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  1. well, achieving universal seems like a worthy direction. Also the direction we need if a single payer is going to realistically happen IMO. Especially when the other option is in court as we speak trying to strip people of coverage.
  2. lol. I never responded to all of the right wing Trumpers yelling out poo either boss. All you need to do is drop some whack raps
  3. Well, the Biden Sanders Task Force just finished and released it mid-late July I believe.
  4. The Biden-Sanders Task Force just revealed their policy for universal healthcare. Yeah, that is his goal. It just doesn’t happen tomorrow. And that can’t be the bar because their is no human on the planet that could make it happen overnight if elected.
  5. HBO has it up on YouTube if anyone wants 30 minutes of morning punishment
  6. I’ll sum it up. He poops on John Lewis as a nobody. Largely because he didn’t come to Trump’s inauguration. He doubles down on wishing Epstein’s lady pal well. He is confronted on his mail in ballot attacks. How his campaign and family are pushing mail in voting to his supporters. Essentially admits if he loses they are going to litigate. COVID part was the worst. Just a joke. Detached from reality. Confronted on death and hospitalization. Just repeats we test a lot. Therefore we have done great.
  7. eventually the NBA will actually release the sales numbers and people will find out nobody bought his jersey in reality.
  8. Google gathers your info. Facebook. Both are building facial recognition software. Both those can identify a random baby and tag it it too the teen version. Candy Crush gathers your info. Every app on your phone does. Instagram. Zoom. You name it. if we ban Tik Tok every nation should ban google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. All of them do the exact same thing Tik Tok does....only better and more invasive most likely. Tik Tok is basically a clone of what we do. Defiantly Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. Which a discussion that might need to be had as that might be the actual point. How many of those companies does Trump have a problem with? Trump would like several of them to get hammered and disrupted.
  9. well, they already impeached him for extortion once. It has been green-lighted as okay.
  10. Trump gets to pretend like he standing up and being tough against something “Chinese”. Meat for the base. But TikTok isn’t a government or a virus. Trump does poo like this when he knows he is viewed as weak and bad. Plus, Tik Tok gives him bad press as when it makes news it is anti Trump news. Conway kid. Sabotaging his rallies. Yeah, there are some privacy concerns and all that. The only people that have them are also logged in to google, facebook, etc all of which does much more significant facial recognition, data mining, etc.
  11. Biden isn’t a wannabe authoritarian who wants to rule with his family. So yeah, like in most Admins he will be largely a figurehead that doesn’t have yes men lackey with absolutely no business to be in the positions. So take a COVID crisis. He won’t just be winging it with his cognitive decline. Like Trump. Drink bleach. It disappears. Inject light. No worries. Experts that have devoted careers for that exact moment will lead.
  12. He has been openly extorting people for 3 years and no one has stopped him.... I mean, if you are corrupt and no one stops you? You keep flexing
  13. He could of taken one. Kinda like an ethics class. Just because you take something doesn’t mean it means anything to some people. Trump runs the same games 24/7. Everything on repeat.
  14. Wannabe mobster always trying to flex on people
  15. Trump was going to lose in 2016...and then he didn’t. Largely because of people like me. Assumed he would so why own a Clinton vote? Trump will get less votes. He likely can muddy the waters to have a good shot at staying in power. Think that is his main priority.
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