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  1. CRA

    I wouldnt be suprised..

    we haven’t thrown the deep vertical all year though. And now Cam’s shoulder issues are becoming clearer as the season goes on (he couldn’t/wouldn’t take the Hail Mary, rest every week, etc) Wondering if that is just teams realizing we aren’t gonna take the shots regardless
  2. Assange will never make it to the US. Too many folks would prevent it from happening and try to do it without killing him first. But yeah, Putin wouldn’t let him make it. He would accidentally fall in the bathroom and hit his on the toilet and somehow have 743 knife wounds
  3. FBI always leans right. But I suspect the smearing is being encouraged and dumb pawns like Wohl are being used. FBI probably looking into everything. Mueller is Mr. FBI. Just because they didn’t nail Wohl directly after his SNL presser doesn’t mean he wasn’t fuged and still is. Giving him some rope....no telling what it could lead to. Kid is beyond dumb.
  4. Depends. I think if we made the playoffs (which this year will require a winning season) and get beat in a good game as we go on the road to face the Rams/Saints? I could live with that. But those teams likely will have a bye. I can't name and other team I would be okay with losing to first round of the playoffs regardless of location.
  5. as I stated....it isn't just about Moore. But about Moore and Samuel. Even Wright to a degree. The 2 highest scoring games our offense produced? The 2 weeks Smith was out of the lineup and the rookie took big roles in the offense. That wasn't a coincidence. They change what the defense defends. Because they are playmakers that can make plays from any position on the field (be that, the backfield, short screens, short slants or challenging downfield). That is 2 that pose threats Smith doesn't. The rookies merely being on the field stresses the opposing defense in ways that early on the sets of Fun and Smith simply don't do. Baltimore the rookies had 10 touches for 157 yards Tampa the rookies had 5 touches for 106 yards and 2 TDs. Those again, were the most offensively productive games we have had...and those happen to be the 2 were we got the ball to our rookie playmakers. and we were forced to increase there reps because of Smith's injury. It doesn't even pass the eyeball test. That is why some stats also are bunk like some of the ones where you mentioned just looking at Moore's targets. Defenses simply play us different and our opportunities are different when Norv is scheming up 2 WR sets feature Fun and Smith vs the sets feature Moore and Samuel we saw in Tampa and Balt. Just a different ball game for opposing defenses and why our offense looked better. The mere fact you have Samuel and Moore running motion around the backfield helped our O when Smith was out. It impacts how defenses play. Things like that don't show up on a stat sheet but we saw in impact games. And the handoffs to Moore and Samuel were much more effective in the games Smith was out. You can't say it is all the same. Why? Because they weren't just brought in to get the end around like earlier games where it is more obvious when it comes. They can then tease the threat all game. I throw out Pitt because our OL prevented any evaluation of our O IMO I'm not advocating for Moore to have a poo ton of targets. I'm merely stating what Moore and Samuel got while Smith was out is what they need to keep. They need to be on the field. Having playmakers on the field stresses a D. Even when they don't get a touch.
  6. I don't care who gets the start tag. Dont mind if Smith even gets that being the vet. but until his injury, the reps in regards to Smith, Moore, Samuel, Wright were not well distributed IMO. I think the injury only confirms that is at least true going forward.
  7. sounding more and more like Avenatti was the victim of swatting. no charges. They made a mandatory arrest of an alleged incident.....from any unknown person with no physical evidence. It more and more looks like surefire intelligence doing a Mueller round 2. They even claim it. So, more a case of Trumpers trying to make everyone look like Trump for when it all hits the fans and Dotard is forced into his moment.
  8. what do you call a PB?
  9. CRA

    I wouldnt be suprised..

    Smith definitely has a role in Carolina. We need a guy like him. He just doesn't need the volume he got early on.
  10. never noticed that was Neil before now
  11. did you just try to compare Nazi's to POC? Nah, bruh, that isn't what happens to people of color. People of color are judged and stereotyped based on their skin color......not their beliefs. Hell, if POC were judged by beliefs white folks would love them. Most white folks would go to church with black folks and be like, alright that is enough praising Jesus today....I got to catch the game and this dude preaching don't look like he be done anytime soon.
  12. We all know what happened. Trump/America have been trying to cover for it. Turkey hasn't been letting them.....but you think Turkey really cares much about this journalist who made his home in America? Nah, they have been pressing the US the entire time. You want us to drop what you are allowing and helping covering up at the Saudi's hands? Well give us someone that we want to bury and it will all be okay. Trump Admin working as we speak to turn over the body Turkey wants to bury in the ground. oh, and if you want to know who Turkey wants? Same dude you heard about Mike Flynn working on that kidnapping/extradition payoff from his early days. What you really see is Saudi, Turkey, and the US working on deals where everyone gets to murder who they want. Well, not America. Trump's end of the deal is just forging relationships with dictators and not having Saudi spill the beans about the dirty money that kept his failing company afloat. this is why you vet presidential candidates. Get a compromised one like Trump? The worst of the worst can push him around. So now we have 2 countries that will have buried dudes with the US' okay.
  13. CRA

    Cam Newton

    Wilson played with an all time great defense. Which is better than having a top tier WR.