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  1. Seems like you should support someone like Warren getting VP. She has been more vocal on it than any of the old white dudes.
  2. 243k for a dude to go give a bad speech. ZOOM is free.
  3. Ford and Reade aren’t comparable accusers. There are credibility issues Reade has that didn’t present themselves with Ford
  4. Sexual assault. And the credibility of accusations has always mattered in terms of coverage. But Bernie supporters of course disregard that as the supporters have a need and want that outweighs that. It being true is the only path Sanders has in their eyes. Therefore they ignore all the reasons she isn’t presently getting coverage and all the differences between her and a Ford.
  5. He did what he had to do to get action. He was fired swiftly because he outed the incompetence above him. They know that. Yeah, I get the military would technically need to “discipline” him being the military and all. They opted not to do the right thing however in this case. To do the right thing you sometimes have to do the wrong thing. Real leadership would have slapped him on the wrist . They removed him immediately with no investigation. Which speaks volumes about the Sec of Defense and POTUS.
  6. People that don’t vote aren’t a key demographic...they are the exact opposite.
  7. and here is the leftist Trumper arguing that Trump’s trolling is a source to be listened too... how predictable.
  8. Matt Gaetz out there today retweeting Joe Rogan’s defense of Project Veritas. Rogan is NOT a representation of the average swing voter....he is a representation of the average non-college educated white dude in America. And that segment does statistically swing Sanders/Trump. Sanders folks super fixated on Joe Rogan....and yet wondering why the AA vote kicked them in the teeth, why Sanders lost all the pivot counties etc.
  9. Biden has won significantly more of the Obama/Trump pivot counties. More than double that of Sanders. That’s the election. His polling in the pivot counties is ahead of Trump.
  10. He doesn’t support transgendered people fighting in MMA. Really a sports issue be talks about. Outside of that? I think he is pretty supportive...for a non-politically correct comic.
  11. These are the projections I was looking at. https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections Totally agree. Need to look at the US as if it is essentially Europe. 50 different countries. And given the fact their is no real leadership at the Federal level all 50 have been handling it different from the jump. Different time tables. Different actions. Both the Carolinas do look be on the same time table though in terms of reaching the peak. So we have a ways to go and haven’t seen the bad yet. We will be dependent on someone like S Korea to figure a treatment out. Largely because they are ahead of us and the fact have more efficiently dealt with it. Which aids in figuring out a treatment. We are still comically behind on all this. Our lack of testing is still a joke. There has to be some real science behind why it attacks some so aggressive and violently and yet so mild in contrast to such a large portion who get it. But you gotta test more than the sick to figure that out. And we aren’t even close to being in that game right now.
  12. Some are now projecting America’s peak to be around the 15th. Carolina’s peak however to be closer to the end of April/start of May.
  13. He was a Trump appointee who merely did his job of forwarding a complaint to Congress. You don’t sound like a fan Democracy or rule of law. Trump violated the law in how he fired him as well (which of course has been normalized). They are now mere suggestions that Trump ignores. Trump expects the government to practice Trump loyalty above the rule of law, ethics, morals, etc.
  14. Food service and retail. I mean the numbers employed in those are huge. They are also the first ones to lose their jobs in this event. I think being a sales clerk and cashier are the two largest occupations in America. They use to be at least. Not sure how anything could of leapfrogged that in recent times but I don't have current stats on it.
  15. India’s numbers will be crazy. They have a billion more people than us. Have legit slums and are stacked on top of each other. Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, are also gonna be brutal are pretty comparable to us in terms of population but much more crammed together.
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