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  1. Bernie just might win the Dem nom after all.... with no Republican primary? Trump has an army of retards who he can direct to vote in the Democratic primary. To give him the candidate Trump prefers to run against in the national election. Something to watch
  2. Tough call. What made them GOAT was a different configuration. Peppers more physical talent and Luke more between the shoulders. I mean both had both to their game but the percentages weren’t the same. I agree those are the 2 best actual football players 89 and Cam just more enjoyable to watch because of position (coming at 3 and 4)
  3. Earl Thomas is a S. He is a DE. Earl Thomas is tasked with tackling a much larger man that at that point has a big head of steam. Frank doesn’t have that coming at him. Henry is most problematic if he makes it to the second level. That is where he becomes the problem. That is where he shines.
  4. A DL, LB or S should all have very different takes on tackling Henry. Henry is dangerous when he gets a head full of steam. Henry is more of a nightmare for the back 7. As far as the front 4 go on defense? Henry isn’t that problematic as many go behind the line of scrimmage
  5. and keep in mind twitter is twitter. A couple Panther fans could start a #Camsucks hashtag w/ bots and try to get it going. Majority of the tweets referencing the hashtag also could also actually be pro Cam and the reason it actually trends so hard. Instant false narrative and creation occurs. social media is just the worst. We learned nothing in 2016. Maybe we really do deserve what we got coming. there is real life....and then there is bullpoo fantasy world that is created on social media. We no longer know reality.
  6. yeah, that doesn't actually change diddly. For every example online you find, you can find one of a Warren supporter doubling down and donating more during the same hashtag campaign. With receipts too. and there is literally NOTHING online from ActBlue confirming anything nor about the campaign being too short. Totally Bernie Bro creation there as well. all this poo is so Team Trumpish. Plus, the entire notion that Team Warren is just so disgusted that she went at Bernie? It just makes zero sense. Only a Bernie Bro gonna believe that narrative. Everyday a person walks away from a Dem candidate. So the cherry picked folks don't really mean anything when talking about a big movement.
  7. So I looked a little more into that. Yeah, that 100% looks like a Bernie Bro creation. Bernie Bros started the hashtag. Bernie Bros got it to trend Bernie Bros flooded the website to get a vague message of an overload of traffic impacting time to get to whatever support questions they had Bernie Bros then set the narrative well that can only then mean all the Warren people want refunds A total creation by Team Bernie. Not his literal team but his internet army. I mean it is silly on its face. Warren backers aren't going to go running from Warren because she blasts Bernie. Only in the mind of Bernie Bros does that sound logical.
  8. so it sounds like the Epstein attorneys are ready to defend the POTUS in impeachment. Sounds like Trump's former CoS has already revealed what the real defense will be as well. So what. Yeah, okay. All that you say is true with only one exception. It is all super cool.
  9. We had gone 15-1 and dominated the postseason. I mean, sometimes you gotta be what got you to the dance. There just should of been an in game adjustment to how bad Miller was abusing the RT
  10. we don't know what he is...we haven't seen him after a loss. So in theory we could be like.... Look, it is what it is. We missed some opportunities. It was a bad day to have bad day. But the positive part is these things are correctable and we will correct them.
  11. I mean do you still not know what Trump is? There are reasons no one was willing to join Corker. Trump gives them perceived power and many of the policy ideas they seek. But there is a cost. That is the bribe he extends out. That is how the NY liberal con man (and liberal con family)took over the GOP. Trump doesn't give 2 shits about 75% of the stuff Corker was voting in agreement on.
  12. again, you can't process some basic things in life and there really is no point because you argue from your magical land and only that. As this has been debated a billion times and never once do you choose to have any form of intellectually honest conversation. Bob Corker stepped out against Trump in a time no one was. It was very early. YOU. ME. Every sane person should of supported his act. They should of supported more joining Corker. You can disagree w/ him politically and still support him wanting his party to confront Trump and go against him. You don't have to agree or like Corker to endorse what he was attempting at that moment in time. I did. as I said, left, right, middle....they all suck. I can and do trash them all. I can also endorse them while not blanketly agreeing and supporting all that they are. You can't. Bob Corker needed to be successful for the sake of our own country. He attempted to get the GOP off the Trump cult path. But he remained alone. He then crumbled under the pressure of being on an island by himself.
  13. post something reputable that reports such. Bernie Bro internet army can get the hashtag going. They did. They can create the narrative that all her supporters now want refunds and that all her supporters are doing just that. Bernie Bros know the power that these bullpoo tactics have. I didn't say everything that trends is fake. Very little these days represents reality though on social media though.
  14. Again, Trump colluded. All in the report. So is the obstruction. What couldn’t be predicted is how weak Mueller would be in the end and how successful Trump would be in his obstruction, his narratives and making people not care and accept his flooding of the market. Mueller report gets any past POTUS impeached. Mueller report is a damning document. Problem simply is....no one could of predicted how successful Trump is at what he does and how well it actually works for him. And here you are...acting like the Mueller report was a nothing burger. Nah, our government and our institutions just aren’t equipped to handle Trump and it has been proven. You have to alter your stances as new info comes. Which is why I now say Trump stays in power most likely. Win or lose the election. It has already been undermined and Trump will stay in power regardless of the votes
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