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  1. Yet I’ll vote for the Democrat running against Trump in 2020 lot of folks around here can’t say that. Because they won’t. Lot of folks round here likely won’t even vote and don’t....yet they got it all figured out
  2. He wants a starting job and starting money. If was willing to be a backup he would have been back in the league by now. Been offered that
  3. Actually that the WR pulled off at the end more than it was an overthrow but TD Jesus has sucked
  4. Nah. They will do what they did in 2016. Dems just don’t need to run a villain/monster and we don’t the the FBI sabotaging the candidate days before voting.
  5. Dems would rather win with a Dem. Republicans the same. You essentially want what happened to the Republicans in 2016 to happen in 2020 with the Dems.
  6. HRC just ran a bad campaign. No denying that. Even Bill tried to warn her. Was always obvious. But it really is pointless to use Hillary as this standard and use it as future predictor. No one else is Hillary and no one else in 2020 is going to model their campaign and go about things like she did. But in 2018....the moderate Dem was the blue wave.
  7. Sounds like you are the average NFL fan
  8. yes, progressives won some seats. And they got and get a lot of news coverage. But the moderate Dems were flipping a lot of red seats in 2018. They got the house back.
  9. Again, we are talking about people who vote. There are tons of moderate “Republican” and “Democrats”. Like I said, they the biggest voting block that exists Also, the African American Democrats tend to be pretty moderate.
  10. I’ll be happy to talk about whatever. Just let me know. I don’t run from simple questions
  11. I’ll look it over again. Did when first posted though. Too hard on phone right now.
  12. you effortlessly debunk arguments in the same fashion the Trumpers around here do.
  13. Google doesn’t like to answer questions. He like Neo in the matrix.
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