  10. true. but I think it is easier to take it away on a wet slow field.
  11. I think the Joe Brady offense combined with our talent is best suited for good weather conditions/dome. For our O to work we have to that consistent short pass game operating well.
  12. one bad pass on a wet night coming off the bench? I'm not anti-Teddy. I just wouldn't of put him back in last night after that hit.
  13. He threw 4 balls in the rain. He looked confident.
  14. yeah, because Teddy is Teddy. There are bigger problems on this team right now than Teddy impacting the outcome of games. but yeah, last night DJ Moore not touching the ball until the 4th quarter was a joke. That goes on Teddy/Rhule/Brady. Gotta make it happen. You saw why in the 4th. He remains the best WR on the team and he wasn't touching the ball. Open all game.
  15. Teddy is fine for now and the immediate future. You can win with Teddy. what this team needs to do is build a functioning defense. Joe Brady also needs time to develop into a good overall OC. Right now, he is a guy who has good plays. But his situational playcalling has consistently been suspect. only real complaint I have about Teddy last night (in the rain and getting his head scrambled).....is a QB has to make sure your best WR touches the ball before the 4th quarter.
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