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  1. yes words now are basically slurs with no meaning anymore. So folks hear conservative and think it equals automatic Republican. The African American (Democrats) voting block is pretty conservative overall. Meaning, older black voters (who are heavily Christian) have an issue with his lifestyle. It is just an old school block of votes. Lot of articles that dive into it and the problem Pete presents for them. While they are okay with someone who fights for all....it is still an issue for that person to be the one they support. I mean in a national election it probably wouldn’t matter much. Trump or him? But in the primaries they aren’t going there most likely if they don’t have to
  2. Even if Biden drops, Pete can’t get the black vote. They are too conservative.
  3. Pete and Yang....at least show an awareness among many topics that is needed. Disagree with both on many things but both have some positives the rest don’t Coincidently, they are also the two youngest. We should have laws that prevent half those running from doing so. Last thing we need are those generations fugging more up.
  4. You’re basically a Donald Trump wannabe. You just repeat the same nonsense with no regard for context or meaning. Over and over. Never ending. I want the Dems to run a candidate that appeals or the most Americans. You know, win the national election. That’s it. You do that with a decent moderate. Decent Dem moderate doesn’t mean they represent me and have the policies I want. But that isn’t what matters most in 2020. You saw me endorse Biden early purely on that. And once he entered the race and showed how old and bad he now is....I’ve told you Trump will win in 2020. I don’t endorse anyone. None of the Dems are the type candidate I want. I don’t think anyone can beat Trump the Dems have up. But I’ll still vote for whoever emerges. Saying Mayor Pete is right about something is no different when I have said Warren or Bernie was right about something. People can be right about something. You should listen to more folks than your you tube twitter vacuum. Like I keep telling you. You are a Trumper. Different beliefs. Identical behavior.
  5. Flacco is horrible. I’d rather have Matt Moore, Kyle Allen or a one legged Alex Smith. Elway is horrible. Lucked into Manning. Elway has done nothing with the offense
  6. Dumb play. You got a stud QB with a bad foot and you are smashing him into the pile.
  7. I probably was too quick. If we are purely talking to help this current squad and the “holes” or areas we might want beefed up? I might change mine. I’m still going with Reggie as he is the GOAT and could play any position on the DL. Gross and if talking healthy? I’ll shock the world and go Jeff Otah. Fug it. No better road grader at RT when healthy. We gonna turn the injuries off like in Madden too. Kalil Keep it simple. Win the trenches.
  8. Dan Morgan would get really tired of the LUUUUUUUKKKKEEEE chant every time he made a tackle I bet lol
  9. CRA

    This is real

    That’s the big picture question. Trump gets rolled by everyone. Everything he touches is a shitshow. We are consumed with him daily....and there are thousands of things in the works by his incompetent grift squad. We are selling out the country all over the place and making disaster after disaster.....and it gets little to no attention because every day Trump walks out and takes a dump on the floor and we have to talk about that. Impacts will be felt for decades most likely even if we did ourselves of him.
  10. Well that is news to me....considering I go on about major problems of this new Gilded Age. I mean I point out all the time the issue in the US and more importantly globally of the uber wealthy and how we need to course correct it. But I’m not going to endorse something just because it is done in the name of something I agree with. Don’t do it with Trump. Which is one of his specialities. I think we need to be tough on illegal immigration. Doesn’t mean I support his horrific acts done in the name of it. Redistribution of wealth being the topic. Make no mistake, I do believe the uber wealthy need be hit and hit hard. They have been allowed to fug things up and we need to not only lead that correction at home but on a global scale. For example, Bernie’s education/debt stance has some components I agree with. However what he is selling makes little sense big picture. But as I have said I don’t think he is remotely serious about it ALL either. There are others with a better approach to me. And they aren’t selling nonsense with it for votes. So it makes more sense to me to vote for someone that wants to do something realistic and good. Bernie getting into that Trump territory IMO if elected then being stuck trying to honor stuff that just doesn’t make sense overall.
  11. Eh. I loved the way he played. Never loved that play. That’s me. Did you think the guys going after Cam were more competitive than Cam? Or were they just dudes wanting to get hits on and embarrass a dude....knowing Cam was at a disadvantage wasn’t going to get proper protection
  12. Taylor treating that man like he Cam Newton. Good reminder that someone was done worse in a Pro Bowl than Newton
  13. only high crimes!!!!
  14. You didn’t sell me on anything. You cut pasted a list of topics he has positions on. That doesn’t articulate how he is a better than candidate X on that topic for America. His “redistribution” polices aren’t well thought out. I managed to talk one Bernie Bro into an in-depth conversation on of them (education)....and one for the boards loudest Bernie Bros didn’t even know the basics of Bernie’s position.
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